Your Oneness w/ Yourself = FREEDOM

The indication of a self-actualized person is not accomplishment,









All those things are probably present within a self-actualized person.

But that’s not an indicator, a hallmark.

Transparency, to me – at this time – is the measure of self-actualization.

Transparency is, in the words of Dr. Joe Dispenza, a fairly badass spiritual teacher:

“When how you appear is who you are”.

It’s a bit of a tricky thing, though, isn’t it?

Because only the person herself KNOWS if she is being 100% transparent.

Only she knows if how she appears IS who she is.

So, truly self-actualization is a very personal, intimate, deep experience, uniquely coded for each individual to embody.

No one can tell you how real you’re being with yourself.

Some people can proclaim it, and point to the discrepancies between you and your intentions and your actions.

And maybe sometimes those discrepancies appear valid.

But even deeper than the outward differences of your actions and words, is your inner knowing of what is actually true, present, here for you.

It’s your secret, ultimately; it is only yours to know, only yours to discern, only yours to own.

It’s a deep place, your heart, your soul.

A real place.

It’s meant to be lived out as it is.

YOU are meant to be lived out as you are.

Not as you present, display, convey, portray.

But rather,





But before that realness of you gets a fighting chance to seep into your physical reality, to be seen, acknowledged, recognized by the world, by your people, you often divert it.

You divert it so the actual shape of you doesn’t fully form and fill itself out.

You divert it so that the shape people see make sense to them.

You divert it and strip yourself of your own dignity and presence.

You divert it and rob the world of the honor and bliss of knowing you, truly.

It’s not wrong – many of us, myself included, have been conditioned to believe we are not enough as we are.

We’ve been misled about who we truly are, by those who have been misled about who they truly are.

No fault, no harm.

It’s just that when you wake up to the knowing that life is meant to be lived, not fit into a box… there’s a reckoning.

The day of reckoning is the day you take a hard look at yourself, into yourself, and look in the box,

look back into your soul, your desires,

and then back in the box…

and realize one of the two is the real deal.

And the other, meh.

The day of reckoning is the day you realize YOU CAN CHOOSE.

It’s the day you realize you can choose to align yourself to the things that make sense in the world around you,

to the expectations and constructs of a familiar environment,


accept that you are enough as you are,

that everything swirling around inside of you is real and worth feeling, embracing, embodying, and living out.

Transparency is more than about showing others what’s really inside.

Transparency is what happens when you live life without thinking,

when you let yourself, you CHOOSE yourself to BE.

Transparency is the closure of the gap between your inner and outer worlds,

where integrity is not a pursued virtue,

it’s your very breath.

A transparent person is one who doesn’t need reason, logic, or rationale to do something or another.

A transparent person is one who simply IS, and FLOWS through like a MF badass,

who fears no one and nothing because he is absofuckinglutely clearer than a Fiji bottle about who TF he is, where he came from, and what he came here to do.

This is a person who is no longer struggling in a paradigm of constructs, a world where constructs even EXIST.

This is a person who is living and breathing in FREEDOM.

And everything that comes through this being from that place of utter freedom IS HIS GIFT TO THE WORLD.

His contribution is his sheer being-ness, his unique god-ness expressed by his unique personality and vessel.

He shares his light simply by BEING, because he’s chosen to let his soul TAKE OVER.

And his soul TAKES OVER.

Given the opportunity, that is all his soul does, wants to do, is meant to do.

We are MEANT to live by soul.

We are MEANT to live FREE.

But the point of living in our bodies, is to behold the magic, the spirit, the source-creator-ship within


CHOOSE to live it out in its fullness.

We are not here to get by, work, raise a family, and die.

We are not here to have careers.

We are not here to get “ahead”.

We are not here to pro-create.

We are not here to accumulate things (that’s an elementary thing we all pretty much know, right?).

We are not here TO make an impact – we do that simply by choosing US.

It’s inevitable.

We are here to evolve our inner world,

to come home to our realness, our rawness, our oneness.

We are here to dissolve the illusions of separation, unworthiness, lack, etc. we once bought into.

We are here to expand beyond our mind.

We are here for joy.

We are here for freedom.

We are here for love.

We are here for glory.

We are here for our truth.

Everything within you sings to the tune and rhythm of who you really are.

And when you choose to let that song through, you will know freedom like you’ve never known.

You will know what it means to LIVE.

You will KNOW what is meant by GOD IS HERE.

You will KNOW you are EVERYTHING you’ve ever dreamed of.

In your oneness, you will know the depth of the life you came to live, and that there is no good reason to filter yourself.


Your true nature, allowed to be all of itself.

This is who you are.

Are you ready to discover exactly what that looks like?

What that feels like?

Only YOU can live it.

Only YOU can feel it.

It’s different for every person, but the way is the same: inward.

Your freedom lies within, your awareness the key.

If you’ve ever wanted to be true to yourself, true to God and the universe, you CAN.

It begins here.

It begins now.

By listening to the quiet within, allowing what wants to flow, flow, and then, choosing it, all of it.

When you do, you share the gift of you, effortlessly, with yourself, and then with the world.

If this is you, I have limited spots available to work with me 1:1.

6 weeks, weekly private guidance calls, unlimited chat access for your integration throughout.

You are worthy of your freedom.

Your freedom is worthy of you.

I wouldn’t wait.




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