Every Single Human on Earth Wants One Thing


Just the other day, I heard someone say (that rhymes lol),

“Humans just like to do bad things to themselves.”

Interesting thought, isn’t it?

Is that true?

I mean, is that REALLY true?

Yes, it’s true that humans appear to do things that hurt themselves.

Yes, it’s true that humans appear to do bad things to others.

But is it true that humans WANT to do bad things to themselves?

I find that hard to believe.

This I know: every.single.person on this planet wants one thing –

to feel better.

Even in the hurting, the violence, the rage, the whatever, the person inside ALWAYS wants to feel better.

The method of expressing and achieving that can be quite… interesting, even humorous, sometimes.

But this is a truth that resides in every human.

No matter the political party,

no matter the religious background,

no matter the ethnicity,

no matter the domestic situation,

no matter the sexual orientation,

no matter the ANYTHING.

This is an absolute truth.

The human condition to desire to feel better is, in my very humble opinion, per usual, the expression of God in themselves.

It is the movement of their soul.

Even in the darkest place within the darkest person you’ve ever encountered, is the desire to feel better.

Not even to feel good, because many people don’t always know what that feels like.

But just better.

One notch above where they’re at.

That would be enough.

Humans appear to do bad things to themselves and others.

Humans WANT to feel better though.

And when I think of this, my judgment of others…

slips away.

In these VERY interesting times of political unrest and distrust, of social upheaval, there are MANY positions, MANY platforms, MANY ideas, slants, opinions.

Even the facts appear to be questionable.

There are so many viewpoints out there.

There are so many thoughts on thoughts on thoughts.

Ultimately, there are so many lines drawn.

So many rules about what’s politically correct, about who’s on the right side of things, who’s blah blah blahhhhhh.

You know what I’m talking about.

And even if you’re not heavily involved or seeking out information (like me), I’m quite certain there are parts within you that have a stance on certain topics, certain leaders, certain groups, certain everything.

The truth is: every human wants to feel better.

It’s not a political issue.

It’s not a debate.

It’s not a position.

It’s not a campaign.

It’s truth.

I know you know this because you are a human and I know you want to feel better.

It’s why you do ANYTHING in life.

It’s why ANYONE does ANYTHING in life.

Why am I writing all this??

Why does this matter?!?!?

Honestly, I don’t know.

The topic just came up in my mind and I went with it.


I write what comes up, what can I say?

I guess I felt like it was something to consider, when going out in the world,

when engaging with people,

when observing people,

when thinking about what you see on the media,

when absorbing and spectating on current events,

when being with yourself,

when being with strangers,

when being with those close to you,

we all want to feel better.


Yes, even the people that CLEARLY are out to be just stupid fucking outrageous,

EVEN the people who are just CLEARLY SO FUCKED UP,

yes, even them.

And actually… ESPECIALLY them.

I’ma just let that sit for a bit….

marinate a little…

receive that into your soul.

Let that speak to you.

Because it has spoken to me.

I have received into me again and again and again.

It has humbled me over and over and over and over again.

I have been brought to my knees at times, recognizing my hypocrisy and self-righteousness.

Ooh that’s a big ass pill to swallow sometimes.

But honestly, I can’t not face the truth.

I can’t not turn myself away from what is presented to me, from my soul.

And so, I do.

Face it, I mean.

And it unravels parts of me,

the parts that judge,

the parts that draw the line,

the parts of me that push away,

that condemn,

that reject,

that want to harm,

that want to inflict “righteous justice” in the form of pain and suffering.

All those parts of me come to the light.

Because I know, that I am human and all I want in life is to feel better.

And if I am human, and that is at the core of my being-ness, the reason I do and be and have ANYTHING in life, then what about others?

Are others not privy to this desire?

Is there some level of humanity that just doesn’t get it, doesn’t have the capacity to go beyond THEIR judgment and see the world for what it truly is?

At one time, I wanted that to be true.


I wanted any reason to separate myself from others, the ones I couldn’t respect, the ones I considered just purely shitty human beings.

I wanted to so bad.

Then I would be safe, right?

Then I would be on my pedestal, held above all the minions of stupid people doing stupid things.

Then I would be righteous and holy before God.

See how much humbled-ing I went through??


When I came into that truth, I knew, my existing worldview was about to take a massive shit.

I knew, that if I chose not to accept and be with this truth, alllllll the spiritual practices and processes and intentions for a beautiful world meant diddly squat.

It all meant NOTHING.

Maybe that sounds too harsh to you.

Maybe that’s a bit overboard.


Maybe I just needed to accept that there are differences between people and a healthy level of judgment is surely acceptable.


And maybe, I just don’t give a shit about upholding something that does not stand true in the face of TRUTH.

Maybe, it’s more tiring to hold onto stupid beliefs that undermine the power, the beauty, the wonder of humanity.

No MATTER how much STUPID shit people do.

No MATTER how much STUPID shit people say.

No MATTER how STUPID people BE.


As you can see, I’m not immune to the things that happen in the world, in my country, in the media.

I see it all.

I watch it all.

Well, probably less than the average person.

But I see.

And I choose to ride on the truth that the only separation between humans is the one we create in our respective worlds.

Basically, we all in the same damn boat.

That’s all.

This truth is not lofty.

It’s for everyone.

It’s spiritual and mf practical.

It takes a certain kind of courage, a certain kind of surrender, a certain kind of awareness to see it, integrate it, and express it into the world.

It’s not for everyone because not everyone chooses it.

If you do choose it, after everything I wrote, then you are probably my people.

And if you do choose it and want to integrate it into yourself, your life, your presence, you absolutely can.

At your pace, in your way.

Really only your way.

I have 2 spots available to work with me.

It’s not just about what I talked above.

It’s about becoming the entire whole complete you which INCLUDES the above.

It’s the Real You.

6 weeks. Weekly private calls. Unlimited chat access.

We dive into you and allow what already wants to come through, come through, so you can create the life you’ve only ever thought about, dreamed, hoped and wished for.

And just so we’re clear, you do not need me for your evolution. At all.

Only if I resonate with you.

And if so, I wouldn’t wait.




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