Your “Higher” Calling is Not an Excuse for a “Harder” Life

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I hate this hypocritical sacrificial sabotage.

Your path is difficult because you made it difficult.

Because you bought into ideas and concepts that were taught to you by well-meaning adults.

And now you’ve identified so much with them THAT YOU THINK THEY ARE YOU AND YOU ARE THEM.

Your path is difficult because of your identification with the things that DO NOT ALIGN WITH YOUR SOUL.

Your path is difficult because you are JUSTIFYING your challenges, trials, tribulations, catastrophes, frustrations, failures, struggles.

Your path is difficult because you STILL choose to NOT see what’s in front of you.

Your path is difficult because you LIKE suffering, you USE it as your badge of honor.

Your path is difficult because you think grand wonderful powerful things are COSTLY to attain.

Your path is difficult because YOU THINK AND EXPECT IT TO BE DIFFICULT.

And then you immortalize your calling as a “higher” calling.

God didn’t put you here to suffer so you could rise up.

You CHOSE this life.

You chose every part of it.

And you will continue to choose the SAME things and call it suffering for the greater good, sacrifice for your calling UNTIL you’ve actually had enough.

Until you’re tired of the story.

Tired of the borders you built up using the bricks of your “suffering”.

You are not DESTINED to suffer.

It is not your NATURE.

It is your nature to motherfucking THRIVE. 

It is your nature to EXPAND




It’s not that difficult to understand.

Stop pawning off your responsibility for yourself, your inner world.

Your path is INSIDE of you.

And INSIDE of you is a path of JOY,




You impress NO ONE with your whiny phrases about why life is difficult.

Certainly not me.

You’ve literally chiseled your suffering in stone by choosing to define your life and path by it.

And then you have the nerve to make it righteous.

Nothing righteous about refusing to see: your path is to get past your self-identification of suffering.

If you REALLY believed your calling is high/er, you would know, that your calling is actually YOU.

Your calling is to step INTO more of YOU, ALL of you, every BIT of you.

Your calling is to allow the immense unstoppable untamable LOVE that you ALREADY are, to TAKE OVER.

Your calling is to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.


Your calling is not something you gain at the end of your path.



The throne starts HERE.

It started on day ZERO.

Before you were BORN.

Waiting for the suffering to be “WORTH IT ALL” is a living out your disappointment of who you are and the life you are living.

It’s sad.

It’s ungodly.

God, the universe, Spirit, Source,  Creator – NO ONE is subjecting you to ANYTHING.

You, as a perfect soul being, chose to learn what you came here to learn.

You chose to experience what you experience.

You chose your body, your mind, your heart.

You chose it all, so that you could forget…

and remember.

There’s a part of me that knows this rant is ABSOLUTELY useless because those who believe their suffering is justified are here to learn that IT IS NOT.

And so, they will continue down their path, seeking validation of the things they are called to RELEASE.

Perhaps my calling is to let it all go, myself, the knowing that our calling was never meant to bring us into suffering or vice versa.

Our calling was and is meant to be our greatest joy, our greatest experience of beauty, power, love.

And yes, there may be suffering, there may be pain, there may be struggle,


And they were never meant to be a rite of passage.

You can have a higher calling WITHOUT suffering.

Suffering has nothing to do with a higher calling.

Suffering is the rejection of the truth that the calling is already DONE, it is already TRUE within us.

Suffering is the conscious ignorance of our true nature,

of our perfection,

our wonder,


our wildness.

Don’t you see?

We are beautiful created beings with the essence of our creator’s creatorship flowing in our veins.

We are already divine,

already sacred,

already perfected,

already wise,

already powerful,

already courageous,

already strong.

We are this and much more.

Our calling is to plunge into the more of us,

the depths, the heights, the realness, the goodness of us.

Identifying with suffering as an indicator of our “higher” calling automatically removes us from the place within that is already flowing with life-water, with life-joy, life as it really is.

You don’t need anything else to be who you already are.

Except the decision that you know who you are and you choose it.

You choose it stubbornly,




Because your eyes are on the prize,

on the truth,

on the soul of you,

and you know, it is already done,

you are already there, here.

You simply agree with God FINALLY,

agree with the universe,

agree with your beautiful nature.

And you are already there.

You have arrived at your “higher calling”.

This is it.

Nothing more.

And then, you will see – justification is the language of the mind,

the song of the ego,

the sturdiness of your barriers to Life.

Nothing more than that.

You can change the course of your path simply by believing, choosing, deciding:

You are worthy of your calling NOW.

You are worthy of your life NOW.

You are worthy of being all of you NOW.

You are worthy of having it all NOW.

You are wonderfully created.

You are powerfully created.

You are CODED for greatness.

You are CODED for the supernatural.

The world cannot resist you in your natural state – as long as you decide that you are already in your natural state, as a perfect expression of the Almighty.

And you decide, because it is already true.

When you do, the calling becomes blood

becomes flesh

becomes doing

becomes words

becomes presence

becomes all of you as you are meant to be.

And by that, you fulfill your calling.

It is done.

The calling is for everyone, but not everyone chooses it.

It’s a deep place to go, and it doesn’t seem very pretty.

Which is understandable, but not excusable.

If you feel the call to go deeper into you,

to access your truth, to begin to live from it, and BECOME the ultimate attractor (not just attract things) of the things you’re meant to have and experience, we may be a good fit.

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You have nothing to lose.





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4 responses to “Your “Higher” Calling is Not an Excuse for a “Harder” Life”

  1. Zoe Avatar

    Good day

    Thank you for the article. I wanted to ask, do u believe that our lives were predestined by God?

    1. Grace J. Kim Avatar

      Good day! Relative to how I choose to live my life, I do not. Relative to how the universe is organized, I have no idea if life is predestined.

  2. Tony maletta Avatar
    Tony maletta

    I appreciate your writing. You have a great talent.
    I do however disagree with your take on this quote.
    I’m certain you’ve heard Thich Nhat Hanh coin the phrase “No Mud, No Lotus”.
    We need struggles to know joy.
    I believe everyone has a Buddha in them. It is through great suffering that enlightenment is achieved. It is not something that can be gifted, or paid for.
    It is the potential in everyone.
    That is all, please continue your beautiful writing. A true gift…

    1. Grace J. Kim Avatar

      hi Tony 🙂 thanks for reading and for your comment. and definitely thx for the compliment ha!

      i agree with your take on ‘no mud, no lotus’, there’s no way to learn our lessons without the lessons.

      however, in this post, i was referring to the idea that sometimes ppl try to justify their pain/suffering is for a ‘higher’ cause/god’s will, if you will, in order to move through it. and i feel like the true growth and learning and gift of the lesson lies within ourselves in the form of our evolution. the lesson, the lotus is found in the darkness and stillness of the mud, not the future idea/concept of becoming the lotus. does that make sense? what are your thoughts?

      i really appreciate your comment, again 🙂

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