Gratitude and me

Some dressing room 2019


I feel gratitude.

It feels like fullness.

Like the vessel of me, my physical body,

the container of my thoughts,

the essence of my being

is FULL,


pushing against the edges of who and what I am.

It doesn’t matter what I’m grateful for.

There’s a knowing that the logic,

the thoughts,

the considerations of what I’m grateful for,

pale in the face of the fact


I am grateful.

Being here is enough.

Being here feels like the fulfillment of my destiny.

Feeling, basking, immersing, allowing gratitude feels like the fulfillment of my being here.

It’s a feeling of oneness,

with myself,

and with the greater perspective of Life, of the universe.

There is nothing out of place.

Everything is in its perfect place,

in my life,

and in the world.

There is nothing to reject,

fight against,

turn from.

Everything is here for me,

to receive from,

to learn from,

to expand into.

I am not an isolated cell of the universe.

I am the expression of it entirety.

Gratitude is the acceptance of this simple truth.

Gratitude is the embracing,

the intentional immersion,

the sweet surrender to the wonder of not just this moment and the feeling of gratitude,

but All That Is.

All That Is that reigns quietly,




in all aspects of me,

in Life,

in being here and now.

Gratitude overflows,

feeds the cells in my body,

nourishes the vessel I am,

imbues the handprint of the universe, of God in me,

lights the path.

Where now, I live from the source within,

the light that knows no beginning and no end,

the presence that knows only expansion and goodness.

And my part, in this lifetime, is to be in it,

to enjoy,

to glory,

to flow with its spontaneous ways.

It’s quite something,

to know this something that feels so good,

knows no bounds.

To know its infinite nature is mine,

to know this enjoyment, peace, and wholeness is the blueprint of life,

and thus, it is endless.

Relentless, even.

Ready and always available when I am ready and available to it,

to myself,

to the true nature of me.

This feels like freedom.

Freedom of being me,

of knowing all of me,

accepting all of me,

blessing all of me.

If I could bottle this up,

I would share with everyone.

But there’s also a certain pleasure,

in knowing that this experience, is mine.

That my knowing it here and now, is unique to me.

That even if I were to share, this experience would still purely be mine.

And so, it is for me to be absolutely, wholly engulfed,


presenced to it,

the gratitude that flows through.

It is my responsibility,

only my ability to respond that counts here.

And I take it on,

walk, run, throw myself

into the light,

into freedom,

into open skies,

into endless oceans,

come what may.


I feel gratitude.

Gratitude feels me.



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