You didn’t come here to be another rat with another thing

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When you feel like things are not working out for you,

when you feel like you’re doing all the things and it’s not getting you where you want to go,

or even moving in the direction that you’re intending,

when you feel STUCK

and steeped in the SUCK,




Stahp it all.

Stop the trying,

stop the striving,

stop the attempting,

stop the pushing,

stop the doing.

Stop the madness.

Your destination is never greater than the YOU in the present moment.

Everything you’re desiring is never greater than the YOU that is desiring.

And ESPECIALLY, the YOU that ALLOWS it all to come through.

See, you are MEANT to create from your desires.

Your true desires are DESIGNED to come through because you are DESIGNED to CREATE your life.

It’s all happening.

And the kicker is, it’s ALREADY happened.

It’s all already true and real.

Which renders any and all misaligned efforting,

misaligned trying,

misaligned attempting,


Absolutely useless.

Because let’s say, you DO achieve whatever it is you wanted by that blood.sweat.tears way of achieving.

Let’s say, you GOT IT, the thing you were after that you pushed pushed pushed pushed to have it.

You’ll receive it, and for a brief moment, you’ll feel the triumph, the adrenaline of the culmination of all the time and energy you put into this thing,

and then, you’ll look for the NEXT thing you want so bad you need to WORK your ASS for.

Because from that place of striving, you thought it was about the THING, the achievement.

And when you achieve the thing from THAT place, that place still lives.

Because you FED that part of you on the way to the thing.

And you will need something NEW to occupy that striving place within.

Off you go, striving, trying, attempting, pushing, doingdoingdoingdoing again.

Back in the rat race.

Just another rat with another THING.


Not my cuppa tea.

So, you see, I’m not saying you cannot ACHIEVE from that place.

People do, every day.

What I AM saying, is we deserve, YOU deserve to live a life of flow, ease, peace, and yes, GREATNESS.

You not only DESERVE it, it is your motherfucking birthright.

This is just who you are.

It is just who you are to live fully full,

fully satisfied,

fully complete,

fully YOU.

It is what it is.

So then, why all the striving?

If you are meant for that greatness, that magnificent life that is calling you forth, beckoning you from the deepest place of you,

why the striving?

What part of you doesn’t believe in your greatness?

What part of you doesn’t believe in your birthright?

What part of you has bought into misbeliefs and ill-suited ideas about your worthiness and POWER in creating a beautiful ass life that fits you so snugly, so wonderfully, so life-givingly?

What part of you has forgotten who you are?

As a child of God,

as a co-conspirator of the universe,

as a magician,

as a quantum being of divine nature and intelligence?

What part of you feels the need to identify as only a physical being,

when you ARE the universe in a body,

signed with YOUR unique YOU-NESS?

And now, what part of you desires to remember the realness, the rawness, the absolute truth of YOU?

What part of you is desiring that flow, that seemingly unavailable ease to take over your life?

What part of you is willing now to see things differently,

see yourself differently,

see God/universe/Source differently,

see LIFE differently?

What part of you is claiming the great YOU within, now?

What part of you is willing and wanting to be real with you?

Because that part is absofuckinglutely real.

Beneath the action, the to-do’s, the strategy, the processes,

is you.

The all of you You.

Beneath the things you desire,

is you.

Beneath your dreams, your hopes,

is you.

You are not an actor in your life, here to effect change.

You will do EXACTLY that, no doubt, in the way you were meant to, when you take your throne.

But you are not here to play a part.

You ARE the movie.

You ARE the entire novel.

You ARE your life.

Life is faithfully responding to you,

to who you claim to be.

So when you claim that you do not yet HAVE the things,

when you claim that your desires WILL NOT come to you without your pain, your suffering, your frustration, your excruciating longing,

so it is.

So it is and so it has always been.

Life responds it all with grace.

And because God is Love and because you are a child of God,

Life calls you into grace.

Life calls you into your quiet,

into the silence within,

into your true-ness,

your god-ness.

Life waits patiently.

There is no rush.

There is no pull or push.

Life waits patiently because Life KNOWS.

Life knows WHO. YOU. ARE.

Life knows you are MAJESTIC.

Life knows you are unbearably PERFECT.

The universe knows this.

God knows this.

You ARE this.

The purpose of desiring and pushing from that misaligned place and achieving from that place IS to bring you home.

Bring you home to a place that has always existed, from before you entered this lifetime,

from before the world was created,

a place where there is no beginning and no end to you.

Where you know nothing BUT abundance, absolute wealth, FREEDOM, joy, peace, being-ness.

Where you know nothing BUT goodness and flow and love.

That’s who you truly are.

That’s where you come from.

Stepping into that truth, the secret of all humanity, is the beginning of a Life where you are not an extra, not a supporting character, not EVEN the protagonist.

It’s the beginning of a Life where you flow as ONENESS with God, the breather of life, the author and perfecter of your faith.

And by faith, I don’t mean religion.

By faith, I mean your full blown consciousness.

Real Life is calling to you.

No more surface level bullshit.

No more trivial pushing and pulling.

No more trying to make yourself fit into a hole, a box, an abyss that you KNOW in the depths of your being isn’t even REAL in the face of your truth.

No more not being all of you.

No more bullshitting yourself about life, how it’s not working for you,

how you’re not where you want to be.

No more.

The calling is within.

Your answer, your choosing, your decision is all it take to unleash all SOUL into your life.

It takes your participation,

your consciousness to allow even yourself to be all of you,

even as you have ALWAYS been all of you.

Kind of a mindfuck, no?

But also, kinda real.

Because the reality of truth is that you, as a divine and human expression of God, you ARE the pure essence of all that is Good, all that is Love.

You always have been.

It’s simply that the ball’s in your court.

Your play.

Your choice.

Your decision.

Your rules.

Your court, actually.

Your game.

Everything, God, universe, LIFE is in full support.

Only when you know you are worth something better, do you start creating space for it.

Good things don’t come to you just because.

Good things come to you because you choose it for yourself.

I have 2 spots available to work with me 1:1.

In 6 weeks, we go deep into you, into the Realm of You.

The Real You.

It’s an immersion, structured in weekly private calls and unlimited chat access to me for support.

If your eyes are open to the possibilities and you’re done with the bottom tier of life, let’s talk.

PM me, comment, email me –

I wouldn’t wait.




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