God Never Stops Speaking to Us – We just Forget We Can Always Listen

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Several years ago, in the early years of my inward journey, my mom told me:

if you stop listening to and heeding the Holy Spirit, it/he/she/whatever will stop speaking to you.

I am here today to call out that mad bullshit.

It is my duty to lay it out once and for all.

My self-appointed duty lol.

One I gladly take on because I survived that misbelief.

After all these years of believing that the Holy Spirit’s voice gets quieter and quieter the more and more disobedient and negligent I become,

I have discovered, that is a motherfucking lie from the pit of hell.

Let me tell you what ACTUALLY happens when you choose not to listen.

You forget HOW to listen.

You forget THAT you CAN.

You forget your CAPACITY to commune with, receive from, engage with Spirit.

The HOW is already there.

The fact that you CAN is always true.

The capacity never 100% dissolves.

Let me tell you something.

Holy Spirit, God, universe, Source, Spirit, the Almighty, Creator, the Supreme Power,

whatever you want to call it,




Because honestly, she CAN’T.

Because by doing so, she would be denying what she is.

By doing so, she would be forsaking herself.

And that is an impossible feat because she is ALWAYS TRUE.

She is perfect LOVE.

She is All That Is.

And in being All That Is,

she is absofuckinglutely UNCONDITIONAL.

She is a BEAST when it comes to relentlessness.


In fact, it doesn’t even OCCUR to her to be anything else.

Because that is all she is.

Unbearably perfect LOVE.

Love that is after your own heart.

Love that knows you from the inside out,

through and through,

all the edges,

all the shadows,




It is impossible not to.

Holy Spirit is ALWAYS speaking to you.

It can’t NOT.

It ALWAYS desires you,

wants the absolute BEST for you,

has a powerful unique destiny in store for you.

How can this perfect LOVE ever keep itself AWAY from you????

You, this magnificent creature from beyond this planet, beyond this universe, beyond this galaxy.

You, a perfect emanation of divinity your imagination can’t even scratch the surface of.

You, you, you.

Can you just agree with me already – 

God never stops speaking to you.

God never turns his face from you.

Some people with antiquated beliefs will say that he sure did, in the Old Testament.

Pay no attention.

There’s a freaking reason it’s called the *OLD* Testament.

Because there is a freaking NEW WAY OF LIFE.

It is called GRACE.

It is called unconditional absolute pure love made manifest in LIFE.

Where life is no longer a sacrifice in order to know God, be close, be allowed in his presence,

but where life is the altar itself, the sacred expression of the divine.

The story of our origin begins with humans walking with God, and that’s where it ends.

That’s where it was ALWAYS INTENDED TO GO.

And so, God, because she just can’t help herself, speaks.

Speaks consistently,




So, if you listen and all you hear is silence, is it that God is not speaking?

Or is it that you not listening?

Listening with not your ears, but your heart.

Listening from the depths within.

Listening to the silent whispers that can’t be put in words.

Your birthright has always been to know God and remember that you have ALWAYS been known by God.

There is truly nothing else beyond that.

You know this too, if you’ve ever felt lonely in life.

I believe we all experience that.

We think what we need is socializing, is family, friends, community, belonging.

We think we need to put ourselves ‘out there’ and get seen and introduced and do the small talk.

We think we are social creatures, which we are.

But underneath it, is the unmistakable truth that our deepest loneliness comes from our perceived separation from God.

Our greatest sin is that we believe God has forsaken us, thereby going back on who he is.

Our greatest sin is that we believe it is POSSIBLE to be separated from the Life Force that put this whole show together.

Our greatest sin is that we believe we are worthy of being discarded.

All the while, God is pulling all the strings,

aligning all the stars,

orchestrating all of life,

to continually present herself to you through the absolute core of who you are,

through the physical world,

through relationships,

through trauma,

through pain and sorrow,

through joy,

through peace,

through desires,

through triumph and dismay,

through all of LIFE.


you were always en route to all of you,

just as all of you has been en route.

There is no point for Spirit to be silent,

to withhold,

not even to teach a lesson.

I tell you, there is nothing for it to teach.

The very essence of life teaches effortlessly,

the very essence of life demonstrates its impeccability.

The only thing we need to learn and know is that there is no condition in which Spirit would ever keep silent or far.

Any amount of distance between us and God is always self-contrived, whether to feed our victimhood, our unworthiness, pain, suffering, fear.

Whatever you wanna call it, there’s just never a good reason.

Whatever reason you want to attach to the ill-perceived silence, you may.

But don’t kid yourself for one moment that you were ever worthy enough of God denying herself.

God speaks.

God is always speaking because the whole freaking purpose of life is to come home to ourselves, to our souls, to our origin of magic, glory, majesty.

If God stopped speaking, everything else in the world would pick right up and display and express the gentle permeating beauty of eternity, grace, Love.

There is no turning from it.

In fact, the more you turn, the louder it gets, the deeper you feel the yearning.

And you will have to face that fact, admit to the fact that the gap has always existed and only existed in one place – 

your mind, 

your misperception, 

your wildly inaccurate and incomplete assumption of life itself.

If you know it’s time to release those old ways of being, you’re in the perfect place, in the perfect timing to do it.

It is always perfect to actually live the way you are meant to.

I have limited spots available to work 1:1 with me to expand beyond your known world, your world of misbeliefs, stuckness, separation.

God is most definitely pleased with you, your life.

She has a lot to say to you.

Are you ready to listen?

6 weeks.

Weekly private calls.

Unlimited chat access to me.

Unlimited oneness with the you that knows beyond the knowing.

I wouldn’t wait.




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