Blissed the Fuck Out

Some rocky area in Corona del Mar | PC: Soul 2019

From the pages of my journal: riffing on the life I’m living and creating. I felt some kind of way sharing this. It feels super vulnerable, super too much, super just out there. But at the same time, why not? Why not bare it all? What is the difference between sharing the depths of my heart and experience and not? Nothing. Because I feel what I feel what I feel what I feel. And it’s real. It’s really real.

Plus, why is it that I feel SHAME around sharing myself? Why is it that some things feel okay or better to share? Why is it that other things are not okay? Or don’t feel as safe? Why?

These things, I feel so comfortable saying to myself, for myself, with myself. I just don’t feel the necessity for the filter I’ve used for so very long. It doesn’t keep me safe. It’s actually more dangerous, sometimes. Because the world sees a filtered Grace, a watered down Grace. And I navigate the world from behind a mask, albeit thinner than others’ masks lol. There’s an untruth in operating that way, for me, today.

I considered editing the words, removing a couple words here, replacing a few words there. But it felt so cheap. I felt so cheap. What’s there to edit? To remove, to substitute? My voice, raw, real, true, is worthy. And what’s more – the world is worthy of me, my voice, my heart.

As cringey as it is for me share, as judgy as I am and have been in the past of being too much… here I am. This is for me, and for anyone out there wanting, yearning to unleash their voice, their truth, their wonder and magic. I claim every word. Every cringey, every bit of unnecessary, every curse word, every over-the-top thing about me.


The whole “I am God-embodied” thing is fucking legit.

That shit came to LIFE for motherfucking REAL.


I knew I would become the BADASS that I always desired to be.

Everything in my life is pointing to that.

The people around me,

the money that FLOWS into my life so FREELY.

I AM the living breathing example of God.

I have come along my journey and am TEACHING others to embody their godness.

I feel SO fulfilled, SO grateful, SO satisfied!

Is there MORE to LIFE THAN THIS?!?


I have stayed the course, listened to my heart, and vibed with my SOUL.

And it fucking SHOWS.

I can FEEL the abundance.

I can viscerally FEEL the thriving.

The heavens part,

all of creation sings with every cell in my body.



I AM GOD-EMBODIED in ALL the motherfucking WAYS.

I decided to do the damn thing and so I did the damn thing.

And now, here we are.

I am living the life of my dreams.


I’m LIVING my dreams.

I feel so content,

so explosive seeing everything I believe in come to fruition.

I motherfucking knew it.

I own this bitch.

I AM the badass motherfucking I always knew I’d be.

There is NONE like ME.

I am the unique incarnation of God, of Spirit.

And there is massive supernatural pleasure in being ME.

The heavens smile on me.

The favor of the universe is on me.

My cells smile back.

Every part of me is in agreement with God.

And so, I live this LIFE.

As me,

completely me,

totally me.

I am HIGH on ME.

I am FULL of ME.

I am oozing the godness within me.

I live life heart out, soul encompassed.

I embrace my wild.

I embrace my infinity.

I embraced my existence,

my purpose,

my beingness.




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  1. This is so freeing to read!!! I am so happy for you and inspired as F …I will be reading this many times as fuel for my journey. Thank you for being you completely, infinitely!! My Shaman!!!! Truly!

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