Shouldn’t You At Least Look Like You’re Trying?!? No.

It is perfectly fine to be where you are today, in this moment.

To be fully right where you’re at – is perfectly fine.

It’s perfectly perfect.

It’s meant to be.

Sometimes that level of surrender scares me because I wonder – 

If I accept *this*, whatever this is in the moment, something I don’t want to continue happening in my life, am I accepting and allowing that it will be this way forever?


if I accept *this*, and it happens to be something I want to continue happening in my life… will I then experience deeper disappointment when it moves on?

I’ve sat on the fence of my freedom of being so many times.

It’s quite an uncomfortable place, though it feels normal and fine when I first start sitting there because I feel like I have a sense of control and understanding.

But as time passes, the absence of peace overpowers me.

There seems to be only unrest in my body, my mind, my heart.

And all I want at that point is peace.

The great fear in that moment is that if I let myself fully slip into the moment, fully presence myself to What Is, that I am giving in and giving up to the thing I do not want.

And how could I do that?

When I had been taught that I need to do and move and be motivated and inspired and reach for greater heights and be a happier person and contribute to the world more?

How could I just allow myself to be in the mud and mire when I’m meant for great things, for greatness?

Shouldn’t I at least be TRYING?

Shouldn’t I at least LOOK like I’m trying?

Shouldn’t I at least not WANT to be here?

Shouldn’t I express my distaste and unhappiness so that the situation and circumstance can move toward what I desire?

And that, my friends, is the crux of the whole thing.

That is the line, the fence, the boundary of the known.

That is where Life comes to a stall.

It’s our fear of allowing Life to fully play out, to fully engage all of our being-ness, the human-ness AND the god-ness,

that maybe we are not worthy of the good life we dream out in the quiet place within,

that maybe we ARE actually destined to carry the same patterns, attract the same kinds of people, create the same disappointing experiences.

That quiet lingering voice.

I know it.

I’ve heard it.

The moment, whatever it entails, anywhere on the spectrum of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ always beckons for one thing.

Not our effort.

Not our striving.

Not our compensation.

Not our beating on ourselves for not doing better.

Not our constant worry that things will not stay good.

None of it.

The one thing each moment calls us to, is our full blown presence.

It’s our observation of where we are,

both in the world and the situation,

and within.

It’s our being-ness and our intimate experience of our being-ness.

It’s our being perfectly fine, in the midst of everything.

It’s our not having to explain ourselves or explain the world or explain how or why or who or what or when anything.

It’s our being perfectly fine that we are perfectly fine.

And everything is simply reflecting something within, a deeper level of being that is ready to be birthed.

And everything, truly, always passes.

The kicker is, it is really our way of being with ourselves that allows everything to pass through.

When we don’t allow something to be okay, when we don’t allow ourselves to be okay, we say No to Life’s Flow.

We reject the natural rhythm of evolution and expansion within us.

We shut down our receptive consciousness because of our fear that it will continue.

When all it really wants to do is come up, be observed, received, learned from, and move along.

There is nothing more simple than that.

The fear of accepting that it is perfectly fine to be where you’re at is telling of how you view the world, how you view God, how you view your place in the universe.

And it is a worthy thing to come into.

Because that is the lesson for that moment.

It is the lesson that you are actually, greater than the moment, greater than the situation, greater than the feelings, greater than the thoughts and judgment that appear to infest your whole being.

It is the lesson that you, we are unconditional.

Our true nature goes beyond this moment.

And when we allow ourselves to fully be here, fully be present, fully be perfectly fine, yes, even when everything looks like it’s going to shit, we tap into a deeper flow of Life.

One that does not sway and totter according to life’s happenings and events and situations.

One that is grounded in the Goodness of the real pure Love that we are made from and made of.

When we presence ourselves to the moment and embrace the perfectly fine-ness of it, we transcend the whole thing.

We transcend the struggle, the can’t-ness, the won’t-ness, the feeling of powerlessness, joylessness, not-knowing-ness.

And we claim the throne of our birthright.

We claim and we fulfill the real actual expression of Spirit, of God, of the Divine that chose THIS lifetime, THIS body, THIS MOMENT to experience its own Goodness.

We align ourselves with Truth – the kind that we KNOW because we can FEEL it in our bones down to our DNA.

The kind that only each person can know for herself.

The kind that sets us free.

The kind that reminds us, we are perfectly fine, right here, right now.

So today, let go into it.

Let go into that place.

Breathe in the truth that you are perfectly fine, perfectly loved, perfectly whole where you are, whatever you’re going through.

Be with it.

Be in it.

Be in you.

And it will lead you into your transcendence and expansion.

If this is you as in, you are leaning into your depth and wonder, I have 2 spots available to work 1:1 with me.

We go deep, we get real.

The work is real.

The god-ness within you is real.

I will work with you to experience and align with that truth that only you know.

It’s not about processes or ideology or philosophy.

Those will be covered, for sure.

But at the core of your learning is your soul’s guidance, which is the core of the 6-week program with me.

You will get on weekly private calls with me and I will be available to support you 24/7 via unlimited chat access.

It’s all yours if you choose.

Not the program itself, but your own evolution, whether you choose to work with me or not.

It’s inevitable.

How quickly you want to ground into your truth is up to you.

PM me, comment, email me – – to chat with me about any questions and for investment amount.

Payment plans available.

I wouldn’t wait.








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