Projecting, Much?

PC: Soul | Park in Cypress, CA, July 2020

Did you know life is actually VERY simple?

Like almost infuriatingly simple?

Like ridiculously simple?

Like so simple you want to go back in time and slap yourself for not knowing how simple it actually is?

God really is an artist for putting this whole show together FOR us to live, enjoy, master, and thrive,

and we’re over here complicating the shit out of things,

creating drama like no tomorrow,

being offended at every goddamn thing ever said by man,

giving God a hernia,

making her shake her head in incredulousness.

I’m here to tell you (and I’m not the only person that will tell you this, guaranteed) that the world we personally live in, is a







Please let that truth sink in.

What does this mean?

It means that everything that we once thought is the problem,


is not.

At all.

And it never was.

We perceive the problem, because somewhere within, we have the capacity to “have” the problem.

And so we attract the “problem”.

We, without realizing that we are the center our lives,

the point of attraction,

bring into our lives the very things that will trigger the mofuckin’ SHIT out of us,

things that bring us to our knees,

things that break us down,

tear us apart,

things that make us ask, BUT WHY??!?!?!

and WHY ME?!?!!?!?

and cry sweet hot tears of sorrow, injustice, unhappiness, etc.

All the while, we ask for these problems to be taken away,

resolved im-MED-iately,


Because it’s not FAIR.

And then we point fingers at everything around us,

outsourcing the source of our torment,

completely ignorant and blind to the fact that

the common denominator to everything we find wrong in our lives,

is US.


I laugh but I also am truly deeply mf humbled.

Because I’ve played the game,

I’ve run the gamut,

I’ve crawled through life,

begging for mercy,

asking for the pain, the depression, the anxiety, the fear, the rollercoaster of emotions to just STOP.

To allow me to live in peace.

And when I realized the truth,

it hit HARD.

It hit where it hurt.

It broke all my pointed fingers.

That sounds quite painful actually lol.

Maybe not the greatest analogy.

But it fucking sucked, when I realized NOTHING NEEDED TO CHANGE AROUND ME FOR ME TO BE HAPPY.

Well at first it did.

It SUCKED so hard when I realized I was the mf creator of the drama that is my life.

It made me bite my lip,

realizing how much I had PROJECTED my discomfort,

my unhappiness,

my insecurities,

my fears

onto OTHERS,


onto EVENTS,

onto how someone looked at me wrong,

how someone wronged me in just the most inappropriate unwarranted way,

how I never seemed to get what I wanted.

I fell silent once I realized I had been outsourcing my responsibility for MY life.

What a deathly silence.

The sound of ego trailing off,

no more arguments,

no more power in my judgment of others,

no more weight to my claims of wrongdoing by the world.

A deathly hallowed silence.

And I came face to face with the mf truth of it all

I was just a big ol’ pansy.

Thinking I knew what was up,

when I had no idea what was up or down,

right or left,

hot or cold.

Just a big ol’ delusional idiot.

In the most endearing way lol.

I mean, this shit is the cause of ALL of our suffering.

The fact that we think our unhappiness is CAUSED by something.

The fact that we think our sense of insecurity is CAUSED by someone outside of us,

by a situation that was CLEARLY inappropriate,




Projecting, much?

It’s not very pretty.

It’s not very becoming of our true nature to give away our power in such elementary ways.

Because the truth is,

we came with the INNATE ability to CREATE to a mf TEE the exact life we want to live,

the exact life we were MEANT TO LIVE.

But yes, we did have to forget that little tidbit of truth.


Perhaps I skimmed over the other tiny fact that we are, ultimately, at the absolute core of our being, SOULS, made of mf divine ass material, coming straight from the breath of God, the depths of the universe.

But that’s for another day.

Why ELSE would we come and live such miserable lives, full of shame, hate, arrogance (arrogance can be painful too y’all), unhappiness, BLAH-ness,

if not to wake the fuck up, realize that all the bad personal shit we’ve been attributing to our shitty partner,

our traumatic childhood,

our broken relationship with our parents,

our [insert your unique justification for your unhappiness here],

is really just our PROJECTION of our INNER WORLD onto an EXCUSE,

that APPEARS to remove us from RESPONSE-ABILITY to ourselves,

our lives,

our health,

our joy,

our peace,

our true nature?

Okay okay, this post is a little depressing, and quite harsh, if you’re not familiar with this rhetoric.

Oh well.

If you can hear this and this makes sense, you’ve got a fighting chance in hell to do something good with your life, in your life, for your life.

If not… be on ye merry way.

I’ll be sending you good vibes from afar.

What’s the point of this entire post?

Honestly, I don’t know.

I just know that this shift CHANGED MY ENTIRE LIFE.

I slid right into the driver’s seat – well, it took like 5 years to really grasp, master, and integrate this in my life, but you get me.

I KNOW this is something that our humanity is calling for right now.

I KNOW people are ready to hear this.

I KNOW people are ready to stop the bullshit,

stop projecting,

stop blaming,

stop cursing the world and God.

I KNOW people are reaching the end of their wits, and the collective awareness is expanding, transforming in an upward trajectory.

It’s time, people.

Time to own your shit.

The world doesn’t appreciate you smearing it all around.




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