Life Flow is Love – It’s Why Everything Is Always Working Out For You

My partner is not who I expected.

My partner is not what I expected.

My partner doesn’t look like anything I’d ever imagined I’d ever want.

My partner doesn’t act like anything I’d ever expected for myself.

My partner is so many things I just couldn’t have guessed.

And so ironically, my partner is so many things I want.

They satisfy so many desires I didn’t even know existed,

things like the level of self-expression and expression of love,

like the love and inclination for the outdoors, for full-body activity,

like the balance of eating healthy foods and juicing AND eating tacos and al pastor nachos.

So many things.

None of which I’d asked for.

I know, there are many things in life that we are meant to ask for.

Asking for what we want is part of the whole manifesting thing, the whole ask and you shall receive thing.

And yet, how did I get here?

How am I in the most badass relationship I’ve ever seen in my life,

and yet never asked or even desired it for myself?

Truly, before coming into Soul, I was at a point in my life where I had a conversation with myself where we basically discussed:

– I would be happy to be single the rest of my life

– I would be happy to be dating around for the rest of my life

– I would be happy to travel the world alone

– I am so happy being single

I truly did not desire anything else in life.

I was complete.

And yet, here we are.

I had no resistance to the love we share and create, but I also did not request it.

Here’s what I think.

There is a greater consciousness beyond me.

I don’t exactly know how it works or what triggers it, but it’s there.

Its fundamental flow is Love.

It always knows what’s Good, what’s True.

It is generous, full of joy, fun, adventure.

And it is most certainly attuned to the heart that has surrendered to it,

to the heart that doesn’t know everything and is so happy not knowing.

This is the heart that lives free.

This is the heart that has everything she wants,

and wants everything she has.

This is the full complete whole heart that evolves daily, renewed by the fullness of Life itself.

It’s the heart that is intrigued by the curiosities of Life and enamored by the ways of Love and is willing to bare itself further and deeper and higher to taste even more of itself and everything around it.

To this heart, Life cannot help but overflow.

To this heart, Love cannot help but lead the way.

Because this heart holds onto nothing, nothing but faith, nothing but Truth.

Because this is all this heart sees, Life and Love are able to lead the way, down the path that is Well and Perfect and Wonderful and Fantastical for this heart.

There are no reservations, no hesitations, no holds barred.

There is only openness, excitement, high energy, hope, and well-being.

Because this heart knows, on the other side of everything known, is the magic of all the Good not yet revealed.

On the other side of the familiar, is the actual LIVING of LIFE, where rules and conditions are but a memory, and the only path to take is the one that flows in my veins.

I’ve tasted and seen that what God has promised is Good, and I follow it.

I follow it as if I have no choice, because is it really a choice to breathe air and eat good food and drink fresh water?

I follow it doggedly, I’ve come to hang my everything on this truth, that I am loved by God, cherished by the universe, and annointed for a blessed freaking life that is tailored for ME.

It was all I had.

And it was more than anything I’d ever wanted.

Not even the partner themself, but the communion with the unknown, the relationship with the Divine.

It was enough.

I trusted.

I fell into it.

I became a lunatic, in a way, the way I believed what I believed, the way I chose it when there seemed to be no explanation and understanding.

I simply knew in my body, in my heart.

I knew it and I let it be my everything.

And when I did, every step I took was ordained by the magic and majesty of my soul.

I simply lived my life,

I be’ed all of me,

I filled out the space of me.

And came into one of the most magnificent discoveries of my life.

The discovery that I am capable of loving and being loved by someone I once didn’t consider fully human.

The discovery that underneath ethnicity, underneath gender, underneath sex, is the one and true core of who we are: souls.

The discovery that I don’t have to know what I want for me to have everything I want.

The discovery that I don’t need to go chasing the world; it will come to me when I take my throne.

The discovery that I can come into a relationship that my parents don’t agree with AND keep it.


So many many many discoveries.

All because I chose what is true for me.

All because I surrendered to Life.

All because I let everything be what it was meant to be.

All because I no longer gave a shit about things I never actually gave a shit about.

All because of Love.

And now, I live in the bounty of it all.

Laying in bed next to Soul, knowing that I would never have known this love if I had not fallen in love with myself, with God, with the universe enough to be open to what is Good for me and meant for me.

I don’t need to know anything and definitely not everything.

I just need to keep it real with my soul,

and I know, I will never be guided astray.

And so, with you.

Keep it real with your soul and you will never be led astray.

It really is the one true thing in you, about you, with you, for you.

And it’s your prerogative to listen, to align, to live into it.

You are the unique expression of the Divine.

You can’t stop it.

You already are.

It is the way it is.

And you have something to share, contribute, express to the world.

The love you desire, is already yours.

If you are ready to step into your full-blown You-ness, I have spots available to work with me 1:1.

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into the intricacies of your soul, which is both a unique experience AND a universal one.

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I keep it simple and real, because really, life is simple and real.

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I wouldn’t wait.








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  1. Jeff Flesch Avatar

    Truth. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Grace J. Kim Avatar

      Thanks for reading 😊

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