Until You Do This, You’re Missing the Whole Freaking Point

Until you listen to your soul, you clearly have not done the thing you’re meant to do.

You know it.

It’s obvious.

Obvious is the way you feel BLAH,

fuzzy inside,


desiring but not being fulfilled,


There’s nothing wrong with any of that.

In fact, those are experiences to be GRATEFUL for.

They tell us EXACTLY where we are and EXACTLY what we need to do to get back to the core of it all.

We are incredibly coded to live in accordance with soul.

Because we are, at the bottom of it all, to the highest heights, to the vastest vastness, the essence of God.

We are the living breathing emanation of God.

We are soul.

We came here to experience THAT.

We came here to KNOW that.

We came here to BECOME it (even though we already ARE it – another story.)

Everything else is just noise.

The pain, the trauma, the struggle, the fear, the anxiety, the frustration, the condemnation, the obligation, the expectation, the misalignment.

Yes, even the misalignment is noise.

To live in alignment is not even the point.

When you listen to soul, you automatically become aligned.

And when you do it again and again and again and again, you begin to automatically LIVE aligned.

When you LIVE aligned, things just start making sense.

They start flowing.

They start flowing in ways you never dreamed possible.

Your deepest desires begin showing up in your life effortlessly.

Life feels lighter.

You feel better.

You know better.

You live deeper, more fully.

Because you listen to soul.

Again and again and again.

Because you’re doing the thing you’re meant to do.

Meaning, you’re living the way you’re meant to be living.

The doing is irrelevant.

It’s the constant coming back to your heart, your soul.

It’s the dynamic around you and your soul, the ever evolving relationship, container, experience of it all.

If you did this one thing, your life would automatically uplevel.

It has to.

Because you set your eyes and intention on the thing that ACTUALLY matters,

the thing that YOU CAME HERE TO DO,

and so, how can the rest of your life NOT RESPOND to YOUR responding to YOUR truth?

It has to.

Sometimes we make it about manifestation,

about creating the life we desire – I use those words myself too –

but really, it’s not.

It’s not about the manifestation.

It’s not about creating a better life.

It’s not about becoming a “better person” whatever the hell that even means lol.

It’s not about wealth or abundance.

It’s not even about love.

It’s about you.

And your soul.

It’s about coming home to you.

It’s about walking in your truth, the path illuminated by your light, knowing that the energy to walk, the direction you’re going, the way of being as you journey…

are all deeply seeded within you, in the coding of your soul.

When we grasp that and choose to live into it, we have grasped the magic of life.

We have grasped the magic of who we are.

The juice of life.

It’s absolute truth.

God did not put us here to go through life by default.

God put us here to journey into the wilderness of our souls,

to remember who the F we are,

to choose it, because at our core, we know it is truth,

and to live in accordance with it.

The rest is cake.

The love we want to attract,

the money we want in the bank,

the community we desire to be apart of and create,

the impact we want to have.

It’s cake.

Because soul fuels it all.

Soul is not dumb.

Soul is not naive.

Soul fucking KNOWS.

It knows without KNOWING.

It knows because it IS the damn thing of life.

It knows because it IS the source of it all.

And our job?









Listen to the calling, the nudge, the quiet within.

Stop waiting for things to calm down so you can listen.

You will wait the rest of your life.

Because by waiting for things to calm down, you declare 2 things:

1) soul guidance is not available to you right now

2) the noise is loud enough to drown soul

Both are bullshit.

You can still choose them.

You can still choose to wait.

That’s the beauty of it all, isn’t it?

You can still choose.

Whatever you desire, you can choose.

And that is what will be true for you.

You choose, you decide, and life responds.

Isn’t life so kind?

Constantly reflecting to us where we are within ourselves.

Truly, so committed to our journey lol.

How can we ever thank it?

We don’t need to.

Because it will do what it does, anyway.

And at the end of the day, your life will reflect exactly what you have decided.

Until you decide your soul matters, your life will reflect the helter-skelter way you are within yourself,

tossed and turned by events, situations, relationships, externalities.

It is what it is.

Until that day, you live by default.

You live in accordance with your environment and with everything you learned before you learned you could choose how to live.

You don’t have to wonder anymore why your life is the way it is.

You know.

It’s you.

You’re skimming over the magic sauce that is life that is your Soul.

You’re skipping the feature presentation.

Until you fully realize the genius wonder that is you…

you’re not doing what you’re meant to do.

You’re not living the You you came here to be and share with the world.

It’s not sad.

It’s not even a pity.

We all choose what we want, what we think is good for us.

You will not be penalized for not choosing your soul.

You’ll just have to come back around to learn it again.

No big deal.

Be along your merry way then.

But I know that you know that you can’t unknow something.

And it will wreck you 🙂

It will bring you to your knees.

Not always in a bad way, or a harsh way.

But you not listening to your soul has a way of incapacitating you.

Your choice.

Per usual.

If you are ready to listen within, wanting to go deeper into you, but you don’t exactly know how or why, this is exactly what my 6-week 1:1 immersion is designed to do.

I teach you to begin trusting yourself,

to open up to yourself, your truth.

I walk with you as you begin to integrate that perfect beautiful truth into your life, your body, your mind.

I guide you through defining moments that become milestones for you, your growth and evolution.

The structure: weekly private calls and unlimited chat access to me.

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All in service to you and the You you deserve to be in this lifetime, the You that is already coming through.

I wouldn’t wait.





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