Bad driving is fine with me

I learned something a while back that’s improved the quality of my life significantly.

It changed the way I see things, relate with people, and drive.

Yeah, drive.

Like driving a car.

That one thing I learned:

Not everyone knows how to drive.

That’s it.

And to go further:

Not everyone will ever learn to drive safely, consciously, and considerately.

Learning and accepting that changed my life.

Because now I don’t feel the need to rage at someone who cut me off on the freeway.


Because not everyone knows how to drive well.

I’m safe, they’re safe (for now), and that’s enough.

Letting go of the expectation for people to drive a certain way has opened the way for immense peace and even occasional generosity on the road.

Letting go of the expectation for people to BE a certain way has opened myself up to a new way of living.

A way of living that involves no one but me to make it right, make it good, make it whole.

And that, my friend, is called freedom.

Freedom to live my damn life as I am.

Actually, I think it was the other way around.

Once I grasped the freedom to live my life the way I want, to be exactly me, I lost my grip on the need for others to be anything to or for me.


good drivers

Basically, you do you ’cause I’ma do me.

And me doing me has done so much for me.

Not just the permission to go my path.

But to go my path and know that no one else has anything to do with it.

Unless I say so.

And unless I want it so.

So, all y’all crazy drivers out there – I love you.

I will steer motherfucking clear out of your way.

And I may say something profane when caught off guard.

But I do love you.

And I don’t think you do what you do out of disrespect.

Or contempt.

Or whatever.

You just don’t know how to drive.

And I’m not the one to tell you that.

The police officer on duty at the next car accident you create will.

Hahaha jk. That sounds bad.

But either way, it’s not me.

‘Cause I got my life to live and it’s too damn good for you to be a part of.






One response to “Bad driving is fine with me”

  1. Soul Jolie Avatar
    Soul Jolie

    Dear driver Grace,

    That was yet another great one. A mic 🎤-drop one.

    It was appropriately inordinate and extraordinary. It was truth. Penetrable. And fiercely understood, over-stood & appreciated by those who too choose to completely 100 % accountable with ALL of their feelings and functions.

    I also don’t think they do it out of disrespect or contempt. I don’t believe that they realize that it’s that place inside of themselves that they are feeling disrespectful, contemptuous, or “owing of” towards. I’m sure they believe you to be responsible for their feelings and actions to some “fair” degree.

    Thanks God for your consciousness. Thank God for you and your sharing.

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