We know God as we are

I’d always been confused by the incongruences and inconsistencies of the Bible.

I couldn’t understand why and how the Bible, the source of absolute truth, didn’t make sense in today’s world and time.

If it was so timeless and impeccable, how come so much of it doesn’t make sense or fit into today’s narrative?

Why does it seem to exclude certain groups of people?

Homosexuals, women, “lesser” races?

Why does it seem to put weight on rituals and traditions?

Why were entire peoples killed in the name of God?

These questions didn’t keep me from believing in God, the universe, or pursuing Truth.

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They’ve been hanging out in the back of my mind, a curiosity that I didn’t feel equipped to examine.

I was really afraid I would find that everything I believed was a sham, or something similarly dramatic.

And I think I’ve come to a place where I can make sense of it today, for me.

I believe that everyone believes in God, a higher power, according to who we are, or who we perceive ourselves to be.

The person who sinned greatly and received forgiveness deeply experiences grace and mercy.

God, to that person, is gracious and merciful.

The person who endured hurt and suffering and is brought out of their pain experiences the comfort and lovingkindness.

God, to that person, is compassionate and gentle.

The person who lived in shame and is exonerated of that shame experiences freedom.

God, to that person, is liberation and worthiness.

I believe that God is not objective.

God is Love and we are the translation, a unique expression of the whole.

And those whose words were chosen to be included in the Bible as we know it today are no different.

They are human beings experiencing God from their understanding of the world, of themselves, of others.

They are not God, and they are not particularly special.

Their experiences of God are the norm for humanity.

We all seek Love, we all seek compassion, we all seek to feel good.

How that manifests is different, because we are all different translations.

So, the Bible is the manifest expression of those whose words were remembered and penned onto paper.

Their times were different.

They lived in more polarity and duality, which is why there was such a distinct line between man and woman.

It’s why there was even a concept of “lesser” humans.


How does that even make sense?

It doesn’t make sense today for me.

But it made sense to those long ago, when life was about survival, not so much about ideology, the bigger picture.

And it makes sense to some today. But that’s another story lol.

There is no objective God.

There is no law outside of the law of our hearts, today.

Back then, the law was in full effect, because that’s how people knew how to relate to God.

Today, we don’t need so many constraints and rules and traditions and regulations to know the sovereignty and beauty and power of God.

The translation of God in the past doesn’t translate to the living experience of God today.

All this to say, we experience God, we experience the world as we are.

Every single human does.

This is why there are so many denominations.

Because people take faith, which is cultivated from within, from within the deepest place of intimacy with Spirit, and pound it into religion.

Okay, that’s kind of dramatic.

But I genuinely believe that.

Faith can exist without religion.

I call that freedom.

Religion can exist without faith.

I call that a certain kind of hell.


I really enjoyed this epiphany of mine.

Things make sense.

Things feel lighter.

And yet, things feel holy.

I feel holy.

Because I abide by the unspoken law of grace only I can know in my experience of being me.

No one will ever know what that’s like, Life and Love translated by me.

That’s the gift of being me.

And in that place, there are no inconsistencies, no incongruences.

There is Truth and real Living.







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