Spirituality is *NOT* Modest

PC: Soul | July 2020

Spirituality is not modest.

Spirituality is not quiet,



Spirituality is the wildest thing you will ever experience,



I once thought spirituality and religion were expressed by lessening myself,

diminishing my desires,

relinquishing power over my life,

giving everything over to God.

Well, that last bit, still stands.

But the rest – bullshit.

I once thought being humble meant thinking less, whether in quality or quantity, of myself.

I once thought faith was clutching at something I wanted, showing how much I desired it, and then attempting to say, I trust you, God.

I once thought surrender was closing my eyes tight, holding my breath, and hoping for the best.

I once thought a leap of faith was to brace myself for the unknown, thinking that the leap itself is the faith.


I can go on, but I don’t want to gross myself out, or you, further.

On this journey over a decade (I started exploring my spirituality in 2008), I have come to find…

spirituality is nothing like what I had learned from the pews, in bible study classes.

I learned that spirituality is NOTHING without ME.

I learned that **I** am NOTHING without IT.

I learned that fundamentally, I am SPIRITUAL.

I am LITERALLY SPIRIT before anything else, before my human-ness, before my woman-ness, before my Korean-ness, before ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I’ve identified as.

And EVERYTHING about me is an expression of the Spirit that I am.

My personality and body give Spirit a place to live while hanging out on this planet.

My personality and body are not in OPPOSITION to Spirit.

My personality and body are in SERVICE to Spirit, to its FULL EXPRESSION in my lifetime.


Me as the individual expression of spirit, God, universe – MATTERS.

It’s exactly why I’m here, to be me.

It’s exactly why YOU’RE here, to be YOU.


every PART of you,

without exception.

It’s just what it is.

Our desires MATTER.

Our thoughts MATTER.

Our physical appearance,

our demeanors,

our purpose MATTER.

To make it clear – being spiritual is not about diminishing the HUMAN in order to elevate Spirit, God, etc.

Being spiritual is about FULLY being in and with and FOR the human, KNOWING, the human is the vessel of Spirit,

and the perfect expression of Spirit in a way unique to EACH PERSON.

Spirituality is not about knowing and believing something objective (there actually is nothing objective, by the way).

It’s not about relationship with God, if it’s not a relationship with self.

Because the truth is, relationship with God IS relationship with you.

Why? Because there is no objective truth.


You can’t NOT.

And then FULLY BEING yourself as you truly are, your unique expression and you-ness, is FAITH that you are a vessel of God.

Fully LIVING yourself out in your lifetime is the final act of faith (which is not actually final, but continuous, until you DIE) that God lives IN you and THROUGH you.

No exceptions.

All this to say, we all have our crazy inside.

We all have our quirks,

our fierceness,

our sense of justice,




the complete package that is YOU.

There is something loud in all of us,

whether it’s an elegant loud

or a crazy colored loud

or a laugh-too-much loud (me lol)

and so on.

When we fully embrace and choose to live into our true loud, share our true voice, follow our true desires,

it is ALWAYS



We are literally telling God, the heavens, the source of Life itself,

“I see who I am,

I see how I’m made,

and I love it all.

I choose to love myself into more of me, the way I was made, because I know, if this is what’s coming through me, then it is of God.

I surrender to who I am and who made me.”

It really gets to be that simple.

So, if your loud is not the conventional picture of spirituality or religious devotion,

e.g. modest in appearance or content,

aligning to doctrine,

approved by “spiritual” authorities,

you’re fine.

You’re more than fine.

Your responsibility is to yourself, first and only.

When your responsibility is to yourself, it is really to God, who breathed into you.

When your responsibility is to yourself, it is really to the soul that is a piece of God.

Your freedom with yourself is the cornerstone of your relationship and expression of Spirit.

Any rules and laws of how to be, how to show up, how to love, how to anything, outside of what you have chosen for yourself are irrelevant and unnecessary.

And actually, your buying into them hinders your true being-ness, god-ness, you-ness.

That hindrance, to me, has become one of the most ludicrous and unbecoming things I had ever subjected myself to.

All for what??

To stifle the greatness, the majesty, the FUN, the FULL expression of what God has made so perfectly in me??!?

To dumb down parts of me so that I can make sense and fit into other people’s idea of spirituality?!

All of which don’t matter in my life anyway, because THEY are their own expression of God.

THEY are living their truth based on what they know,

and any attempt to quiet another into submission or modesty is a reflection of what they are doing to themselves, knowingly or unknowingly.

Not my problem.

Not my responsibility.

I just keep my eyes on me,

listen for my pulse,

follow the threads of desire, of faith, of MY expression,

and let that be what it is,

a reflection of my spirituality,

the deepest connection available on this planet,

and the only one that makes sense to me.

If you are craving your own sense of freedom with self,

if you are desiring a truer way of being you,

know that that desire is true and the fulfillment of that desire is already yours,

because you were MEANT to be fully you AT ALL TIMES.

And you are so powerful that you can choose not to live into all of your you-ness.

And that’s fine.

If it’s fine with you, it’s fine with the world, it’s fine with God.

I just know, that desire is meant to be lived out.

No exception.

If you have read this far, I know a little something about you.

I know you are craving more in yourself, in life.

I know you are hungry and you know there’s a feast out there somewhere.

As someone that has lived a starved life (physically and spiritually actually lol) and now lives in the banquet hall of life, I invite you to ask if this is a journey you are willing to go on,

and if it’s something you want to be supported in.

You don’t need support – you already have everything you need.

But you know in your heart of hearts if you desire it.

I spots available for my 6 week 1:1 program where we dive deep into the soul of YOU,

into the realm that is ALL YOU and ONLY you.

Weekly private calls, unlimited chat access to me.

Every program is tailored for the individual, so anything that comes through for me to create and provide for you is yours to keep forever.

This includes journaling prompts, guided meditations, additional trainings, activations, etc.

If the idea of being fully supported on your journey into you resonates – not just a curiosity or I-don’t-really-know-but-let’s-see sentiment – comment here, PM me, email – grace@gracejyk.com

I’m ready when you are.





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