Our destiny unfolds when we choose to be all of who we truly are

Dancin’, maxin’ out at a bridal shower lol ya know, doing my thanggg.

There are no rules to being you.

There is only choosing or not choosing to be all of you.

Everything else is noise.

Rules and conditions work extremely well for machines, logic, and the mind.

Not so well for the pure free-flowing spirit and energy within.

Not so well for the fun-loving child in all of us.

Not so well for the other-worldly creative within all of us.

Not so well for the actual core of who and what we are, that pure and divine consciousness.

There are no rules for being you.

There is no track to follow, no guaranteed pathway.

The only guarantee is that you get to choose, every step of the way, even if it’s to choose to outsource your decisions to someone or some ideology.

That is a real choice.

And it will never give way to the life you actually came here to live.

Because it was not sourced from the life that lives in you.

The irony of destiny is that we are born with it and it is already true because we are meant to bring it to life, but it cannot be revealed to us as a manual or guide to follow.

It can feel quite infuriating, right?

I mean, the disreSPECT of having the damn thing so freaking close and WITHIN us and we can’t even SEE IT.

Or DO anything about it.

We’re just supposed to BELIEVE it or something?





Who?? What When Where??

Why aren’t angels being sent to tell me what the F to do with the destiny within?

If our destiny is MEANT to happen, then why not make it CLEARER?!?!?

Those were my thoughts and questions.

Quite demanding.

But when I went inward and did the whole bliss thing with Spirit and God and the universe, I realized something.

Our destiny unfolds when we choose to be all of who we truly are.

Our destiny is folded into the nature of who we chose to be in this lifetime.

There are no rules because our destiny is as evolving as we are.

It evolves WITH us.

It is EXPRESSED when we LIVE out who we are.

When we are aligned with the core of who we are,

when we live in our joy – real JOY that comes when we finally back ourselves and experience REAL freedom,

when we trust ourselves fully,

when we heal from and release the misbeliefs and misperceptions of who we are and how the world works,

when we live into our desires rather than burn them to the ground with judgment and false ideas of unworthiness,

our destiny, our highest path, our calling is revealed to us, quietly, gently, clearly.

I guess that is the only rule to being you.

But let’s not get it twisted, either.

The unlearning, the healing, the faltering, the straying, the confusion, the lost-ness, the struggling, the conflict, the anger and rage – it’s all part of it.

It’s all part of why you came here.

It’s just, I’m assuming you desire more in life than just NOT experiencing “bad” things.

I’m assuming you desire a bit more for yourself, more purpose, fulfillment, full self-expression, joy, wisdom, meaningful relationships, etc.

I’m assuming you desire your dreams to come to life.

I’m assuming you desire more than a regular life.

And I’m telling you, it’s absolutely valid, your inclination for something great.

It’s absolutely YOURS.

All it takes…

is unwavering faith in you, the Real You.

All it takes is for you to know that everything you ever need to know is inside of you, only to be known by you.



The end.

Bye now.

It’s really that simple.

Maybe it doesn’t feel so simple.

But it is.

It always has been.

How can it not be, when that’s WHAT you are?

You ARE the blueprint,

you ARE the standard operating procedure,

you ARE the manual.



I just don’t know how many different ways we can slice this.

So many things we’ve learned into ourselves and learned ourselves into just aren’t the real thing.

So many things just aren’t US.

It’s YOUR decision to now live into YOURSELF that reveals all the non-essentials, the irrelevant nonsense for what they are – non-essential and irrelevant to your life and your being.

It’s your decision that releases you from the grips of your perceived trauma, brokenness, hopelessness, helplessness, fear, expectations, etc.


It’s you.

It’s YOU!!!!!

Not your parents,

not your teachers,

not your partner,

not your leaders,

not your doctrine,

not your theology,

not your religion,

not your knowledge,

not your resources,

not your connections,

not your money,

not even your wisdom,

not even your spirituality,

not even your community,


God already gave you everything.

She gave not only this environment to play in but the connection to navigate and thrive in this environment.

What else do you need?????

You just need your own buy-in into yourself!!!!!

You just need to finally look yourself in the mirror and proclaim you are motherfucking ENOUGH right NOW because you say so.

Because you say so.

That’s the key.

There are no rules.

There are no conditions.

There are no hoops, no obstacle course, no book of standards.

I really did think, in the past, that I was just destined for a whatever life.

It killed me.

Everyday, it killed me.

I sank a little lower in my heart, thinking that my life was already over, before I even got to legal drinking age.

Before I had even had sex.


I thought, “I would rather just die now.”

Because I thought my life was already written out.

And there was nothing to look forward to, nothing to create, nothing to feel.

You can imagine my absolute surprise and delight and shock and ecstasy when I found out how wrong I was.

I had never been happier to be wrong.




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