The Stories You Tell Are Lame In Comparison to the Person You’re Becoming

PC: Soul | May 2020 | Sequoia Nat’l Park

The thing is, life is not about the story you tell,

the things you did,

the places you went,

the people you met.

Yes, they add to the story,

yes, they’re fun to talk about,

yes, they’re fun to listen about,

yes, they are PART of your story.

But we didn’t come to this planet, to tell a story.

We came here to LIVE A LIFE.

We came here to EXPERIENCE our infinite-ness,

our eternal-ness,


in the face of finite-ness,

in the face of TIME,

in the face of the not so beautiful, not always lovely, not so powerful side of humanity.

We came here to KNOW, not cognitively, but EXPERIENTIALLY, the depth, extent, indescribable vastness of our nature.

The world we live in, with all its happenings and stories and breaking news and trends is a perfect place to come to, to remember our stardust ways.

When the pain gets to be too much,

when the heartache gets to be too deep,

when it feels our world is crumbling around us,

we seek something greater.

We seek refuge,

we seek hope,

we seek healing,

we seek freedom,

we seek love.

The things that lead us to seek, the stories we tell to give context about who we are in the flesh, they are not why we are here.

They serve our purpose.

They teach us to come home,

though we don’t know it in those moments.

Though we feel tormented by the rawness, the cruelty of our calamities, mishaps, our disappointments,

when we follow the thread of our hearts, it will always lead us to soul.

I’m reminded of:

“The road to your soul is through your heart.” – Gary Zukav

He be knowing some shit, that Gary.

We live our lives through our hearts,

and so we experience deeply the things that happen in the physical world, the things that eventually become our stories.

But the point of our stories, our physical happenings is not so that we have a great story to tell, or even to realize how strong and resilient and triumphant we are.

It’s to experience the flow, the inner journey, the inward awakening to the true-ness of US.

It’s to realize that we are not SUBJECT to anything.

We are not brittle and tight-lipped and guarded BECAUSE THINGS HAPPENED TO US.

We are that way BECAUSE WE CHOSE IT.

Because somewhere along the way, you chose that your story, your life happenings would affect you by closing yourself off from your heart, your soul.

Perhaps for protection,

perhaps for some semblance of peace,

perhaps for sanity,

perhaps perhaps perhaps.

And for what?

Protection for what?

When the depths of your soul are calling calling calling,

calling you into softness,

into deep rest,

into sweet healing and release,

into surrender,

into a presence like you’ve never known before.

Life is not a series of events.

Life is the ebb and flow of your resonance with soul.

Life expands in the choosing of soul.

It responds, it can’t NOT, to the quiet disolution of attachments to stories, to justifications why you have to be the way you are.

There is no reason why you have to be the way you are,

not even for protection,

not even because people in the past have acted a certain way,

not even because you don’t trust yourself.

There’s no reason.

Your answer to the life you desire,

the person you know you’re meant to be,

lives beyond the justification,

the identification of the stories of why you choose not to be free,

living in alignment with your heart, your soul.

And when we get to the pearly gates, we say, we didn’t open our hearts, we didn’t listen within because of [enter story, life happening, events, reasons, people who suck here].

And God and your soul will look at you and laugh.

Probably kindly.

But they will laugh.

Because there was nothing to be afraid of.

There were your reasons and your ideas of how you needed to survive, when really, you had the full force of the universe backing your ass.

The holy fucking army of Good and Love has got you,

fully deployed to serve you in your evolution and expansion.

It goes BEYOND the actual things in your life,

beyond the pain,

beyond even the triumph,

beyond milestones.

Because we came here, as energy, to shift and evolve into higher energy.

Everything around us, the people, experiences, things, simply reflect that.

And this is why we play out that old ass saying, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey,”

and might I add, more truly, it’s about who we’re becoming i.e. what kind of energy and posture we grow or shrink into in the tides of life.

All sorts of havoc is wreaked when we try to live life another way,

when all of our focus and intention and energy is placed on the life we perceive to be happening outside of us.

When we think, if we could just get _____________, overcome ___________, be loved by ____________, and on and on and on,

we are living a forgotten life,

a shell of a life,

as brittle as a witch’s nail,

as empty as an abandoned tin can,

etc etc etc.

All it takes, to dominate the havoc,

to reign over it,

as you were meant to,

is to ponder,


open up to the world inside,

the one that contains, carries, is imbibed with God,



You don’t have to do anything else.

Just consider it.

And if you’ve been consider it,

then I invite you to bask in it.

If you’re already basking in it,

then you’ve, to some degree, arrived.

The life we live is not a string of stories, events, trauma.

It’s not even about the greatness of it all.

It IS the evolution, the inner journey of shifting,


adamantly choosing… yourself.

It IS the unspoken becoming,

the quiet revolution of allowing your soul to take over,

of allowing your heart to speak,

first in whispers,



then in conversation,

clear and pure dialogue,

and then in free-form being-ness,

in effortless dance to the rhythm of the heart of God.

THAT is life.

THAT is life lived in full,

redeemed in its wholeness,

exploded beyond the stories of misidentifications, justifications, misbeliefs.

It doesn’t require courage.

It requires belief.

From there, everything follows.


From there, the rest of your life unfolds,

and the stories you tell from that point pale in comparison to the LIFE lived within you as you stroll along your journey,

in your full-ness,

your god-ness,

your you-ness.

Your story begins today,

the one you want to write,

the one that would flow through, if you allow yourself to expand beyond the borders of your own perceived limitations.

And as you allow,

the practice of integrating and embodying is the work.

It’s the hallmark of a spiritual journey,

of a spiritual being,

which we all are.

The work is in the becoming,

the intertwining with the energy,

the flow,

the love of the universe,

of Spirit.

And it’s my favorite work.

It’s actually my only work.

It’s THE work.

It’s honorable work,

a journey that truly gets down to the truth.

I bow to you, fellow journeyer.

And if you desire the assistance,


integrated teachings,

an embodied presence along your journey,

PM me, comment here, email me at

I am offering 6-week 1:1 deep integration sessions for those who are spiritually aware,

spiritually inclined,

and are ready to embody the teachings that resonate within.

Your soul already knows,

I won’t be teaching you anything ‘new’.

I simply show you, through meditations, through channeled calls, through anything and everything that comes through, how available your expansion is, already.

Your soul already knows.

Your body wants to catch up.

And when it does,

your life has caught up.





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  1. Celeste Avatar

    I mother-effing love the LIGHT that you are, Grace! Always inspired, always compassionate. Loving your open-hearted humanity and wisdom.✨💜✨

    1. Grace J. Kim Avatar

      Thank you!!!!!

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