You Are Craving *YOU*, the You That IS the Soul

PC: Soul | Aug 2020

I am the center of my universe.

You are the center of yours.

The construct of the world we experience and perceive exists in us.

ONLY in us.

There is nothing outside of our perceived perception.

And that can be a scary thing,

because then…

there’s no objective truth.

There’s no objective God with an objective ruleset and objective scale.

There’s only what’s within to guide you.


That’s scary for a lot of people (but I don’t think it is for many of you, my readers) because the idea that there is nothing OUTSIDE us to guide us,

means we’re stranded.

But I know that you know that this is not the case.

Because all I’ve ever been saying is:




Oh, and you have a soul.

Minor detail.

And actually… you don’t HAVE a soul,

you ARE a soul.

And you HAVE a body,

a mind,

a personality.

The soul is a piece of the universe.

In it are the workings of the cosmic energy,

the real unseen,

the quantum.

It transcends logic, physical effort, ego.

And it knows a LOT of shit.

Like a lot.

Its energy is the same as the life force that develops a fertilized egg into a fetus into a freaking HUMAN BEING.

No one tells the egg what to do.


Because in doing so, it is FULLY LIVING OUT ITS PURPOSE.

I would even go so far as to say, it is a JOYFUL thing for it to develop, because it’s MEANT to.

It’s why people who don’t know their purpose –

feel lost,





Shall I continue?


The beauty of the egg developing into something so fucking grand, so complex, so intricate and precious lives inside you.

It knows within itself within itself within itself what to do.

It knows the how, but it doesn’t know the how.

It knows it in that it’s going to go down its trajectory no matter what,

but it doesn’t know it like you would know something from reading a book.

It doesn’t need to.

It just BE’s and it HAPPENS.

That capacity is the same for us.

It’s what LIFE IS.

You don’t need to know how to LIVE life, if you ARE life.

You don’t need to know how to BE you if you ARE you.

The map, the blueprint, the guide IS you.

It’s nowhere else.

It’s no one else.

It’s no doctrine.

It’s no ideology,

no theology,


Now all you gotta do, is choose that shit.

Choose it like your life depends on it.

Because it does.

It absofuckinglutely does.

It’s the difference between a stale mediocre life (you know if this is you)


a LIT ASS LIFE – you DEFINITELY know if this is you.

It’s the difference between EXISTENCE and PRESENCE.

If you were to ask yourself what kind of life you think you’re meant to live,

I’m ABOUT 100% sure I know what the answer is.

Make it 200%.

I’m so confident, I don’t even need to say it.

Because you fucking know.

You know that you know that you know that you know

that there’s more to life.

There’s more to YOU.

You are not craving more adventures,

more relationships,

more experiences,

more traveling,

more love,

more beauty,

more excitement,

more money,


You are motherfucking craving YOU.

You are craving YOU, the you that IS the soul,

that KNOWS who you ACTUALLY are,



You are craving YOU, the soul.

When you live and walk in step with your soul, you are acknowledging your infinity.

When you acknowledge your infinity,

you cannot HELP but fall into it.

That is the nature of God,

the nature of All That Is.

That is how VAST and DEEP and HIGH you are.

When you fall into it,

it takes over you, to the extent you choose,

and you create life EXACTLY from that place.

When you DO, you KNOW what life is.

You GET God.

You GET your purpose here, in your lifetime.

You GET the answers to lifelong questions.

You GET you.

And when you GET you,

you live in the truth that you are the center of your universe,

your life,

your world.

And when you live from that place,

you are unstoppable.

There are no more excuses in that place.

No more explanations for why you are the way you are,

why you have what you have,

why you don’t have what you want,

why why why.

No more reasons needed.

No more attachment to things you fucking KNOW DON’T MATTER.

No more bullshit.

And no more drama.

It’s pure life.

It’s your destiny,

but you gotta choose it.

That’s your part.

God is gracious and all, but it just wouldn’t make sense to live the destiny without choosing it.

You would be God.

And then you’d have no purpose here.

Which is why you and I are here.

To choose.

To motherfucking decide.

To remember our god-ness,

our souls,

our light.

To embrace it all,

and let it flow from our deepest innards.

It is our responsibility.


It is the ONE thing we have the ability to respond to.

It’s the ONE thing we are called to respond to, if we desire.

It’s not for everyone.

But you know if it’s you.

You know like you’ve never known anything else before.

You don’t know how you know.

You know it because your soul knows it.

And even that, is a grace.

Even that, means you are accessing soul.

It’s here,

you’re here.

The connection is already there.

The support and guidance for ALL YOUR NEEDS AND WANTS are here.

You simply choose.

Yes, it is as simple as that.

Fortunately or unfortunately.

You are free.

As you have always been.

As is the nature of your soul.

Now, choose.

I am offering 1:1 minimum 6 week packages to walk with you into your soul.

You can choose your soul with or without me or anyone else.

You don’t need ANYTHING but your awareness of your soul and your choosing it.

But, there are always shortcuts 🙂

One of them being supported and guided by another human being that has walked the path.

If I had the guidance when first starting my journey that I know and give now, it would be a different story.

Not a better story, but a different one.

I would have integrated faster,

I would have become confident about myself earlier.

But here I am, it is what it is.

I’m offering the opportunity to do the deep work with me, with someone who gets you, even without meeting you, because I get that it’s the soul that knows.

And that’s all I need to know.

You can bring to the table whatever you want to discuss, integrate, ponder, heal, and we choose soul to lead.

It’s not just powerful,

it’s FUN.

It’s FLOW.

It’s truly who you are.

Included in the package are weekly private calls and UNLIMITED access to me via chat for all the little and big things that come up between our calls.

If you don’t know if this is for you, put your hand on your heart, and ask.

It’s as simple as that.





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