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I don’t get it all.

I don’t get most of it.

I don’t know much.

I haven’t experienced all the things in the world.

I’m just me.

I’m all me.

The thing that is for me is to just be here.

To be all me.

To be with me.

To know me.

To see me.

To get me.

Even if I don’t get anything else.

Because if I can get me, then I will get everything else.

If I can see me, I can see everything else.

If I can be me, go all in on me, then I can be with everything else.

Then, I will.

That is law.

But also, it’s just …

I’m tired of the law.

I’m tired of thinking and living like there’s a TRUTH out there that governs EVERYTHING.

I’m tired of believing that there’s an external objective truth and reality.

I don’t need it.

I don’t want it.

It doesn’t exist lol.

Even the idea that there is no objective reality is… not real.

It’s just an idea.

A thought.

Something I can choose to live by.

Even that is not something to hang my hat on.

Even that is not something to bank on.

There is nothing to bank on except me.

Except what is true and present for me now,

this moment.

Except what is true for ME right now.

That is the only thing I am responsible to.

That is the only thing calling for me at this time, at any time.

That is really all there is.

It’s what’s coming through me.

It’s the quiet whisper,

the gentle nudge,

the beckoning only I can sense.

It’s the call to let go of everything,

all my constructs about life,

about how things are,

or how they’re meant to be.

It’s the call to release my ideas of “truth”,

the way to live,

the way to be.

It’s the call to live in truth.

It’s the call to get fucking real.

Get down and dirty with the actual me-ness, the actually being-ness of me.

The part of me that doesn’t know what rules are,

doesn’t believe in principles,

doesn’t understand concepts,

doesn’t get that there are “different” realities.

Because it IS the reality.

It IS the experience of life, itself.

It IS the fullness.

It IS the breath of All That Is.

The place within that knows only truth itself.

Not truth in words,

not truth in understanding,

not truth in ideology,



The place within that IS the experience of truth.





The place within that IS the experience of God,

of Me.

The place that is not reached with or by striving,

not reached with effort,

not even desire.

The place that is available only by my availability to it.

Available only by my surrender.

My I’m-tired-of-this-shit-ness.

My wit’s end.

The end of everything I know.

My willingness to go into the unknown because nothing that is known to me is enough at this moment.

Because there’s nothing in the land of the known, the understoodedness, the gotten-ness that is worth staying for.

It’s like everything I thought was everything feels like nothing now.

There’s a new plane, a new field to play in,

a new way coming through.

It’s unpredictable.

It’s raw.

Realer than the last thing I knew and felt was real.

Doesn’t negate or diminish the realness of the previous thing.

It’s simply another level.

Another space of expansion.

When one expands constantly, there is no difference in the space of the expansion.

All there is, is the movement, the awareness of the constant evolution.

The giving in to it.

The allowing it.

Because what is present will always come through.

And if it is not allowed, it will always come through another way.

Our job is to be present to ourselves.

The resistance we feel to it is fine.

The fear we feel about it is fine.

All of it is fine.

None of it is wrong.

None of it.

And still it is our job to be present.

To the fear, to the resistance.

Whatever it is.

Whatever is present.

That is all there really is.

What wants to come through is always true.

It is always in service to us,

our greatness expressed,

our beauty uncovered,

our power unleashed.

It is all for us.

It is all for you.

It is all for me.

I think that’s all I have to say.

For today, for right now.

Because I feel a level of my own unrest with myself,

with where I am with me.

I speak to myself more than to anyone else.

Because I seek solace from my own constructs of “supposed to”,

“need to”,


Even as free as I have chosen to be so far, there is still more

and more

and more.

I decide how far I go.

I decide how deep.

I decide how high

and how wide.

I have decided I will go as far as is available to me at any time.

And so I answer the call.

To enter the place of no place.

The place to lose myself,

lose my ideas of what truth is.

To come face to face with living breathing truth.

To let it take over,

wash away the stickiness of my ideas about life,

about God,

about who I am,

about what I’m here to do, be, say, whatever.

The quiet place that says it all without a word.

The quiet place that moves me without a gesture.

Let it wash over me.

Let it wash all over me.

I’m letting go.

I’m choosing what’s present over what I know.

Leaning into heart, into soul.

It’s all there really is.



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Remember, it’s all ALWAYS available.

It’s how available to IT, you choose to be that determines the experience called Your Life.



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