You belong here

My friend, you are the laughter of the universe.

The smile of God.

You are the giddiness of Mother Earth.

Perfect and lovely as you are.

My friend, the sun shines brightly, as brightly as it’s made to,

to remind you of your warmth, your light, your brightness.

The moon watches silently, inviting you to your depths, your vastness, your quiet.

Don’t run away.

All around you, All That Is sings of your perfection, your beauty, your sweet ways.

My friend, be here.

Be here now.

With you.

With the universe that loves you,

with God who adores you,

with Mother Earth who embraces you,

with the sun who hails you as its reason for being,

with the moon who bows to the greatness that you are.

You have been perfect all your life, all your lifetimes.

You have been guided, adored, loved in all your ways.

You have been celebrated throughout eternity.

Come, my friend.

Won’t you join the celebration?

Won’t you join the laughter?

You belong here, in the laughter.

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I'm here to be me because I think I'm pretty cool. Walk with me as I explore myself, the world, and everything in between. I also curse a lot.

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