If You Don’t Own Your Flow, You Will Never Live It

PC: Soul | Aug 2020

No need to chase flow.

Not being in flow is not the issue, I assure you.

The idea that you are not in flow,

that is not available to you at any point you desire,

that it is arbitrary,

that the flow is outside you –



The release,

the breakthrough,

that effortless being-ness,

it all exists within.

You don’t have to feel it.

You don’t even have to know it.

You can live your ENTIRE mf life in non-flow, aka struggle, heartache, confusion, despair,


It HAS to, because it is WHO YOU ARE.


It HAS to.

It CAN’T not.

Because we ARE flow.

I am.

You are.

We ARE the pure expression of the Divine,

the cosmos,



By definition, it exists within.

So, what gives?

Why do we feel like the feelings of flow, of freedom, or joy, peace, faith, love, etc., we desire aren’t available?


Quite infuriatingly simple, if you ask me.

You haven’t decided it.

You haven’t decided that this, which you already are, IS who you are.

You want to believe it.

You want to know it.

But those are two absolutely different activities.

Wanting to believe and believing.

They exist on different planes,

different playing fields,



The effects of both are separated by a chasm which no human mind, intention, desire can cross.

You either make the leap into deciding (believing) this is how it is.

Or you don’t.

You don’t half leap off a cliff,

or half get wet in the ocean,

or half laugh – well, I guess you can… and those are typically ugly laughs.

You can have it all,

but this is something you cannot have.

Exceptions, contradictions, whatever.

You cannot have both: wanting to believe AND having the side effects, the outcomes, the RESULTS of believing, of deciding.

Sorry, not sorry.

Not sorry at all.

Because here’s the beauty of the damn thing:

the act of deciding,

finally having ENOUGH of the shit you’ve had in your life so far for too long,

knowing there’s nowhere else to go but out and up,

not just stepping off the cliff,

but stepping back back back back, sizing up the edge, running toward the beginning of the beginning of it all,

throwing yourself into oblivion,

into the massive unknown,

a space that breathes into itself –

THAT, is believing.

Everything else, is not even a lame excuse.

Everything else, it’s just… everything else.

It’s everything else but the damn thing,

BUT the actual LIVING you crave,

BUT the actual BECOMING of the YOU you desire,

BUT the actual BREATHING of your soul into you, and you into it.

Everything else fails.

So simple.

So harsh.

So true.

You don’t get THERE by ever being ALMOST there.

You either DECIDE the flow is you, and you are flow,

DECIDE God is here right now in you and absofuckinglutely available to your slightest nudges, desires,

DECIDE you are meant for more than this mundane ass, shit ass, boring ass life,


keep living that life.

Even your spiritual practice is stale.


Your PRACTICE is based on the living breathing essence of YOU.

Your CONSISTENT experience of flow of the exhilarating feeling of being ALIVE is the result of YOUR deciding this is how it is.

There is nothing that trumps your decision.

Or rather,

your decision trumps everything.


The universe responds to you.

God responds to you.

The world and everyone in it respond to you.

Because when you have decided you are the thing you have always been,

you are fully sourced from within.

You are tapped into the ever flowing, ever infinite, ever eternal energy that you are, that you came from, that you’re made of.

There is nothing like a person who KNOWS by decision who they are.

They live in a different universe,

a different plane.

This person is endlessly thriving, effortlessly flowing through life.

It doesn’t mean this person does NOTHING.

No, this person does EVERYTHING from FLOW, from their GOD-NESS, their full blown THEM-NESS.

Nothing escapes their… flow.

Everything they touch,

everything they do,

every person they meet,

every relationship,

every moment is breathed into by spirit.

It’s just how it is.

There are not many people that live like this.

Even some that teach this don’t live like this.

The difference is so vast,

and yet so nuanced.

It’s only known within each individual.

It’s up to each individual,

it’s up to YOU how it gets to go.

The effortless life isn’t achieved by effort.


and fortunately.

Then it’s a matter of knowing what it means to BE effortless, no?

Knowing not by your cognition, based on everything you’ve experienced, because I can bet your ass not much in your experience will show you effortlessness.

I lied.

Your childhood will.

It’s a portal into that pure timeless state of being that we started off with.

Good place to start.

And then, it’s by the knowing that (again) you are inherently the flow, the freedom, the god-ness you’ve desired.

Which is ironic, because you’ve been desiring something, which inherently says you are NOT the thing.

Your job is to smash that gap into nothing,

jump the quantum,

enter another field,

by deciding that you are exactly everything you’ve desired…

and that you’ve desired it because, actually, YOU ARE IT.

That’s the only way.

It gets to happen now.


Now now now now now.

It gets to happen the way you desire and decide now.

What have you decided you get to have today?

You know if your soul is calling,

beckoning you to a higher decision, 

a truer way of life, of being you.

If you know you don’t have to know it all, and that you are 100% supported in the direction of your desires, I have spots available to work with me 1:1,

to do exactly this work,

to upgrade you to live deeper into all of you.

It’s not for the faint-hearted.

It’s for those who are unavailable for anything other than what’s real and FOR them.

6-week minimum,

weekly private calls,

unlimited chat access to me.

You are worthy of being supported in the fulfillment of you and what you came here to do and be.

Claim it.





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