All Your Soul Wants is *You*!!

PC: Me! | Aug 2020

The truth about who you are lies beyond the mirror,

beyond your relationships,

beyond your experiences,

beyond your personality,

beyond your desires,

beyond your dreams,

beyond your ____________.

The truth of who you are lies in YOU.

It’s such a squishy thing to say,

how does one then understand, encounter, know the truth about oneself?

Honestly, I have no idea.

Because I will never know what it means for someone to go within and choose to know THEMself.

I will never know what that feels like,

the exact route to take,

the perfect process.

I will never know.

And I reallly don’t care to know.

It’s enough to do it for me, daily.

I just know,

it’s there.

It’s available.

Waiting til kingdom come for you to come knocking,

knocking after years of feeling like a failure,

feeling like nothing works,

feeling like you’ve come THIS far, there HAS to be more,

feeling like BLAH.

Knocking knocking knocking

There’s a prayer within you,

whether unspoken, unseen, unheard, un-anything,

rising from within.

A prayer of hope, of desire,

of dreams,

of vision,

all of which still AREN’T WHO YOU ARE.

They rise from the ESSENCE of who you are.

They flow from the heart of your soul.

And THAT is truly who you are – the soul.

The BEING-NESS of you,

the GOD-NESS of you,

the full blown YOU-NESS.

The part of you that CANNOT be contained,






Well, I guess, you can.

You can stop it with your incessant clinging to your reasons of why you are the way you are.

You can stop it with your stubborn ass ways of refusing to get real with yourself.

You can stop it with your continuous conforming to, aligning with expectations, rules, conditions that you don’t truly desire or vibe with.

But really…

even then…

your soul calls.

And you know it.

You know its nudges,

its niggles,

its incessant silent voice within.

Talk about stubborn.

Talk about incessant.

Talk about relentless.

You think YOU’RE relentless.

Let me tell you.

If you ignore soul, you will DIE with your soul’s song still living inside you, and





It will not stop.

Because – IT






And in that way, it will win.

It will always win.

You may still die with your song inside of you,

never having moved with its rhythm in your physical life,

never having aligned yourself to it,

but the song is still there.

The song remains.

The song persists.

The damn thing won’t shut up.

It won’t go away.

It won’t quiet.

Because it’s truth.

Truth has nowhere to go but here.

Truth has nothing to say.

Because it speaks for itself.

It needs no justification,

no reasoning,

no explanation.

It just is what it is.

And it will remain,



surrendered to you.

Because you will come around when you’re ready.

You will come around.

You can’t not.

It’s been your entire soul plan to do so.

All along.

You’ve been deceived.

You’ve been deeply lied to.


not sorry.

The lie is that you thought you are all the things ABOUT you,

the people,

the places,

the things,

the doing.

No wonder you never felt actually truly deeply madly fulfilled.

No wonder…

no wonder you’ve not actually felt like you’re living.

No wonder things feel empty.

No wonder YOU feel empty.

See, truth doesn’t have to say anything.

Because you feel the emptiness, and you’ll go searching.

As you’ve done thus far.

Because you feel the loneliness, and you’ll go hunting

As you’ve done so far.

Because you’ve felt the vastness, and you’ll be yearning.

As you’ve done so far.

And you will come home, when you realize there’s nowhere else to be.

You come straight home to soul.

Maybe not straight – humans are pretty good at detours, and there’s plenty to unpack within us to actually get down with it.

But you’ll come home.

You are meant to.

This is your calling.

What your life actually looks like isn’t relevant.

How many people you impact isn’t relevant.

What you do with the breath in your body isn’t relevant.

Which words you use isn’t relevant.

Which ideology or theology or whatever-ology isn’t relevant.

Not in the face of your soul.

Let me be the first to tell you,

your soul doesn’t give a shit about any of those things.

All it wants, is you.

Your attention.

That’s all it needs.

Because once it has it, it will captivate the shit out of you.

You will tap into another WORLD,

another UNIVERSE,

another kingdom,

another realm.

You will finally know that you know God.

You will finally get that your life isn’t bullshit,

it never was.

You just made it so.

You will finally get how things work,

why your life is the way it is,

and what it gets to be now that you know what the hell is up.

You will take that first breath of air,

feel the rush of blood flood your veins,

all cells activated.

You will know that you know that you know that you have always known who you are,

that you have always been who you are.

And it has always been enough.

Stand alone.



Blissed out.

This is who you are.


Perfect in all ways.





Put your head back and roar.

Because you’ve just claimed your throne,

your kingdom.

Let your soul take over.

Let go into the unknown,

into sweet surrender and release.

You have nothing to be afraid of.

You are finally with your truth.

You’ve welcomed it,

and it will NEVER miss your invitation.

How can it?

When the invitation has always been extended to YOU.

You simply say yes to IT.

And let it take over.

If this sounds like your journey aka it makes sense to you aka you want this for yourself, I want you to know, I have limited spots available to work with me 1:1 to do this work.

It will be fun.

Some parts of it will be hilarious (because you’ll have new awarenesses of your bullshit ideas about life and yourself).

Mostly, it’ll be real.

Really really real.

Like deep core real.

If this resonates and you have any questions regarding cost investment, structure, expected results, etc., let’s talk.

If this is a HELL YES, let’s talk.

PM me, comment, email me –

It’s time to step into the actual real you.

For real.






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