My Friendship with Trump

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I’ve been sitting on this post for almost a week now. I think it’s time to set it free and be okay with it.


I’m not super politically savvy and I don’t keep up with the news a lot. Just what I glimpse in the hotel gym rooms, newspapers in coffee shops, news via email.

But President Trump has come up in my meditations a couple times.

And here is how I relate to him.

I see him as a friend.

I choose to see him as a friend.

I make that emphasis because my knee-jerk reaction is not to see him as a friend.

From what I hear, that’s most people’s knee-jerk reactions.

I get it.

But I realized, as long as I call him my enemy, I will be waiting for the day for him to reconcile with me, my beliefs, my preferences.

And that is something I am not willing to leave up to time, no matter how fierce his opposition is.

I realized that though he and his administration have created a wall of opposition and againstness, and inspired the same from others, I don’t have to partake in it.

I don’t have to partake in the ferocity of retaliation, frustration, anger, indignation.

I can, and I have, to an extent.

But why?

I feel like with every moment of hate, scorn, disdain, I’m adding bricks to the wall, creating, in my opinion, even less opportunity for reconciliation and healing to the people, the country, the land.

So I’m letting it go.

I’m letting go of the idea that he is wrong and I am right.

That he is racist and I am not.

That he is horrible and I am not.

Every label I put on him and his actions, words, dealings becomes one more thing he needs to “right” in order to be right with me.

I don’t want to do that.

That sounds like self-sabotage to me.

It doesn’t make sense to ask for something that requires so many hoops for the other.

Granted, I’m not saying he’s not accountable.

He is.

He is, to his own conscience, to his relationship to God, whether he knows it or not.

Maybe my approach is too pie-in-the-sky.

Maybe I’m not practical.


Or maybe I am.

I live my life, this one life through which I am typing this.

I curate the space I live in.

The thoughts I think.

The vibes I give off.

These are mine.

And I’m beginning to no longer tolerate anything that doesn’t flow with me, with where I want to be, what I want to do, who I want to be.

At first, it was excusable to allow the feelings of againstness and hate and frustration to grow and seed and expand.

It seemed justified, rational, apparent – who wouldn’t agree?

But as time passes, I’m tired of building and maintaining this wall.

I feel like this wall is distracting, to be honest.

There are people in Flint, Michigan without clean running water.

Our oceans are filling up with trash.

Our forests are being decimated.

Ethnic groups have yet to be reconciled to the government of this country.

And there I was, pointing my finger at this man for all the ruckus he’s caused.

How am I able to let it go?

#1 – I don’t believe he is the root of this country’s issues. The fact that he is in the position he is now, speaks to a deep perception of separation that already existed between people among people. He represents the chasm we as a people already integrated within ourselves. We versus them. I versus you. Black versus white. White versus brown. White versus all.

He is an expression of what we all have been carrying forward in our psyche, rooted in our unconscious as a nation. After all, isn’t that how America began? Conquistadores versus natives? Then white Americans against black slaves?

Herein lies the issue, for me. We think we are separate from each other. Trump is the expression of that state of thought, not the cause. Fighting against him and his admin is like fighting the smoke of a fire. What’s the real issue? Smoke? Or fire?

We as a people believe we are divided, defining ourselves by our ways of thinking, our ethnicity, our morals. We inherently anyone outside of us is wrong, or at least not on the same team. Trump only has to capitalize on that, on our fear of each other, fear of losing what’s “ours”.

#2 – I believe – and this one might be a little more difficult for me to explain – he is doing his best. That’s a tough one to swallow for me. But how can I say he’s not? With what he knows, with what he has, with who he is, who he’s surrounded by, who’s to say he’s not doing his best?

His agenda, intentions, desires might look different from mine. And then what? Is he a piece of shit for being where he’s at? Or is he, given his lifetime, journey, person, living his greatest potential?

I don’t know. So I will go with what flows with how I want to live my life – he is not right nor wrong. Just doing his best. I’m sure he’s dealing with his own hell when not making speeches and tweeting. Who knows.

#3 – I believe Trump has been of immense service to the US. I feel like so many people (like me) have started giving a shit about national and world affairs since he steppe into position. His presidency roused, awoke, ruffled a sleeping nation. I am still pretty unknowledgeable compared to others, but I’m more attentive and willing to be aware of happenings (i.e. not news about Trump’s latest tweets, political factions, etc.) that matter to me.

I’m sure there are more, but this is it for now. So,

President Trump, I send you and yours light and love.

I know and believe you are doing the best with what you have. I acknowledge your life and journey. I acknowledge you are a person, just like me. I acknowledge you are wanting great things, just like I do. I acknowledge that you are actively pursuing them, just like I am.

They may look different, but I can appreciate that you are fighting your own battles, making your decisions, life path. I am taking this time to acknowledge that I am no longer waging war with you.

I acknowledge you as a friend, my friend. I hope for the best for you in all you do.

You have no idea who I am. That’s not important.

As one person to another, I honor you.



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