It’s Hard to Live Life NOT Being All of You

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What you desire, desires you.

By your desiring it, you create it in your vortex, in the quantum.

It begins existing the moment you think of it.

We think it’s not “real” because it’s not in physical reality (yet).

But the truth is, its “real-ness” is not dependent on it existing in physical reality.

It’s our belief that the physical reality is the end-all reality that keeps the actualization of our desires at bay.

We cultivate a healthy-sized gap between us and our desires by insisting that – because we don’t see it with our physical eyeballs, it’s not real.

And over time, our desires become wishes.

Over time, our ability to ‘desire’ becomes reduced to unresolved, incomplete ability to expand into who we truly are.

Over time, we become reduced to just physical beings, destined for a landlocked existence, locked into the physical world as our only point of reference for life.

We forget what it means to dream,

to imagine,

to desire freely,

to think beyond what we know,

to feel, really FEEL life.

Because life doesn’t happen in pre-conceived containers of bite-sized bits of graduations, new babies, weddings, promotions, career changes, new ventures, funerals.

Life is everything in between,

and then everything around it,

and everything within.

Life is available to everyone,

not everyone is available to it.

Because being available to it involves a level of living on the edge of what we know.

It involves faith, which is really just being sure of what we hope for,


certain of what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1)

It involves embracing the next step beyond everything that makes sense to us about how life works, about who we are, our place in the world.

It involves being willing to BE differentLY.

It involves You,

all of you,

the whole you,

the child within,

the adult with experiences,

and everything in between.

But it doesn’t mean it’s hard.

Actually, it’s hard to live life NOT being all of you.

The parts of us we’ve suppressed, they ALL speak through addictions, rage, frustrations, lack of fulfillment, lack of engagement, disassociation, diseases, incomplete unedifying relationships.

Whatever you find unsatisfying about yourself, about life is a good place to start 🙂

Those are probably the “hardest” places to look…

and the easiest.

They’re the parts of our lives, our persons that scream the loudest,

that hurt the deepest,

that fear the most.

Those parts have been fed so well, reinforced with experiences, relationshps, trials and tribulations that have been born from exactly those parts.

They become the whole world to us.

They make sense to us.

And all the while, we starve the magic in us,

justifying our magic-lessness to “adulthood”,

to “responsibility”,

to “real life”,

“how things are”,


“roles and responsibilities”,

and so on.

Where does life begin?

Where do we draw the line?

Or do we simply give in and in and in until there’s nothing left but a physical body that does all the “right things”,

meet all the expectations,

checks off all the boxes,

fits into “norms” so snugly?

I’m not saying we need to be rebellious about everything,

but there’s life still to be lived.

And the question is, are you asking yourself what that life is?

It doesn’t mean leaving everything behind and starting fresh.

It means diving into where you are right now,

who you are right now,

and cultivating a new vision of who you are,

how you show up in the world, with your loved ones, in your already existing life.

It means creating space for your desires,

honoring them enough to move in accordance with your heart’s nudges, your soul’s guidance.

Shit, it probably starts with creating space to actually FEEL your desires, to become CONSCIOUS of them in the first place.

It’s allowing your desires to be what they are,

knowing, believing that they are real,

that they are worthy of coming to life,

because YOU are worthy.

You are worthy of the happiness you desire.

You’ve just been misdirected by people who have been misdirected.

Enough attention has been given to the physical reality, overriding our inner world, the quantum, the supernatural, the divine, the spiritual.

And we wonder why we live in a society of people pushing and pulling to create a world that fits their liking.

Struggling against the grain,

fighting for their lives,

wanting to create a better world,

all the while reinforcing the idea that our world is created from outside of us.

When we push against, struggle, strive toward our desires,

we stake a claim in unworthiness.

We stake a claim in a hard life,

one that is defined by our blood, sweat, and tears.

The more we hurt, the more we live in pain, endure the pain, the more worthy we are of whatever we desire.

No more.

No more.

No more.

We are waking up.

Our deep true awareness and knowing of how life REALLY is waking up,

it’s beginning to take over.

For some, it’s a simple inquiry about who they are.

For others, it’s a more tumultuous trajectory.

For many, it’s not enough to just live, to get through life, to do the right things, to be the right person.

There’s a revolution of the heart rising.

We are desiring to align with what’s true for us.

I feel it.

Maybe you do too.

Maybe you are stepping into the courage of acknowledging your desires exist…

and that your desires matter…

and that they are MEANT to come true,

they are MEANT to come through.

You can’t deny it,  because you feel it in your body too.

The discomfort is becoming too much,

the discomfort of half-living life,

walking the surface of the earth,

the surface of you,

when your inner person yearns to dig deep, to root itself into all of you, the depth of you.

Your awakening to YOU, to your true desires is your gift to the world,

to your family,

to your job,

to your people,

to your space.

The allowing of those desires to come through is the gift to the world.

You, the allower, are the gift to the world.

Bask in that shit.

It’s all yours.

It’s your destiny.

You know if you’re called to live fully into you.

It’s really for everyone, but it’s also for those who feel it in their bones, who are aware that they are more than they’ve been led to believe.

It’s for those whose hunger to Live is greater than their acceptance to simply exist.

If this is you, I would love to work with you on getting super real with you, your life, your purpose.

I have limited spots available to work 1:1 with me.

6 weeks, weekly private calls, and unlimited chat access to me throughout.

It’s real, and you know if it’s for you.

PM me, comment, email me – – to chat, ask questions, if any, or to sign on with me.

The time is now.

Or not.

Up to you.





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