From the desk of your CEO and Captain,

I would like to thank you for being a courageous player in this Game of Life.

I know you didn’t have to, or you could have been less involved or whatever.

But you so daringly jump in, yielding relentlessly to faith, truth, freedom.

Your desire to live and live fully is magnificent.

You are a gorgeous creature of vibrant brilliance.

You are so pure and good in your ways and I am grateful for you.

PC: SolJolie

I know there were moments of about and fear around whether you’re going the right way, whether you’re missing the mark.

I know you truly yearn to be true to yourself and your destiny, and the fear creeps in at the perceived distance between the two.

I see you.

I acknowledge those moments.

I embrace you deeply and gently.

And I remind you of the truth that you so desire and hope and believe –

All is well.

There are no conditions, no premises, no hoops to jump.

Your happiness and joy and desires are not hostages of Life.

PC: SolJolie

They are free for you just as you are free to live in them.

Let them flow through you.

Let them guide your path.

Let them show you your truth.

Let them rule your world.

I am so proud of the steps taken this year.

So proud of all the self-honoring,

the celebrations,

the joy and excitement of your waking moments.

PC: Jed

I can tell 2019 is going to be a continuum of that –

and so



You are walking the path and living the life you’ve always wanted to live.

You are doing the damn thing.

I know I don’t have to tell you to keep going.

You know where to go and especially,

How to go.

I watch you from behind the scenes,

heart bursting with joy and pure desire.

I am with you,


I know you.

I see you.

All the cooperative components are coming together, as they have this past year,

readying the journey ahead.

You yourself have called it forth and I can see you are readying yourself to allow,

to receive,

to enjoy it all.

PC: SolJolie

Thank you for you.

And I,

once again,

rest easy knowing

you are taking care of business.


Your CEO and Captain

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