Is This You??

August 2020

“From birth I was cast upon you,
From my mother’s womb you have been my God.”
Psalm 22:10

The moment I read this, I knew this was me.

I knew in my heart of hearts, this was exactly what I had been seeking all my life, as a KID.

I knew I was not JUST a human being in a meat suit.

I knew not only that I was meant for more, but everything More was meant for me.

I knew Life was so much more than what I’d been taught.

I followed that thread and followed it into darkness,

into the unknown,

into my deepest fears of being unloved,


alone in the world.

I followed it to the edges of my heart and soul,

and slipped over the fringes of my known world, my known self,

because the calling was too strong,

the calling came from somewhere way too deep to understand with mind.

I HAD to answer.

I felt like I would die if I didn’t.

I felt like I would RATHER die than not.

And so I did.

Every time.

And here I am, 31 years in the making,

completely assured in the knowing of who the fuck I am,

what the fuck I came here to do and be.

There’s nothing like it.

Witnessing my journey of seeking




Becoming all of me.

Because I was made for more than this physical world.

I was made for the thrill and glory and magnificence of all the Unseen, all the Beauty of God,

made for the SOURCE of the world and everything in it.

I don’t do shallow.

I don’t do surface.

I know that I know that I know…

my very essence is to live my god-ness.

Seekers get it.

I’ve been a seeker all my life.

And I get that deeeeeeeeep desire to actualize what might first feel like torment and loneliness into the fullness of life that we are not available to NOT live.

It makes so much sense to me.

I teach my soulmate people to say yes that part within,

to know it,

to be it,

to trust it,

to breathe it…

then, to live it.

It’s a real thing.

Your desire for Spirit,

for real ass soul connection with your Maker,

for accessing and living YOUR truth, which NO ONE else has access to nor can manipulate or mar or destroy,


it’s all VERY REAL.

I’m here to say it to you and for you.

It’s time.

You know it is.

You feel it.

Time for answers,

time for full expression of YOU in the world, inner and outer.

Time for your freedom.

Time for your embodiment of your higher and deeper calling.

6 weeks, 1:1.

Deep soul work.

Come home to you.

Where you’ve always been,

but just didn’t see or have the courage to see,

where your fullest life will now be lived.

Interested? Curious? Wanna chat about it?

PM me.



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