There Are Zero Rules on How to Life – YOU DECIDE

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I’ve always done it my way.

IT being my life.

Maybe in the beginning of any new way of being, process, etc., I’ve sought out and listened. to others.

But I consider that the perfunctory, obligatory step, the one that comes before I shrug and go on with the show – my way.

I’ve always been PRESENT with whatever is coming forth.

I’ve always leaned back,

or, I guess, leaned in.

But I usually took a step back into myself, into stillness, quiet, being-ness.

Perhaps, for some, that is anti-results, anti-outcome-oriented.

I wouldn’t disagree.

For me, it was NEVER about the result (after I got past my initial frustration about not having the result lol).

It was ALWAYS about my inner world,

ALWAYS about how I was sitting with myself,

within myself,

about myself.

It was ALWAYS about integrity, impeccability, oneness, wholeness.

Not to say, you can’t have those withou the actions or whatever.

But it’s just how I did things.

I didn’t do the spiritual things TO get the physical.

I did the spiritual things to GET the spiritual.

It was an end that justified itself.


I don’t know what was within me that sought things I wasn’t taught growing up, things like,



compassion (beyond ‘sharing is caring’ lol),

radical integrity with soul,


That was ALL I ever wanted.

Nothing else REALLY mattered.

I felt like if I could JUST live like *this*, embodied with God, Spirit, Love, etc.,

my life would be complete.

Little did I know, ACTUALLY how *true* that is.

Little did I know, everything falls into place FROM that place of embodiment and consciousness.

I thought that my ‘unique’ (lol) coaching/counseling banner was to help people live their ‘best life’.

I guess that IS true, to a degree.

But I think I feel like it’s kind of misrepresentative of what it is I actually do.

I had never sought out my ‘best life’ in the 10+ years of my conscious journey, I just gotta be honest.

I truly did not give a sh*$.

It truly did not matter to me.

I never set out to ‘improve’ or ‘enhance’ or ‘elevate’ my life or my consciousness or my anything.

I didn’t WANT a ‘better life’.

I didn’t NEED a ‘better life’- though you might beg to differ ha!

I didn’t know much back then and still don’t know much lol, but I did know that much.

I knew what I truly gave two flying fucks about, and no one had really taught me HOW to go about GETTING them or rather, BECOMING them.

What I wanted…

was to know God,

to be absolutely FREE from LIFE and its intricacies and complexities – without dying, I mean.

What I wanted was to be indescribably UNFETTERED in my BEING.

Essentially, and I don’t think I knew the words back then: I wanted to be ALL OF ME.

More than a close clique of girlfriends,

or a devoted older loaded boyfriend LOL,

more than money,

more than crazy adventures (which I still do desire),

more than a normal life where everything fit perfectly,

more than life itself,

I wanted to know WTF I was made of.

I wanted to know HOW TF to live my life,

HOW to be ME.

I couldn’t bear the idea that I had this life and didn’t know how to FILL IT OUT, TO THE EDGES, OVER THE EDGES, OUT INTO THE WORLD.

It didn’t make sense.

So I sought and desired,

prayed and meditated,

studied (mostly the Bible at the time),

joined a religiously spiritual community,

served in that community,

taught and built myself a safe place to explore my spirituality.

And then…

that desire came back.

Or rather, the glitter and the gold of the things HAPPENING in life faded,

the warm fuzzies of the things we did year after year after year… after year… dissolved,

and I was left again with the stark desire to KNOW ME,


It was the only way.

I could feel it in my bones, in my BLOOD.

It brought me to a bit of a lonely road, because the way I had ‘chosen’ led me straight out of the safety, the community I had believed WAS LIFE.

It led me STRAIGHT out of the ideologies and beliefs and doctrine that I had BUILT my spirituality and faith on.

It led me AWAY from the God I had been taught to pray to, worship, honor.

As I followed the thread of my heart, my soul, I knew this was the only way.

I had no idea where it would land me.

I had no idea what kind of person I’d be in the end.

I had no idea what it would look like.

And it all really didn’t matter.

I had to do life my way.

I had to walk my path.

I had to know, REALLY know, what was within me, my capacity for Life, Love, Freedom.

I could hear the voices in my head reminding me to be faithful, to come back to familiarity where it was safe, calm, and BORING.

The truth is the truth.

There’s a reason it’s such a cliche:

the truth shall set you free.

Because when you EXPERIENCE the truth,

you KNOW in your heart of hearts,

in the deepest corners of your soul,




And that KNOWING is the trigger for you to go ALL THE FUCK IN ON YOU.

That knowing, the ABILITY to KNOW your knowing IS the thread.

That knowing is.your.way.

It’s everything.

It will lead you straight into the heart of God, which is… really your heart.

How could it be any different?

It doesn’t bring you closer to God.

How can you get close to something you ALREADY ARE?!?!?

You ARE the soul of God, of the universe.

This entire journey called LIFE was set up so you could uncover that very truth.

So yes, you NEED to do life YOUR way.

Okay fine.

There’s nothing you NEED to do.





This is who you are,

and THIS is how you were meant to live life:

the way you want.


to yourself,

to God,

to the WORLD.

If you are ready to connect with and live life YOUR way,,

ready to fully TRUST yourself and what is within you,

ready to drop in fully to YOUR flow of Life,

I have limited spots available to dive into the Realm of You.

This is a very unique and tailored immersion program to assist you in your evolution in allowing through All of You.

This is for you if you’ve tried to ‘work’ on yourself, but things feel stuck,

you KNOW spiritual principles and ideas, but fizzle out in keeping them consistent,

you KNOW there’s more for you in this life, in this very moment that you’re leaving on the table.

The Realm of You program runs for 6 weeks,

with weekly private calls to uncover your truth and how YOU are meant to live into them,

and unlimited chat access to me to integrate your learnings, new awarenesses.

PM me, comment here, email me – – to chat about any questions you might have, any curiosities.

This is for you if you are a hell yes to your uplevelment, your full blown self-expression in this world and lifetime.

I wouldn’t wait.








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