My Soul Flow – Do You Hear Yours?

I’m sharing my journaling from today. It is my soul flow and if any part of it resonates with you, I invite you to claim it as part of your soul flow. There is no me or mine. It’s all ours. Resonance is an indication of your truth being tickled, awakened, spoken to. Receive it.


It is so easy to access soul, Spirit, God.

I vibe on it all the day long.

There’s no moment when I’m not flowing with it.

THIS is who I am.

THIS is how I do.

Unconditional peace.

Unconditional joy.

Unconditional love.


I am THAT.

I allow my greatest good to come through.

I am letting go of everything.

I am surrendering.

I am choosing all of me.

I am doing all of me.

I embrace all of me.

I know all of me.

I fill myself out and overflow beyond my known parts.

Thank you, I am in my flow, always.

Thank you, flow is an extension of me!

Thank you, I expand beyond my conscious mind.

Thank you, I enter new territories, expand into new worlds EASILY.

Thank you, I transcend all of who I am in this moment into my next reality.

Thank you, my next moment is always greater than my current moment.

I LOVE this moment.

I am fully here in this moment.

And I fully welcome all of me.

I fullly welcome and embrace what is coming through.

I live in the fullness of me.

I love my magic.

I love my joy.

I love my love.

I love my grace.

I love my elegance.

I love my beauty.

I love All of Me.

I love the life I have created and the life I am creating.

I love my greatness.

I love my power.

I love me.

I hear what people say.

I hear the noise outside of me.

I hear what the voices inside say.

And I choose to love anyway.

I choose to love me anyway.

I choose to back myself all the way, ANYWAY.

I choose magic ANYWAY.

I choose wonder and awe, anyway.

I choose life, life in full ANYWAY.

I allow everything around me to BE.

I choose to be centered in my body.

I choose to know God and to be still.

I choose my expansion and evolution.

I choose it All.



it is.

The magic is in me.

The magic is in you.

You can always access it.

It’s a matter of belief.

And choice.

You can always choose to live into all of you.

In fact, that is the natural chosen method of operation by and for your human.

It’s where magic is a way of life,

where YOU are the ocean, the ship, the captain, the big blue sky, the radiant sun,

where YOU define your path, your life, your flow.

Your living into your flow IS the life you’ve ever, only always wanted.

This is your true state.

No one can teach you this and no one can feel this for you.

It’s all YOU.

How powerful do you feel?

That’s the Real You.



If you know you can’t wait any longer to answer the call, that soul call into the Realm of You and you are ready to get motherfreaking real with yourself, I have 2 spots available to work with me 1:1.

It’s a no-bullshit zone where your questions are answered by the one and only Soul of you.

I guide and lead, provide the occasional journal prompt and guided meditation, but ultimately, it’s YOU.

It’s always been you, hasn’t it?

Isn’t it time to give your soul credit and lean into what it has to say to you about your life, about who you are, and what you are here to do???

The program is 6 weeks, with weekly private calls and unlimited chat access to me throughout.

Isn’t it time?








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