Still hungry

In this moment of Life, I feel gratitude. I feel joy. I feel fulfillment. I feel flow.

And this same moment of Life doesn’t look anything like I thought it would, in order for me to feel gratitude, joy, fulfillment, flow.

I work full-time in public accounting, also known as a soul-sucking corporate machine. It feels weird – no, I lied, it feels vulnerable to say that. Because a part of me feels the weight of sell-out-dom.

But it is what it is, isn’t it?

I work 9-5 (sometimes), earning a salary, enjoying the cushy-ness of a steady paycheck, doing all the “right” things that I judged others for doing.

It appears I’m doing the responsible thing. The adult thing. The adulting. The normal thing.

But it feels so far from normal. It feels so removed from status quo.

I’m telling you, it’s real.

Unconditionality is real.

Freedom with no exceptions is real.

Flow with no exceptions is real.

Fulfillment with no exceptions is real.

Joy with no exceptions is real.

Gratitude with no exceptions is real.

I don’t need to promise this because I know this. This is for nobody else to know – truly know, unless it’s meant for them.

No convincing, no prodding, no cajoling.

Life is happening. Right here, right now. And I choose, every day, to lean in.

To go with the life-giving current of Unconditionality, of Love, of Presence.

Just go. No hard work. No effort. No guilt. No shame. No doubt.

Just me and the air I breathe. Just me and All That Is.

Just me and the Universe.

And my corporate job.

Oh, and my unending hunger for Truth.

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