The Thing You Think You Need to Become You Isn’t What You Think It Is

PC: Soul | Home, August 2020

Fuck affirmations

Fuck the processes

Fuck the “it takes time” – okay maybe not all the way lol. We live in a physical world and sometimes there’s some catching up to do that may take what we like to call “time”

Fuck the idea that it needs to be hard or challenging

Fuck “doing the work”

Fuck it all

Because in the end, you are eternal



as. you. are.

It’s the idea that you’re PRIMARILY imperfect that blinds you from the truth that you are first and foremost, and really ONLY, PERFECT.

It’s the idea that being spiritual or evolved or transcended or WHATEVER looks a certain way.

You have it all.

Yes, right now.

Yes, in you.

Yes, you.

And it’s REALLY a matter of believing it.

Think about it.

If you REALLY are perfect – because you are a product of God and the universe – then what could you POSSIBLY do to make it MORE real?

If EVERYTHING is a process, a journey, an adventure, what Thing or Image or Idea could you POSSIBLY “work” toward to “finally arrive”?


I don’t get it either.

You’re probably asking,

“Then why is my life like THIS???

Why do I NOT have the things I want,

why am I NOT the person I want to be,


Because you don’t REALLY believe.

You don’t REALLY believe that you are ACTUALLY more energy than matter.

You don’t REALLY believe that you are POWERFUL.

You don’t REALLY believe things can change in a mf INSTANT, because really, everything you desire, you’ve already put into the universe and it ALREADY EXISTS.

You don’t REALLY believe you are DESTINED for greatness RIGHT. NOW.

It’s simple.

You’re trying to push your body, your matter, your mind to be, look, act a certain way,

you’re trying to command the universe from the pit of a dungeon.

Like pushing a noodle, per Abe Hicks.

You see the greatness available to you out in the world in OTHER people’s lives (how dare they!) and wanting to conform YOURself to a semblance of THAT.

The greatness you see out there is an EXAMPLE, not a stencil to follow.

Because when you are tapped in, like tapped all the way in to your SOUL, you can finally see,



So sad, right?

To think that these processes and free meditations and seminars were the answers.

I mean, they do help, I’ve been there, done that.

But is help what we really want?

Or is EMBODIMENT and TRUE INTEGRATION and LIVING of our Truth what we’re after?

I know what I want.

And it’s definitely not more HELP.


Living, dancing, twirling, leaping in the FULLNESS OF LIFE.

Like I’d always been MEANT TO.

It’s your decision.

It always has been.

The believing will come, when you tap into YOU.

When you venture the edge of your heart, your soul, and dare to believe beyond your mind, beyond your body, beyond your history, beyond your CONDITIONING.

When you leap off the cliff, you’ll believe.

Don’t expect the belief to come before you leap.

It doesn’t work like that.

Because if it did, it WOULDN’T BE A BELIEF.


It would be a sorry excuse of an attempt at a possibility of a potential of a life.

And the words that come out of your mouth will be all the reasons you can’t jump,

it’s not clear,

you don’t know what to do,

will you be safe?

will you die?

will you REALLY create the life you want?

And then you’ll live on the fringes of life.

Wanting to believe,

doing all the processes,

doing all the meditations and retreats and conscious conventions –

and I’m really not here to talk shit on these things, but if you think they are the answers, you probably actually deeply know, they’re not.

And the actual thing is, you’ve not claimed yourself,

trusted yourself,

trusted the blueprint within.

I digress.

Wanting to believe is not belief.

Wanting to believe is wanting to believe.

It’s standing at the top of the cliff

looking down,

seeing the straight line to the bottom

rather than the big ass sky above

ready for your soar, your dance, your freedom.

So what do you choose?

It’s all on you.

After you’re the one standing at the top of the cliff,

with all of creation beholding you,

watching you,

loving you,

honoring your journey,

honoring you.

This time, YOU honor yourself by trusting, believing in, and claiming YOU.

This is exactly what I teach, this is my message to you.

I love you.

I honor you.

If this is the work you know is calling you, PM me.

PM me.

PM me.

Your heart and soul will not rest until you embody the truth of who you are.





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