You Choose How Deeply You Want to Live Life

Life is happening.

Right now.

All around you.

Especially within you.

You are the center of it all.

The intersection between the explainable and the inexplicable.

The crux of the human and the divine.


You, the gorgeous awe-inspiring creature, you.

Absolutely perfect.

Your ways, your journey, your thoughts, your beauty undetectable by the naked eye.

Such power, love, joy, peace, creativity vested in you.

All for you to paint your life the way that comes through, the way you desire.

Life is happening.

Right now.

It doesn’t wait for you


you don’t wait for it.

It’s an ever-flowing dance in every moment.

When you’re in it, you’re in it.

And you know you are.

If you’re asking if you are… chances are, you’re not.

Because when you are, it’s everything you’ve dreamed of.

Everything you’ve ever wanted.

Everything you’ve ever imagined for yourself.

All of its beauty, its glory, its magnificence –

all of it is majestically available to you.

The kicker – you get it when you choose it.

…when you choose that life gets to be good because it IS GOOD.

I don’t mean a mediocre good.

I mean Good.

The Good that feels right in your bones,

that settles into your heart,

fills your soul,

creeps into an inner smile,

bursts out in laughter at the seemingly fickleness of it all and the gravity and significance.


It’s the Good that God said when creating everything.

It’s the Very Good that God said after creating human.

We weren’t made randomly.

We weren’t made without intention or attention.

We were made VERY specifically.

To experience, to know, to create Good.

We are designed for something Good.

We are destined for it.

It’s always been in the stars,

it’s always been the case.

The universe has been smilling on you, on your existence.

You have been the apple of God’s eye.

All this time.

That has never changed.

Your fulfillment in life, your joy, your happiness, your purpose has always been of utmost importance.

It has always been.

It’s why you feel the call for more,

not for more things,

but for depth,

for fullness of life.

You want to feel more of you,

actually BE in the moment,

actually LIVE life.

We all do.

It’s what we’re destined for.

But until it becomes the destination of our choice, it’s just a possibility.

You choose your life.

You choose how deep you wanna go.

Sometimes the deep feels scary.

Sometimes the deep feels like an uncontrollable abyss of emotions, thoughts, possibilities, and it doesn’t always feel okay.

But the truth is, you know if you know that the deep is calling.

The calling to go inward, to face yourself.

Not everyone feels it, that calling, that desire to.

And they are empowered to go along their merry way.

But for those who keep getting stuck, who feel like they’re cycling through the same motions, the same emotions, the same relationships, the same issues…

the desire for more – that’s the deep calling

That’s the depth of your soul beckoning,

inviting you to new levels of awareness,

new ways of being.

It’s a real thing.

It’s the real thing.

It’s the actual way things are.

Not the images we were presented with work towards,

the career,

the money,

the perfect relationship,

the house,

the everything that was not inspired from within by us for us.

The actual way things are,

the true reality,

is the one that comes forth when one subscribes to the truth living within,

the realness of unfettered desire,

the being-ness unique to that person,

the actual visceral experience of God, the divine, the universe within.

That is the actual way things are.

We’ve spent a lot of time outside us.

It’s where we were taught life was happening.

That the things we sense with our five senses is the end of it all.

That our emotions, our deep desires are accessories to the “reality” of life.

And so many people are living on the surface, on the edge of their senses, when there is an entire world of wonder, of beauty, of ceaseless expansion and evolution residing, nestled so deeply within.

We have, to an extent, become a society of shells.

Walking around attributing the EXPERIENCE of life itself to empty things, events, places, attention and love from other shelled out people.

I know you get it.

I know you see it.

I know you’re more than aware.

I know you know.

Maybe it’s taken time to admit it.

The time it took is irrelevant.

What’s relevant is that you’re seeing differently.

It will change everything.

It is changing everything.

And as your gaze shifts from externalities to your inner world, you will slip into the Life that is happening.

Right now.

The life that is happening all around you,

and all within you.

You will feel it so easily,

it will feel so good,

so powerful,

so invigorating.

And you will smile and think and feel to yourself,

“*This* is what life is about.”

Questions about the meaning of life slip away when you’re in this state.

Questions about your purpose dissolve.

Your purpose will become clearer, ironically.

Because you’re plugged into the very thing that has called you here to this lifetime,

the Life, the Love that is all for you, without exception, without reservation.

Yes, it’s all for you.

Your heart knows it.

Your soul knows it.

All that’s left is to choose it.

Choose it.

Again and again and again and again.

Let it take over you.

Submit to it.

Surrender to it.

Believe it.

Back it.

Back yourself,

back all of you.

Because there’s really nothing else in this life that’s real.

I mean, the real real,

the actual essence of life.

Life is happening in you.

Life IS you.

You ARE life.

You feel it to the extent you choose it.

You feel it to the extent you decide it.

You feel it to the extent to which you make yourself available to it.

How wonderful is that?

Everything you desire is available to you.

Your job is to be available to it.

When you do, I promise you,

your life will explode

from the inside.

It’s yours for the taking 🙂

If you know this level of Life-ing is calling to you, I have limited spots available to work 1:1.

6 weeks, weekly private calls, unlimited chat access to dial in your soul calling,

to begin allowing the Life you were meant to live come through,

whether relationship, whether finances, whether self-expression, whether freedom, whether peace with yourself.

Basically, everything.

Everything about you that is coming through, inviting you to explore – we dive into.

If you know this is you, reach out – PM me, comment here, email me –

If you have questions – same. Reach out.

I’m more than happy to chat and get clear on what would be best for you and your soul at this time.

Remember, it’s all ALWAYS available.

It’s how available to IT, you choose to be that determines the experience called Your Life.





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