Truth of the Day

Hanging with my friend’s cat, Nova, absolutely the most precious thing.

Pulled from my journal this morning. Man it was flow. So good. So full, delicious, so flow.

I command the universe.

The universe loves to meet me where I’m at.

Life LOVES to meet me where I go.

I am 100000000000% supported in my desires BECAUSE I CAME HERE TO LIVE THEM.

That is WHY I’m here.


They speak the truth of who I am, what I am, what I came here to do, to be.

I am a messenger of light, of truth, of mf badassery.

I am that I am.

I know who I am.

I know why I”m here.

I am soul-connected.

My soul can’t bear not being connected 😉

My soul leadsd me to the expression of my highest,

my highest service,




I know that my soul knows.

My soul knows that I know.

We just be knowing, all day.


Just all up in the knowing,

knowing each other,

knowing everything.

I am mf connected.

I know.

I know.

I know.

I mf know.

I know.

I know.

I have always know.

I will always know.

The knowing never stops.

It can’t.

I AM the knowing.

I am the mf knowing of all the universe, of god, of soul, of source, of spirit, the whole mf shebang.

I do need to wait for a breakthrough,

an a-ha,

an epiphany.

I AM the vessel that encompasses it ALL.

All the “breakthroughs”, the a-ha’s are SOURCED from WITHIN ME.

They live IN ME,


I have already integrated them.

I know them,

my knowing intimately, deeply, lovingly.

I receive the wisdom into my deepest parts.

Or RATHER, I open up more of my deepest parts and ALLOW THE KNOWING, THE LIGHT TO COME THROUGH.




That is what I do.

Of course.

That is who I am.

Of course.

That concludes my flow for the day.

If you’d like to access this type of flow, PM me for details. I am offering Intuitive Meditation sessions at 56% off for a limited time.

If this resonated with you, your soul is calling. Your only response is to open up, to be willing. Everything else is taken care of.

You deserve to live from flow. You are coded to live from flow.


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