I Don’t Need to Take Care of the Middle, The Problem, the How

View from my bed as I write this caption.

I have this tapestry.

My best friend, Stef, gifted it to me for my birthday.

It’s a picture of the beach, right by the edge of the shore, with a million dollar view of the sun setting? rising? near the horizon.

I love it.

She (Stef) gets me.

Out of all the objects I have yet to put up on the walls in my new studio, that is the item and the only item I knew where to place it.

Not even my clock do I feel like I know where to hang it.

But that tapestry, I knew I wanted to put it on the wall right in front of my bed, so every morning, I would wake up to my favorite place on earth.

For a couple weeks, I opened it up so it would get rid of wrinkles.

I put it in the dryer.

I crumpled it away because I started feeling restless about it.

Like I was walking the line, knowing I wanted it up on the wall, but also like there needed to be something done before I did so i.e. get all the wrinkles out, make it presentable, etc.

Then yesterday, my dad came to visit me at the new place, and he asked if I wanted any help with hanging things.


I didn’t think much of it, but I brought out the tapestry.

I really didn’t have the intention to put it up that night or anytime soon, to be honest.

But I brought it out and showed him where I wanted it.

It was folded, but I could still see the wrinkles.

But since I wasn’t too serious about putting it up, I didn’t really give it much thought as I handed it over to him.

Then he asked me if I had the tools, to which I said yes (Soul J had bought me a whole toolkit for the new place – THANKS!!! <3 ).

I handed that over to him.

Then, holding it open with his hands, he placed the tapestry on the wall and asked how high I wanted it.

I sat on the bed, pondered a bit, and decided it needed to be higher.

We went back and forth several times until finally the placement was decided.

And he began hammer in the nails.

1….. 2…… dropped a nail and picked it up…….. 3……. 4………………

And all of a sudden, and also not a surprise at the same time, the tapestry was up.

Right where I said I wanted it hung.

I’m looking at it right now.

And you know what I noticed?

No wrinkles.

Okay, there’s one dull crease down the middle.

But no wrinkles that I had so wanted to hide,

the wrinkles that I waiting to rid of before I put up the fabric.

They left the building.

It had followed my need to control, for anything to have to be done a certain way – out the door.

I didn’t and hadn’t needed to clear out the wrinkles.

Just by flowing with the flow, which included the happy participation of another party, I got the outcome (in the right place, looking spiffy, and without wrinkles) rather almost shamefully easily.

I didn’t have to do the thing I thought I needed to do to get what I want.

Imagine that.

A world where I only do whatever I want and ONLY what I want and I get every desire I ever conceived of.

Like that.

Like nothing.

It sorted itself out,

it got figured out,

it wasn’t this whole issue that I had thought it was.

I let it go,

and what I wanted took over the situation.

And so it was.

And so it is.

We really don’t need to get out the wrinkles before we hang the tapestry.

We really don’t need to do anything before we claim what we want and allow it in.

We can desire, and allow. Repeat.

Everything in the middle of that is not your problem nor your business.

The end.



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2 responses to “I Don’t Need to Take Care of the Middle, The Problem, the How”

  1. sheilanavarro85 Avatar

    Great perspective. I too believe that in letting go, we have more freedom but surprisingly more control.

    1. Grace J. Kim Avatar

      Thank you! There’s so much LIFE to be had and lived in that freedom and surrender.

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