When It Comes to the Condition of Your Heart and Soul – Take No Shit

It’s really never about the other person, is it?

We’d just love to make it so.

But if we choose to be absolutely no holds barred real with ourselves, the triggers and frustrations and injustices and pissed-off-ness is not about the others.

To the egoic part of us, admitting that it’s not about the other person is quite infuriating and deflating and upsetting.

It’s like finding out our ammo is made of cotton candy.

It surely FEELS real, that we are being wronged or mistreated or abused or neglected or or or.

Some people will be triggered by that statement itself.

I’m not speaking to those people.

I’m speaking to those who KNOW and are okay with CLAIMING responsibility to themselves, their well-being, their lives.

I’m speaking to people who notice a pattern in their lives, whether it’s the the types of people they attract or the types of engagement and experiences, or emotions.

I’m speaking to people who won’t take shit about the true condition of their heart and soul.

I spent many many many many years pointing my fingers to people – mostly my parents and childhood friends lol – that I felt fucked up, and now, because of their fucked-up-ness, I am the way I am.

I mean, how could I not?

It made sense to, right?

It sure did to me.

And I ran with that shit.

I shared my stories, my reasons, my justifications until there was nothing left at the bottom of the barrel, but the barrel itself.

And I could just FEEL that I had worn the story out.

There was no more story to tell.

It was tired.

It was old.

And I felt quite empty about it.

Like I didn’t know how to stand on my own once the story lost its place in the current story.

It was quite humbling, that realization that, goddamnit, all my stories were about ME.

They were about all the misbeliefs I chose into, the ideas of unworthiness – most of my stories stemmed from that, let’s be honest.

Oh, you too?

Well, when I realized this sort of bullshit was happening in my own backyard, the travesty of living a life based on UNtruths, I couldn’t take it.

Or rather, I wasn’t having it.

What the hell did it MEAN to live and create a life that was based on the ill-informed and mis-educated worldview of a young girl?

It meant, I would continue to live as that young girl – comPLETEly clueless, comPLETEly irresponsible, and 100% destined to keep living that same life on repeat forever and ever and ever.

But the point of releasing it all isn’t so I DON’T continue learning the same lesson.

Although, that is valid enough.

The point is, that I learn the lesson.

The point is, I transcend the bullshit.

The point is, I get down to the core of ME, the part of me that is ALWAYS true, ALWAYS present, ALWAYS real, and then, I choose to live from that place ALWAYS.



THIS makes sense to me.

It makes complete logical sense.

Doesn’t it, to you?

Isn’t it just a little fishy that the things that continue to repeat in your life seem to happen specifically to YOU?

And it happens in SUCH suspiciously identical ways, with such the same types of questionable characters, at the most coincidentally inconvenient of times.



Here’s what I’ve learned that THAT is.

It’s your soul.

It’s your soul’s plan.

Calling you home.

To remember who da fuck you are.

To stop piddling around in your shiza and claim your mothafackn throne and king/queendom.

It’s your soul.

It’s always been your soul.

Even all the lessons you learned, those heartbreaks and trials and tribulations and catastrophes and falling out-nesses and blah blah blah.

It’s always been your calling because you are meant to live from a higher place, as the being you actually are.

But why do we have to learn these lessons?

Whyyyyyy do we have to go through these shitty moments, relationships, experiences, devastations, etc.??

What I’m about to say basically negates that question.

We came here TO learn these lessons, TO remember who we truly and actually are, TO re-align with soul.


FOR that sheer bliss and ecstasy of converging with soul, with our god-ness.

FOR that free-falling INTO God, INTO the goodness of the universe that has ALWAYS been your identity, your absolute core of you-ness.

FOR that LOVE you’ve always craved, without always KNOWING you ARE the motherfucking love.

FOR all that you are, from beginning to end, inside and out, who and what you TRULY TRULY TRULY TRULY DEEPLY ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY MADLY ARE.




Our pain and angst and struggles and pushing through and trying to be happy ISN’T ALL FOR NOTHING.

Our desire for MORE **IS** the soul calling.

We INHERENTLY KNOW that there is MORE, but some parts of us aren’t caught up to that truth, the parts of us that think that STRUGGLING is normal, that JUSTIFYING our worthiness is worthy, etc.

So, rest in that.

Rest in the thought that you are seeking something that is seeking you, something that knows – yes, it has its own consciousness – that is meant to blossom and come into fruition in your life, your heart, your soul.

This is your true nature.

It is exactly what it is.

It is exactly what you’ve been calling in and what has been calling YOU in all your life.

How fun is that.

It’s like you couldn’t fail if you tried.

That makes so much sense, though, right?

How could you fail at the thing you CAME to DO and BE?????

How could you fail at your own destiny???

How could you fail at what you are CODED FOR???

It’s that simple.

It’s that real.

Everything else in life, all the happenings, all the struggles, all the want-but-can’t-gets, all the “failures”, all the repeated experiences… they all fall away.

Because they were never the point.

They were never the centerstage of life.

YOU were.

YOU are.

They all just pointed you to YOU.

And all that wanted to come through WILL if you choose it.

If you CHOOSE to be available.

My question is – do you?

If you do… you know the next step is to go inward.

It’s to face the mirror and know that you are more than what you see in the mirror.

It’s to consider the possibility (the truth) of your wildly empowering responsibility for your heart, your soul, your life experience.

It’s to love and embrace yourself through it all.

It is absolutely possible for you.

The fact that you even WANT to believe it means it’s yours.

And if you know it’s meant for you and you are ready to head into it full on, I have spots available to work with me 1:1.

It’s time to take no shit on the essence of who you are and who came here to be.

It’s time to own your destiny and create your life from the core of who you are.

6 weeks, weekly private calls, unlimited chat access to me.

You know who you are.

I wouldn’t wait.




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