The Best Part of Life is That You Actually Do Know How to Live It 🙂

You don’t have to know anything except the fact that you do know.

That, you do have to know.

Because when you do, everything falls into place.

And it’s more of a choosing, that you do know.

A deciding.

A this-is-just-what-it-is-and-that’s-it-ing.

An I’m-unavailable-for-it-to-be-any-other-way-ing.

Otherwise, you’ll be forever looking at the heavens, beseeching the gods or God, whatever, for an answer, THE answer.

Forever reaching outside of you for guidance.

Turning over every rock for a goddamn sign for you to live your freaking life the way YOU want to and KNOW you want to.

The answer to everything, the truth about everything, that knowing, that wisdom, that knowledge is inherent in you.

It just is.

Because you’re BORN from that very thing.

The very source of the universe LIVES in you.

You can’t separate yourself from it nor it from you.

I know you try really hard to, with your misconceptions and misperceptions and misidentifications and misunderstandings about who you are and how you are meant to live.

I know, you’ve worked really hard to create and work toward an image so you can fit in somewhere rather than actually LIVING WHO YOU ARE.

For so long.

Such a shame that no one notices.

Such a pity that it all feels so vain.

So sorry for your loss.

I don’t have to tell anyone to get off their ass and face the truth and go inside because I 100% believe –


Because everything comes crumbling down, everything that is built on lies – which you KNOW even as you’re building your image – everything that you cling to for security.

Either that, or You’re crumbling within because you actually think that things outside of you affect, impact, improve the You that is really You.

Either or.

Same shit.

It’s inevitable.

And if you don’t realize it now, you will on your deathbed 🙂

Shit gets real when you’re leaving the earth, leaving your body and your life that you’ve misunderstood for so long aka all your life.

And you realize, you tried too hard to ignore the truth.

You worked against yourself to a tizzy,

proclaiming to the universe, to God, to whomever will listen – LIFE IS TOO HARD.


All the while, the universe looks upon you lovingly and laughingly.

You fool, you only know to look to the heavens, to the universe, to God BECAUSE IT EXISTS INSIDE OF YOU.


It is what it is.

You have it all.

Yes, you do.

You are powerful.

You are wonderful.

You are majestic.

You are gorgeous.

You are magnificent.

You are… you.

You are not a defective product thrown to the side to live a life of sidelining and spectating.

You ARE the center of your universe.

You ARE the receiver of all your desires.

You ARE the liver of the truth vested in you.

The only thing required, is to actually believe it,

choose it,

decide it,

allow yourself to desire it,

and then allow it.

That’s your one job.

Your only job.

It’s not to go out and do great things.

It’s not even to become a great person.

Honestly, God doesn’t care.

She only cares that you FULLY live.


If you do, everything else takes care of itself.

‘Seek first the kingdom of God, and all these things (riches, peace, love, etc.) will be added to you as well.’ – Matt 6:33

It’s the way it is.

The treasure which you seek is closer than you think.

It’s not just the answer to your next step or the right decision.

The treasure is really You.

When you accept your you-ness, you inherently accept your god-ness.

When you accept your god-ness, you choose into a new way of being.

When you choose into a new way of being, you create a new path, a new destiny.

And I can bet you a bazillion million dollars that this new destiny is a gazillion times better than the destiny you’ve been sitting on from your old way of being.


I don’t gamble (much) so when I bet a bazillion million dollars, it’s saying something.

It just has to uplevel because… how can it not?!

How can it NOT be in your favor to ACTUALLY live the way you were CREATED to?

How can it NOT be FOR you to actually BECOME the being you were CREATED to become??

How can life NOT change and shift to meet you where you’re at???

It is life’s PLEASURE to amplify and exemplify your you-ness.

It is life’s AMBITION to bless you and bless you and bless you and bless you.

It is just the way it is.

It’s the way it be.

And you are in the vortex of it.

You are the intersection where it all gets to happen.

So can you still say, that you don’t know how to live your life?

Can you still say, you don’t know how to be you?

I guess you can.

It takes a little practice to remember that YOU DO KNOW.

I get it – it’s not what we’ve been taught.

Understandable and unexcusable.

Today, you know differently.

Today, you can choose.

Today, you decide.

You decide which path you want to take.

You decide whether life is a series of events you can’t help and you don’t know how you’ll navigate


life is a series of reflections of who you truly are and you actually came on this planet with everything you need to know to fulfill who you came to be.

It’s a choice.

No one is hindering you from you.

No one wants to hurt you.

Certainly not God whose nature is love and peace and joy and yearns only to be in communion with you and lives in you.

It really is all on you.

And it really is all within you.

I know you are seeking something more in life, seeking more fullness, more depth.

There’s something inside of you that KNOWS there’s more.

And I’m here to tell you – YES.

And yes, if you want to step into your you-ness with guidance in the form of a person, I have spots available to work with me 1:1.

6 weeks, weekly private calls, unlimited chat access.

It will be fun, I promise.

You may cry, but that’s because you want to, not because I made you 🙂

You will experience a new level of understanding who you are, what this life is about, how to live this life, and how to live deeper into you.

You will experience things in your life that you’ve never seen before, all because you are claiming a part of you that you haven’t backed and embraced and loved all your life.

You will release habits, things, relationships that are outdated for you.

You’ve outgrown some shit in your life, and you know it.

Time to let it go.

Whenever you’re ready, which is, obviously, right now.

If you have any questions regarding investment, structure, etc., let’s chat.

If you want to dive in, let’s chat.

PM me, comment, email me –

Remember, you already know.






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