We Are The Crazies

Crazy has been demonized.

It’s been not okay to be crazy.

To be out of one’s mind.

It’s been not safe.

It’s been not normal.

The really crazy thing is the idea of normal.

PC: Soul | Joshua Tree, CA

I was taught growing up to be logical, to do what’s right, ultimately what would allow me to make sense to others.

I saw those with dreams and desires as lofty and not grounded, not willing to be honest with themselves.

They just didn’t *know* the way of life.

That life is a series of twists and turns, unexpected corners and hoops to get through to eventually get somewhere acceptable.

That life is not easy.

That you can’t just have what you want.

That it’s not fair to have what you want.

That others are suffering so it’s not fair to have what you want.

That your ideas are just that, ideas.

If it doesn’t make sense in and to society, it doesn’t belong in real life.

People will be offended.

Stones will be thrown.

Fires will be started…

We’ve had this misunderstanding with “crazy”, with the things that the masses don’t understand, relate to, get.

There’s been this huge misconception that there is such a thing as normal.

That we came here on this planet to live mediocre lives and be mediocre boring uninteresting and unaccomplished people.

And we call out those that don’t fit in the polite considerate confinement of normal and acceptable.

Not no mo’.

There’s a new breed.

Well, this breed has always been present in humanity.

They’re the ones we look to, remember, honor for their work in the world, their message, their presence.

People like Gandhi, MLK, Jesus Christ, Tesla, Jung, etc.

People that we look at and admire their destiny.

This type of people is not limited to history books.

They are alive and living, very close.

So close, we are them.

We are the crazies.

We are the dreamers.

We are the illogical,

the unapologetic,

the ungrounded.

We are the decisioners of our fate,

the captains of our souls.

We live by our mission,

we answer to no one but God and our souls,

we know what it means to be human and walk in the divine.

We know who we are,

What we came here to do.

We are unashamed of our stories,

our gifts,

our being-ness.

We choose our adventure,

like we chose our lives to create, transform, evolve the world.

We decide our desires to be true and to come true.

We receive abundance like motherfuckers.

We do things that make sense to few or none.

Because we live out of our minds.

We live differently.

Not because we’re made differently.

But because we choose so.

We redefine crazy.

Crazy is only the beginning of the explosion of glory, triumph, evolution, revolution we effect in the world.

It’s only the beginning of who we are and what we are capable of.

We are not just the called ones.

We are the ones who answer.



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