Lean Into the Thing that Brings Out Your Worst

The beautiful thing about romantic relationships is there is nowhere to hide.

Actually, that sounds like the scary thing about relationships lol.

Here’s what’s actually beautiful about it.

Shit gets real when there’s nowhere to hide.

That sounds scary too lol.

Basically, the rawness of who you are and where you are at in life takes a front seat.

Alllllllllll of the shit that has been dormant, suppressed, muted because it’s been EASY to selectively ignore, put aside, overlook in the melee of life, events, accomplishments, trips, graduations, weddings, ETC.,

has nowhere to go when someone stakes a spot in your life and heart, to fulfill a soul contract with you.

Truth rising doesn’t ONLY happen in a romantic relationship, but it surely ALWAYS happens in a romantic relationship.


To me, there is nothing more beautiful than being utterly raw, broken open, intentionally vulnerable, messy, ugly-cry-face.


And when that level of realness happens within a conscious relationship, it is one of THE most healing experiences and journeys ever.

Because you allowed and chose this person into your heart, into your life, into your soul,

allowed and chose into this experience, this partnership, regardless of how long,

allowed and chose into experiencing a higher level of love, and essentially, being-ness, since you ARE love at your core,

allowed and chose into something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

You are literally choosing into the next level of you, usually without knowing it.

You don’t need a relationship to expand and go next level, but here’s what about a relationship is so powerful.

You open yourself to deeper parts of you that lead to your healing, your uplevelment, your evolution.

Your heart and soul are open and on display – not to the other person, but to YOURSELF.

You become highly aware of the actuality of the condition of YOU.

All the things that trigger you is not about the other person.

It never is.

All the things that trigger you point to your CAPACITY to be triggered, to be bothered, annoyed, frustrated, angry, outraged.

The relationship is a full-length mirror into yourself.

And the level of upleveling YOURSELF,

and ultimately the relationship,

(if your partner is up for his/her own uplevelment aka willing to look in his/her mirror)

lies in the extent to which you are willing to face your true self in whatever moments it comes up.

It lies in the extent to which you are unavailable for living a false life.

Living a life of running from yourself,

from the shadows,

from the depths that course within.

People will do either of two things – they will run, close their eyes, deflect, defend, justify, sugarcoat, euphemize, use anger to cover the pain, ANYTHING BUT do the other thing, which is,

to get mothereffing real with self.

It feels like being pushed up a corner, all alone,

feeling like the world is ready to stone you,

feeling like your failures and shortcomings are coming after you with pitchforks heated by the fire of hell,

coming to uncover your shitty existence,

your brokenness.

It feels like there’s no way out and you will do EVERYTHING to “protect” yourself the best way you know how.

But as you get older, you will get tired.

It will wear you down.

The walls you’ve been holding up to prevent others from seeing into you,

the walls you’ve erected to keep yourself from facing yourself will not crumble.

They will slowly, consistently, quietly, even gently keep pressing… pressing… pressing…

because the absolute magnificent truth is –






When you feel like there’s nowhere else to go…


you are held.

You are loved.

You are loved enough to be all of you.

All of your ugly broken cracked self.

You are cherished enough to face yourself,

to behold yourself.

At first, you will see only the jacked-up-ness.

You’ll only see all the ways you’ve shorted yourself,

betrayed yourself,

contrived an image, a shell to fill out during this bleak existence.

You’ll not only SEE it, you’ll FEEL IT.

And you will want to cry,

you will want to run away,

you will want to melt from the pain of your trauma,

and worse, the pain of your misbeliefs about yourself, about life, about God, about the universe.

All the things you’ve bought into to protect yourself,

the ideas that you are ANYTHING less than MAGICAL PERFECTION in human form.

Everything being reflected to you by your partner, the one you have chosen into, is exclusively and annoyingly spot on in service to this –

to your coming home.

The intimacy is meant to draw you into deeper waters,

not into the relationship itself, although, I promise you, when you come more deeply, more fully into yourself, your relationship will reflect it.

The intimacy is meant to invite you to become even more All of You.

It’s meant to show you who you truly are,

how you are truly meant to be loved.

It’s meant to teach you your depths,

your truth.

Your feelings show you.

Your availability to it all, to yourself, to Life will guide you.


Because you are meant for it.

You are meant to grow,

to expand,

to evolve,

to become the You, you’ve only ever dreamed of.

You are meant for it all.

And more.

Beyond your wildest imagination.

It’s all yours, by birthright.

And it begins here.

It begins with you.

It begins with your being with you.

It begins with your journey into you.

It begins with the truth that is available and present and visible to you now.

The parts of you that scare the living be-Jesus out of you.

The parts that you’ve wanted to stuff away,

burn to the ground,

excommunicate from your life…

they are all parts of your healing.

They are all parts of your evolution.

They don’t need to be rectified.

They don’t need to be fixed.

They just need to be owned, when they arise.

They just need to know they have a home in you.

Because you are not the wounded person you thought you were.

You are not the brokenness you identified as.

You are not the mistake, the sidelined character.

You are the one to captain your life,

you are the one to grant peace to your soul,

you are the one to breathe life into your heart,

you are the one to fill out all of you,

you ARE the very standard of your life, the way of YOU.

If you are in a relationship, I invite you to look carefully within.

I invite you to remember that you are here as a soul to experience your wonder, your awesomeness, and that everything in your life, especially your chosen partner, is directly in service to your evolution into your wholeness.

If you are not in a relationship, it’s the same invitation.

You are here to become all of you.

It’s a calling, a becoming, a reminder to come home, where it all began and where it will all end.

The beauty is in your choice.

If you know this is your calling at this time,

if you know you are meant to go deeper into yourself,

deeper into Life,

into God,

then I invite you to work with me in my 6-week program, the Realm of You.

It’s where we dive into the areas of your life that you know are calling for your attention and intention.

It’s where you expand beyond your current consciousness, into the unknown because you’ve played around with trying to ‘fix’ things, fill your life with THINGS, people, happenings, and it’s not working.

It’s where you come home to yourself.

It’s where you create life from within the deepest part of yourself.

6 weeks, weekly private calls, and unlimited chat access with me throughout.

It’s not for the faint-hearted.

It’s for the hungry, for the relentless, the ones that KNOW they are meant for more, and stop at nothing until they are living from ALL OF THEM.

PM me, comment, email me – grace@gracejyk.com for details and questions.

Take your throne.

It’s never too late,

and it’s never too early.




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