You Never Need to Justify Your Desire for More – Ever

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Trauma is not required for spirituality.

All the ‘bad’ things in our experience don’t justify our reaching for our ‘good’.

Life doesn’t have to suck in order for us to ask for better.

We can want good just because.

We want good BECAUSE that’s what we are.

We’re coded to expand and evolve endlessly,

spilling over the edges of our existing awareness,

past our known identity,

beyond our familiar environment.

We’re designed to keep going higher and higher,

to keep wanting more and more.

Some may call it greed.

Others may call it frivolity.

Still others may call it ambitious.

I think those people are only half living life.

They’ve resigned to a ‘I’m comfortable where I am, this is enough, no thank you, I don’t want to change and evolve and become a new person so I can create a new life” kind of life.


Our desire for a greater, deeper, meaningful, self-expressed, embodied, energetic experience in life is our soul calling.

That alone validates the journey.

We don’t need to struggle and suffer in order to want something Great, to be someone we actually want to be.

You are not greedy or insensible or ungrateful for wanting more, when everything in your life is pretty okay.

You are fully human and you are fully divine.

Your desire for expansion is the divine coming through you.

And the divine doesn’t discriminate.

Whether you’re down in the dumps in life, scattered every which way, trying to keep your head above water,


whether you’re getting by fine, cruising along in your comfy lifestyle,

the divine is coming through.

All the time.

Your response aka your allowance of it to flow through you is your only responsibility.

By the way, the divine comes through in the form of your DESIRES.

Your deepest desires in life, who you want to be, what you want to do, the way you want to live life, are the blueprint for the life you and your soul want to co-create.

It’s real.

It’s not frivolous.

It’s not too much.

It’s not diva.

It’s not greedy.

It’s not ungrateful.

It’s all true and valid.


It’s actually quite unrealistic to NOT follow your desires,

NOT choose the depth and fullness in life,

NOT become the person you’re meant to be.

Because you will desire these things ALL YOUR FREAKING LIFE.

At what point, are you going to hit pause and realize that your inclination for MORE in life isn’t going to stop any time soon?

Like ever.

And every step of your journey will be defined by the pain and discomfort of putting soul aside so you never come up against your boundaries of what’s “normal”.

Fuck normal.

That’s the craziest shit ever, to believe there is a statistical way to live life.

Since 99% of the population lives like *this*, is like *this*, thinks like *this*, this is the standard.

I won’t even get into it.

And at what point will you finally understand that your greatest and meaningful badass contribution to the world is YOU BEING ALL OF YOU?????

That when you embrace ALL of you,

everything that’s coming through,

everything you’re wanting to create and put out in the world,

the very true and pure being-ness of you,

you are aligning with the truest part of you,

what the universe vested in you before you popped out of your mom,

you are choosing to activate the Real You, the Unconditionally You you,

and by that alone, you are fulfilling your destiny, God’s will, whatever.

There’s no formula, no process, no manual for this.

It’s just – you choose!!

You CHOOSE that it is a BLESSED thing to desire MORE in life.

You CHOOSE that it is a BEAUTIFUL and GOD-ORDAINED thing to become All of You.

You CHOOSE that it is WORTHY to live in accordance with your SOUL.

You choose. Period.


And every day.

You need no reasons to choose, to want more.

You being alive IS the reason.

And it will ALWAYS be the reason.

You will ALWAYS be valid in choosing better for yourself, for your life.

And the kicker is, your community and the world at large benefits from someone (you) who is truly living from within,

truly choosing her/him/themself,

present with the realness, the all-ness, the godness within.

How can people not receive the benefit of someone who chooses to be tapped into Source and flow in life from that place?

How can the world not be enhanced by you stepping into all that you truly are?

The invitation here is to honor yourself.

Honor your desires.

Honor your internal nudges.

Honor your inclinations.

Honor your heart.

Honor your soul.

These intangible, unseen, unspoken aspects of you are the true structure of You.

It’s hard to believe, because it feels easier to believe only what we sense physiologically, but all matter is made of energy.

Everything physical about you first existed as thought, as pure energy.

And now, as you live this life in your very short lifetime on earth, you have the opportunity and response-ability to tap into that life source energy,

own it,

embrace it

integrate it into your consciousness,

and embody it.

Now, do you really need to validate THAT kind of life?

That sounds pretty freaking legit to me, like it should be how every single person on this planet should live.

Or at least want to live.

So it’s not such a farfetched thing to desire what you desire.

I’m just saying, once you get a whiff of it, choose to desire it fully, desire it thoroughly, desire it into physical existence.

Because you are always always meant for more.

And if you feel like what you desire is a lot of physical stuff, e.g. fit hot body, $$$$ in the bank, etc.,

go beyond that and really ask yourself,

what REALLY is it, that I’m desiring in having ______?

As you answer that question, you will naturally drop into a deeper place within.

It’s safe to do so.

It’s safe to desire.

It’s safe to be all of you.

The world awaits.

I await.

Your soul awaits.

But if you don’t wanna wait much longer to actually dive into it,

if you want to skip the line of “figuring” your way into your flow and full self-expression,

I have limited spots available for my 6-week immersion program that is uniquely tailored to You.

There are no preconceived modules.

We follow soul into the actual you-ness of you.

We trust it, we uncover the god-ness within.

You will get exactly what you were looking for – that’s how soul works.

Unbelievably on point.

But also very believable lol.

6 weeks, weekly private calls, and unlimited chat access to me throughout.

Anything additional I create i.e. trainings, meditations, journal prompts, etc. are yours to keep.


If you know this is for you and you’re a fully body yes, let’s talk.

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I can’t wait.




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