Are You Living a Certificate Life or a Real Raw You Life??

There is nothing pretty about living a pretty life.

We are not here to live acceptably,




We are here to live life as we are meant to live it.

That blueprint exists only inside of every single person.

Only in every single person that ever existed,

that exists,

and that will ever exist.

There is actually no image of a normal life,

a pretty life.

The idea of pretty itself is sacrilegious to the truth of LIFE.

Because Life is real.

It’s raw.

It can feel horrendous at times,



deeply lonely,

terribly challenging.

It can feel endlessly tiring,

relentlessly exhausting.

It’s all those things.

All of them.

It can feel like the world is ending,

every day,

sometimes every moment.

The inner world of every single person encompasses aspects of Life that cannot possibly be entirely understood by another.

It’s not meant to.

The inner world of a person and their outer world are specifically for the living purposes of the person living them.

They are the private conversations between their deepest depths and the universe,

the secrets divulged between themselves and God.

Such things don’t appear pretty.

Such realness feels hard to swallow, let alone share with the physical world, with society, with even our friends and family.

Or especially with our close ones.

Such depth feels too raw to paint the picture that is our life.

It doesn’t fit.

It bleeds all over the pretty stencil of a “normal life”, an “acceptable life”.

The canvas itself can’t hold the weight of the thick red blood that is all of you.

You seep over the edges,

your you-ness, your rawness, your all-ness.

You drip over the edges,

slowly and steadily down to the floor, the dirt, where it all began.

The image never existed.

The image was a whisp, an idea that someone planted in your mind,

or rather,

one that you caught in the wind and felt was an appropriate way of life.

The image doesn’t exist.

Those who live that life are living exactly that – 

a nicely colored-in stencil on a sheet of paper.

They hold it as a certification of a pretty life,

shielding themselves from their own truth, from the absolute reality of who they are.

It serves as a barrier between themselves and themselves.

But it feels nice.

It feels appropriate.

To have all the boxes checked,

all the colors neatly separated by lines, rules, standards,

and lastly, the painting hanging on a blank wall in an empty home on a bare street in a barren town with no one to pass through, no one to admire the pretty painting.

There is nothing to be proud of.

Nothing done to a tee is exceptional.

Rather, it is BECAUSE you are exceptional, you do life to a tee.

If you would only allow YOUR life to come through.

If you would only look inside and choose to see the magnificence within.

If you would only trust it.

If you would only choose it.

If you would only follow it.

If only.

If only.

Alas, the canvas sits.

It awaits.

It almost knows that it will be colored in – only appropriately, of course.

It waits.

It almost laughs.

Inviting you to give in to the easiness of doing the “right thing”,

of becoming the “right person”,

of living within the lines.

Because even IT knows you are meant for more than a flat existence.

The canvas serves a powerful purpose.

It serves as choice.

It presents the opportunity to choose.

Without choice, life is nothing.

Even the canvas knows.

And serves its purpose.

It sits there pretty.

Waiting to be painted on, not needing to be painted on.

Just waiting.

Knowing that there’s nothing wrong with painting a pretty picture,


painting the pretty picture IS the antithesis of LIFE ITSELF.

You don’t have to do anything any single way.

You just get to do it your way.

There’s really only one way.

Your way.

That way always comes from within.

There’s no rule,

no law,

no command from the Powers That Be.

To look to a separate Power for guidance is an indicator that you don’t believe you know your way, that you’ve always known your way, and that you’ll always know your way.

You can ask for signs,

you can ask for signals,

the universe can give you all the signposts and guidelines and it wouldn’t matter one single bit

if you believe the way you are to live your life and the life you are created to create is sourced elsewhere, outside of you.

If you do not actually get that you are the essence of God, the Almighty Creator, the whole freaking universe, the breath of Source and Spirit,

you will live your life thinking your job is to paint a pretty picture.

You will hold the paintbrush in your hand, as you were taught such.

You will dip the brush in the right amount of the right color, as you were shown.

You will place the tip of the brush just so, as you were instructed.

All the while, your heart and soul bleed with colors of heavenly brilliance,

singing of a majesty only truly and absolutely known by you,

flowing, flowing, overflowing out of the precious heart of you.

The rivers of you, all of the you-ness rampaging through your veins,





The life of it all, the life within YOU, unable to be held within a silly little canvas.

Bursting through the dam of your own bullshit ideas of what life must look like.

This is you.

You are it.

The endlessness of you.

The sheer force of you, within you.

All of it sitting pretty inside you, waiting for you to choose.

That’s all it takes – a choice.

A decision to nix the idea that you could ever be contained in an image, an idea, a vision initiated by someone else.

A stand for something greater, something you know is worth living for.

Let it be ugly.

Let it get raw.

Let it get cray cray.

Let it get out of hand.

Let it all go.

Let it over take you.

You know you’re meant for more than a pretty life.

You know you’re going to die one day.

You may not have to die for anything.

But you live every day, an unknown number of days.

Do you know what you are living for?

If it’s the pretty picture, it’s time to wake up.

If you know the pretty picture isn’t as pretty as it was made out to be, you’re on the right path.

You’re on the You Path.

There’s nothing like it, the masterpiece already coming through you.

Simply because you don’t buy the pretty painting bullshit.

You may have, for some time.

But the living breathing magic is exploding through you, refusing to be tamed with the possibility of a normal life.

That magic is all you need to live Your life,

to live a life you’re proud of.

If you are ready to take it to the next level of You, let’s talk.

You are not alone in feeling “off” for desiring MORE in life.

You are worthy of all of you.

I have limited spots available to work 1:1 with me.

6 week immersion of the You Path.

Where you create your life from who you truly are.

Weekly private calls.

Unlimited chat access.

It’s all you.

With a little bit of me 😉

PM me, comment, email me –

It’s time to smash whatever “life” you already tried to imitate on the canvas.

It’s time to unleash You.









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