There’s Nothing to Fix About You

Procrastination is not the issue.

Laziness is not the issue.

Greed is not the issue.

Nor anxiety,






lack of direction,












broken relationships,

toxic relationships.

None of these are issues.

Not the Real issue.

They are indicators.

That’s all they are.

For many of us, our upbringing has taught us that these are problems and that they should be addressed.

What our upbringing probably hasn’t taught us is, these are simply side effects to the misalignment to who we are.

They’re accessories to the real issue.

Side dishes to the main course.

Add-ons to the primary product.

We spend our lives “fixing” ourselves,

getting down on the things that aren’t working,

believing that our unwillingness to give up on these “faults” is the human spirit that triumphs over .


That unwillingness is stubborn pride and chosen ignorance.

Because I don’t know about you, but actually I probably do, nothing that has ever been done to address the issue has actually SOLVED THE ISSUE.

For good.


Or at least in a truly meaningful way.

In a way that you can look at yourself in the mirror and know deep down,

without reservations,

without justifications,

that you have evolved into the next version of you and you are FREER than you’d been before.

In a way that you know you have transcended the issue and you no longer live in fear of it “coming back”


that if it does in some shape or form, you know exactly what to do about it, how to shift it, how to move beyond it.

Basically, you know that you are over it.

That knowing is the remedy.

The cure to everything you’ve ever considered an “issue”.

That knowing is knowing exactly who you are, what you are, what you’re capable of, what you’re worthy of.

The actuality of who you are, what you are, etc. has always been there.

It’s simply truth.

The crux of it all is YOUR AWARENESS and CHOOSING it to be your absolute truth – while you’re alive.

I love that.

I love that the issue is not really the issue.

I love that it’s as simple as looking inward, taking inventory of who I actually am, what I’m made of.

I love that it’s about remembering who I am.

I love that it’s not about becoming who I am, because it already is.

I love that there’s nothing left to do, but remember, choose it, integrate it into my mind, and emBODY it.

I love how simple it actually is.

We don’t need more processing, more medicines, more procedures, more therapy.

We can do all of the above, and it can be good for us.

And it can also be as simple as going inside, looking at what is, within.

Our infinite-ness,

our eternity,

our greatness.

Everything else is noise.

All our ailments, our dis-eases, our incongruencies between the physical reality and the lives we WANT to live originate from the misalignment of who we think we are and who we actually are.

We are made for more.

It’s a simple truth.

Our misalignment always leads us to desire alignment.

Our sickness always leads us to desire health and thriving.

Our unhappiness always leads us to desire deep-seated joy.

All of our experiences lead us to desire and yearn for our expansion.

And in our expansion, our living into our true nature as children of God, as co-creators with the universe,

we dissolve our “issues”,

our misidentifications with our problems and faults.

They simply fall away.

Yes, that easily.

Because if those issues arose from our misalignment, and in our next breath, we choose to align with our souls, then…

well, what the problem is?!


The truth becomes clear, there really was no problem.

Because in alignment, we move and live from the truest place of our beings.

A place that is clear and solid and powerfully vested in our true nature,

our joy,

our peace,

the everflowing love,






well-being and health,





expansion for the highest good.

Do you see that when we live in this way, everything mentioned in the beginning becomes relevant, no longer?

Because everything mentioned in the beginning is rooted in some level of attachment to that which is not true about who we are and how we came to live our lives.

We are born for this, it’s in our DNA, we chose our lives to LIVE INTO THIS.

This is our calling.

Not to go out and create impact in the world.

That’s secondary.

Our calling is to answer our soul calling,

to see what is within us,

to love it,

to let it take over,

to let it flow through us,

allowing it to shape our unique expression of God in the world.

When we do, our impact is a given.

Our light will not only been seen, it will be felt, to the extent to which we choose to embody our souls in this lifetime.

We have one job.

To fully know who we are.

To fully express the soul within us.

To fully be who we are.

When we do that job, day in and day out,

choosing again and again and again and again,

we create our lives from that point of attraction,

that point of aliveness, fullness, goodness.

And on the days when it feels hard to choose,

you surrender to the truth that it is already all done,

always in your favor,

always for your good,

always for the good of the world.

Lean into the goodness of God, the spirit of love that is present within you,

and rest.

Because you came here not to solve problems.

You came here to experience all that is Life and all that is God through all that is You.

It’s powerful work.

It’s the real business of being human.

If you are wanting to get in touch with the actual realness of you,

if you desire more for you and of you,

if you know your path is available to you but you’re not sure how to even know what that is,

I would love to work with you.

I have limited spots available to work intimately together on exactly what it looks like for you to go full out all in on you and your soul-led life that you desire and are absolutely worthy of.

I invite you to reach out to chat and see if it’s in alignment (there’s that word again! lol) to work with me.

PM me, comment, email me –

The structure: 6 week immersion, weekly private calls (35-50 min), and *unlimited* chat access to me throughout our time together.

Your life awaits.

Your soul awaits.

Whether you work with me or not, always choose your alignment with who you truly are.






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