Letter to the Universe Regarding My Partner

Dear Universe,

You are really funny sometimes.

Funny like fickle.

But also funny like heart-meltingly good that I want to cry but I’ll just laugh instead.

A little over a year ago, I remember being asked about my dating life and I replied with genuine giddiness and zeal,

I love my singlehood. I can see myself at 40, 50 and single. I can see myself enjoying life single. It’s been so good and I love it. I love the independence, the freedom, the openness. I’m good right here, with me.

A couple months later, I entertained the idea of exploring beyond the parameters I had been taught to play within.

As in, exploring romance with a non-male.

I gave it a go and it ended up being pretty good.

So good that,

A year later, I’m in a pretty exclusive committed relationship with that magnificent human I “gave a go”.

You are really funny sometimes.

The things I want so badly, so badly my stomach turns – I don’t seem to get.

Not a damn drop.

And the one thing I truly did not give a shit about – has become my greatest co-creation to date.

Truly my greatest.

If there was ever a masterpiece you and I ever conjured up in this lifetime thus far, it’s this.

It’s a partnership of fun, of adventure, of faith, of respect, of joy, of laughter (lots of laughter), of intimacy, of honesty, of Truth, of openness, of Love.

It’s a journey, an unfolding, an unraveling.

A closeness like I’ve never felt.

A sweetness like I’d never tasted.

A beauty like I’d never beheld.

You are really funny sometimes.

I thought being free meant being with me, all the time, every time.

I thought independence meant doing everything I want on my own time, detached from anyone and anything.

I thought openness meant being ready to receive everything you had to offer, with no one to stand in my way.

I thought I knew.


If there’s one thing I know more than anything nowadays, it’s that I don’t know shit.

I see now.

I see that I am truly unconditional.

That this life is truly limitless.

That nothing stands in my way of everything I want.

That everything is for me, in service to me.

This partnership has taught me that I am the very essence of freedom, in or out of a relationship.

That I am whole as I am, not a part of a whole.

I have chosen and continue to choose every day, to love and be loved, to know and be known to the very core of my being.

And I can feel Life opening up to me,

I can feel the infiniteness of my being quietly residing within,

The great Love flowing easily and naturally and freely.

What a gift.

I didn’t even ask for it.

I didn’t even want it.

Or know that I wanted it, know that I’m meant for it, that it’s meant for me.

And here I am.

Falling, falling, falling more and more in love with this human, Jolie.

And falling, falling, falling more and more deeply in love with myself.

Who would have known, that someone outside of me would take me home to myself.

You are funny sometimes, Universe.

I like your humor.

Looking forward to your next move,


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One thought on “Letter to the Universe Regarding My Partner

  1. Magic mama….
    Melting, am I.

    I don’t even know what to say…

    You make me want to jump back in bed with you..

    It has been and continues to be an honor & a pleasure.

    Once again, that was beautiful.. your gusto for the transfer of energy to paper.. you knocked it out of the park with your real ness, your depth, your written expression of having conjured up this “masterpiece” ☺️🔥💙🌈🔥💙🌈🔥💙🌈🔥🙏🏽☺️.

    I swear, one day these so called blogs will be canonized.

    You are fun. You are adventure. You are respect, joy, laughter, intimacy, honesty, truth, openness, love, sweetness, beauty, and Independent. A body, mind, and soul, all of your own. Always have been.
    And I have only ever felt welcomed & desired, to and at your table.

    I see you, babe. You’re writing flows and you flow with it. Or from it. Or as an introduction to it. As a way-giving, for it. Or as an equal to it, metaphorically through it, or all of the above. Either way, the component ration is 1:1, which is a whole… I think 🤔. All ONE.

    Your zenith, thus far, is now. And it continues.

    It’s always been there. In you. With you. Yours. But your ability to advocate for you in all those Devine ways is definitely growing. Your platform is broadening as the conditions and limitations, aka illusions, drop off. Simultaneously, your foundation solidifies. Your sense of oneness. Your beingness. Your aliveness.

    You harness spirit and faith in such a way. And that is the most naturalist force in you. Frontline. The purest you and the purest way. Some of the greatest light you have to offer. And here I thrive, amerced in the receiving off it. Of your acute and unbounded sense of worship and reverence to Source.

    The magnitude of your Grace will remain unwritten. Stealth yet witnessed by those who CAN see it. Your Truth is indelible.

    You ethereal human, you.
    You starseed.

    As your equal, I too receive, from your Tribute to the Universe.
    Thank you for being you. You with me.

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