I Promise – You Didn’t Come to Live a Life Defined by Your Mind

You are the perfect person to live your life.

YOU are the perfect person to live your life.

You ARE the perfect person to live your life.

You are the PERFECT person to live your life.

You are the perfect person to live YOUR life.

You are the perfect person to live your LIFE.

Alllllll of these statements are so indescribably inexplicably true.

You are.

You just are.

Your desires,

your hopes,

your dreams,

your visions for the future…

they already exist.

They have always existed,

the very moment you were conscious of them,

the moment your desire designed them from the depths of you.

They are real.

The truth of who you are,

the person you desire to become –

also all real.

Don’t fool yourself.

You are not the sum of what you see in the mirror,

the ways of yourself that you’re not proud of,

rather the ways of yourself you are ashamed of,

afraid of,

wanting to suppress.

If you’ve ever wanted something more than the life you life, the person that you’ve conveyed to the world, rest assured:

you want it because it’s meant for you.

It is your blueprint.

It is who you are.

It is who you’ve always been meant to be.

But crux of it all is that you CHOOSE.

The blueprint of a house indicates that the house is MEANT to be built, exactly the way the designer and architect intended, whatever they desired.

But the blueprint doesn’t build the house itself.

It takes the believing that a house is meant to be built from the blueprint,

believing that the blueprint is meant to come to life.

It takes knowing that because the blueprint exists, the physical house is meant to exist.

It begins here.

The rest will follow.

The rest being, the work of unlearning who you’ve misidentified yourself as,

the work of remembering who and what you truly are, have been all your life,

the work of choosing it daily,

the work of getting back up after you feel like you’ve “failed” at all the things.

But that’s all a given.

It’s a given the moment you back yourself.

The moment you decide that your blueprint is true, that it’s MEANT for you, and you’re meant for IT,

you begin to breathe life into it,

into yourself.

Rather, you allow the breath of life, of God of the universe to be breathed THROUGH YOU.

There, the magic flows.

The incomprehensible happens.

All the things your logical mind said cannot be or has to be, dissolves.

In this new plane of belief, rationality and human structure are amiss.

You couldn’t find them, all the reasons why you can’t be a certain way

all the reasons why you have to be a certain way,

all the justifications for the life you have lived so far…

They simply mean nothing in the face of your truth, your alive-ness, your true destiny.

You didn’t come here to live a life defined by your mind.

You came here to learn that the mind isn’t everything, it will never lead you to the life of love, freedom, joy, peace, power, magic.

You came here to remember that you ARE the magic.

You came here to remember you ARE a freaking child of God.

You came here to remember your king/queendom is here.

It’s within you.

It’s vested in you by the Powers That Be.

You were created with the deepest, greatest, powerful of intentions.

No, it’s not about being a world leader or mass game-changer.

No, it’s not about starting revolution.

Well, in a way, it is.

When you choose yourself, when you decide that WHO YOU ARE IS MF ENOUGH, THAT *IS* THE REVOLUTION.

I just mean, it’s not about effecting massive change in the world.

It’s about you coming home to you.

It’s about your healing.

It’s about your truth.

It’s about accepting, choosing, integrating, and embodying the you-ness within, the god-ness made manifest in your person.

It’s about letting your magic through,

your wisdom,

your alive-ness,

your you-ness.

It is exactly about YOU.

Life is exactly about YOU.

I don’t mean this in an arrogant, self-absorbed way.

I mean that the life you are living IS the center of your life, of your world.

You are MEANT to fill out life.

You are MEANT to fill out all of your being-ness.


Do you GET ME?





No one is going to live it for you.

NO ONE but you KNOWS how to.



It is your birthright, this is who you are meant to be.

Who you become, even before you actually start choosing, is never an accident.

The responsibility to live your life the way it has been coded into your desires sits with you.

It is the way of life.

It is the way of the world.

It is the way of you.

You are a powerful creature, my friend.

You have been made with your freedom in mind,

your love,

your joy,

your expansion,

your evolution.

These things have been put into place within you from day zero.

The rest of it, from day one, is up to you.

You don’t have to DO anything.

You simply sit with that truth.

You simply let it be the truth.

Let it wash over you, the truth that you have magic flowing through you.

Let it be true for you.

Choose it.

Desire it.

Let it fill and satisfy you, inviting you to embrace and be embraced by the flow of the god-ness within.

That’s your blueprint.

It’s really all you came here to do.

Remember who you are.

And when that is done, everything else, the physical, the THINGS in life fall into place in accordance with your deepened awareness of yourself, of life, of the way things actually are.

It’s a given.

A truth.

Nothing really to debate about.

It’s truth because it sets us free.

It sets us free because it’s truth.

P.S. You know if your truth is calling and it’s time to pay attention, to start listening to the precious wisdom coming through.

You are 100% in charge of how your life goes down.

There is nothing in your way.

Just the illusions that there are.

If you are ready to move beyond the ideas that you’re stuck, not enough, destined for a mediocre life,

because you BELIEVE you are meant for MORE, for it ALL,

I invite you to join me on a 6 week journey into your soul, into all your being-ness,

where we uncover your truth, your true way of being and doing life.

It is why you’re here, not just here reading this, but here on this planet.

You are here to be all of you.

6 weeks, 1:1 weekly calls, unlimited chat access to me throughout.

Any and all additional trainings, recordings, etc. are all yours forever.

You deserve the life you know you’re meant for.

Your dreams EXIST to come true.




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