Holy Pavement

Huntington Beach 2019

I came home from work today ready to go to church.

My body yearned to move, itself and the energy within.

It didn’t matter what time it was,

that I had work to do,

that I had driven over an hour to get home,

that I was tired,

that I hadn’t eaten dinner,

that – nothing mattered.

The calling was clear,

the voice, true.

I changed into running gear, tied my laces, left my hair untied.

Wasn’t sure why I didn’t pull back my hair.

Whatever the reason, didn’t matter.

I stepped outside,

I could feel the pavement calling,

my heart answering.

I felt adrenaline rise,

emerging from the dustiness of the day,

of work.

Nothing wrong with good honest work.

But there’s nothing quite like meeting my Maker,

right here,


The first mile was rough,

my throat burned,

my saliva was thick.

But my blood, my breath knew better.

I was going to church,

the pavement, my pews,

my insides communing with all the world,

flowing through and through,







I was going to church,

to collide with the Universe,

make love to Life,

remember who, what I am.

I was going to church,

singing to the glory of my being,

woven through and woven with the threads of divinity,

of perfection,

of stardust,

of love.

I was going to church,

my hair wild with sweat,



not pretty,

not ugly

– just free and free and free.

I was going to church,

feet rampaging on the holy pavement,

arms swinging in sync,

heart in perfect calmness,

the eye of the hurricane,

the breath of God,

the stillness of the morning sweet.

I know now more than ever before,

as much as I thought I knew before,

church is home,

home is church.

I am church.

I am home.

I am the holy perfect magnificent communion.

I answer to one voice,

the one within.

I know who God is.

I know my place.

I know this body encompasses much more than this body.

I know this life, much more than all I see, hear, feel, taste, smell.

I know this heart,

wholly devoted,

wholly surrendered.

I know me.

And I go to church,

crashing through the pews of

this holy pavement.

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