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‘I’m proud of you.’

Words that hit home deeper than ‘I love you’, sometimes.

Words that disarm our guard,

melt our need for protection,

dissolve our hell-bented-ness for justification, validation, approval.

Sometimes we just need to hear those words.

We just want to know that we are worthy of praise, not just love (though in love, there is always praise).

We want to feel the swell of delight, the accomplishment of whatever it is that warranted those words.

It’s natural.

It’s a part of acceptance, of being seen, of feeling known, understood.

And sometimes, we want to hear it so much that we make us, our lives, our actions, our being-ness about it, about hearing those words, about accessing that feeling of being seen, got, praised.

We expend our time, our energy, our hope to feel welcome, acknowledged.

We have been conditioned to believe our worthiness sources from actions, possessions, appearance, whatever.

We have been conditioned to believe our worthiness is dependent on something.

We have been conditioned into a state of poverty,

a state of radical misalignment with the true nature of what we are.

Basically, we’ve been conditioned into bullshit.

And the bullshit just continues throughout all of life.

Until we wake the fuck up.

Until we decide ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT.


ENOUGH of feeling never-enough.

ENOUGH of crawling through life as a beggar.


Life is happening, all the gloriousness, all the majesty, all the magnificence,


and here we are, so many of us, TOO MANY OF US,

begging for scraps,

groveling for the tiniest morsel of prizing,



Are you tired of it yet?

Are you tired of being tired?

Because it gets old.

If it’s not getting old for you, you probably think it’s a normal thing.

But let me be the first to tell you,

if it doesn’t feel good,

it’s not meant to me.

We’re created for motherfucking bliss,

unconditional joy,

absolute magnificent power,


And the fact that this isn’t the daily, every-moment actual experience, says you’re doing something wrong.

It says something’s not right,

something’s not clicked into the right place.

Nothing wrong with it.

Nothing wrong with living LIFE as you know it.

But once you know something is off, you have a responsibility to yourself.

You have a responsibility to the world,

to the God you come from,

to the universe that lives inside you.

You have a responsibility to alignment.

You have a responsibility to your mf LIFE.

Life has already given you everything.

God has already equipped you,

not by adding anything to you,

not by installing anything into you,

not by anything other than



God, in her intentional ways, has made the most beautiful thing simply by BRINGING YOU FORTH INTO THIS WORLD.

And on top of that, you are not just the clay on the potter’s wheel.

You are not just the object of her affection, love put out into the world.

You chose this life.

You chose your vessel,

your family,

your culture,

your society,

even… your conditioning.

You chose it all.

You chose YOU.

YOU chose you.

You CHOSE you.

Let it feel shitty for a second, if you need, the idea that you could possibly be DENSE enough to choose a life not to your liking.

One second.

And now, let it sink in.

You are fully capable of the life you were meant to live.

You are fully capable of the fullness you want.


Because you want it.

And now, it’s not a matter of possibility.

It’s a matter of availability.

Are you available to your worthiness?

Are you available to your desires?

Are you available to behold your wonderment?

The absolute pleasure of being you?

Are you available to the still small whisper within…

‘I am proud of you,

forever and ever,



You are the definition of perfection.

Right here.

Right now.’

People may say that’s an illusion of grandeur.

To that, I say, you’re dumb.

The illusion is that we are not enough.

The illusion is that we need to wait for a fucking ‘accomplishment’ to feel delight in ourselves.

The illusion is that another person’s perception of us actually means anything.

The illusion is that the voice of truth exists anywhere but within us.

Now that you know, what’s next?

You keep going in that direction.

You follow your heart, you fully equipped and capable human being, you.

You follow the feel-good-ness.

And please don’t be dull enough to think I’m referring to hedonism.

That overflow of the heart,

the ALIVE-NESS of the SOUL,

the unstoppable smiling,

the untamable laughter,

in the face of whatever we had once deemed as wrong or not enough.

It’s real.

It’s true.

Your unconditionality is your nature.


I just want to tell you –

I fucking love you.

And I’m proud of you.

Not because of anything you’ve done.

Shit, I don’t even know who’s reading this.

But I do know, you are wonderful.

You are a delight in this world.

You are a gift.

And I’m proud as shit to be walking with you,

to exist on this beautiful planet,

in these interesting times,

with you.

Are you?


Your true nature, your potential is always,



It just IS.

If you know your true-ness is calling to you,

from deep within,

AND you vibe with me, connect with me here.

Or email me: grace@gracejyk.com.

My genius is leading others to their truest self, as I’ve been led to do myself without training, without much guidance over the past 1.5 decades.

No need to take that long for yourself lol.

If you feel and are called, you know.

If you are UNAVAILABLE to the continuous bullshit of trying to be someone you’re not


the person you are just doesn’t cut it

i.e. you KNOW you’re meant for more in this life e.g. abundance, vision, actual LIVING OF LIFE, and not just getting by,

PM me, here, email, wherever.

Your evolution awaits.






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    Stefanie Lin

    Love love all that u are!

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