Whether God is Near or Not is 100% Up to You

Being cute as shit | August 2020

I don’t know what to write.

But I also do.

So, which is it.

Well, since I’m writing now, I must know what to write.


Even as I wrote, I don’t know what to write…

I was writing.

So, I did know.

Which means, even when I don’t know, I do know,

even if it’s to say, I don’t know.

So maybe the only thing I need to do when I feel like I don’t know what to write…

is to write.

When I feel like I don’t know how to show up…

I show up.

I do the thing.

I share my message.

I be the me.

And let that be everything.

Interesting, isn’t it?

That we let the “not knowing” be the end of it all.

That we think that if we don’t have the answer, the path, the way right in front of us,

then there must be no answer, no path, no way.

That we don’t believe in our own nature.

I’ve come to believe that is THE greatest lie ever told.

That who we are isn’t trustworthy.

That who we are at the core DOESN’T know.

That who we are naturally ISN’T enough.

I mean, to me, this IS the sin that separates us from God.

It’s not that we’re ever separate –

it’s that WE think we are.

And that then creates the reality in which we live.

All the while, God must be laughing at our foolishness,



Thinking we could ever be born us, be born of God and not be deeply interwined,


encompassed by All That Is.

How silly of us.

But how purposeful that makes our lives…

to come to forget,

then learn some bullshit ideas, thoughts, conditioning…

all of which propels us to remember who we are.

Because it fucking SUCKS living as if we’re separated from God,

as if we are ants on this earth,

left to our own devices.

But I guess, we really are left to our own devices.

Except the truth is the truth is the truth,


So fucking consistent.

We’re left to our own devices,

we try some shit out,

what we think is true,

what we think is good,

and we fuck up a lot of shit.

And when we feel enough pain,

enough torment,

enough loneliness,

enough sorrow,

enough ___________________,

then we finally turn to the thing we were ALWAYS MEANT TO:

our inner guidance.

Our inner truth.

Our inner voice.


The thing that was always within.

The thing that we ALWAYS WERE.

The thing that is the SIGNATURE of God.

The thing that is really US.

So interesting.

Some people never wake up to their soul.

Some people never desire to.

Some people are okay getting by.

Some people’s north star just doesn’t seem to call to them or seem important enough.

Some people like the drama.

Some people live for the drama.

Those people are not my people.

I love them.

I honor them.

I acknowledge them.

But I know too damn well what I came here to do.

I know too damn well who I came here to be.

It’s the realest thing ever,

to know that I know that I know that I know:

God and I – we’re not separate entities.

Even the idea of separateness is an illusion.

The concept of separateness was naturally created when time and matter was created,

so that it would let us know what it means to be ONE.

EVERYTHING is in service to this one thing –

even for those who don’t give a damn –

EVERYTHING is in service to our remembering who we are.

EVERYTHING is in service to our choice, decision to re-member ourselves to the Source we hail from.

EVERYTHING is in service to our evolution, always toward truth, always toward Love, always toward freedom.

There is really nothing else.

Everything in life would be resolved by knowing, integrating, and embodying this truth.

We are one with God.

God is one with us.

It’s that simple.

And any reason why this can’t be IS THE DAMN THING YOU CAME HERE TO UNLEARN.

You think you’re separate from God because you think you are.

I thought I didn’t have anything to write, but I wrote “I don’t know what to write” and completely negated what I thought.

Because the truth is – the only thing between you and God is belief.

If you believe you are far, then your belief stands between you and her.

If you believe you are close, then your belief is the bridge.

It gets to be that simple.

Let it be that simple.


If you know you are meant to remember your god-ness, I can show you how to do it faster and easier than even I did it myself when starting my journey.

If you feel the calling, the yearning for a deeper truer experience of life, I can show you how to answer that call.

If you know spiritual truths but are struggling to make sense of it in the real world, I can show you how to integrate and then embody it.

Let it be simple.

Let it be easy.

Let it be all of you.

PM me to chat, ask questions, and see what it’s like working with me to stay fucking woke and aligned with the whole and true YOU.

I will lead you through a personalized 6-week journey, tailored according to your expansion and evolution.

And let’s be clear – it’s not ME that’s leading you.

It’s YOUR soul, God, the universe that makes this shit happen.

I happen to be someone called to be available to those that are to do Their work.

And it’s my willingness and commitment to absolute truth, that creates and holds space for your unfolding.

If you know, you know.

You know how to reach me.









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