Give Into the Mess That Is Life…

Here we are – yesterday’s makeup (just me lol lookit that mascaraaaa bahaha), didn’t brush teeth before bed last night, didn’t shower, didn’t wear pj’s to bed, slept over Soul’s Dad’s place because we (mostly me heehee) didn’t want to do the 20 min trek home and the getting ready for bed routine.

I would have had an issue with myself, been all up in my grill about starting the day off wrong, not being clean before sleeping, blah blah and blah.

I’ve come to really embrace and flow with the flow of me, of life.

Even more so than before.

There is no bad day,

there is no bad experience, 

there is no “could have been better”.

There’s just me.

With me.

For me.

About me.

As the judgment and ideas of “how it’s supposed to be” float away in the midst of my (r)evolution, I’m left with freedom, with no boundaries about how things get to be.

Everything is available to me.

Everything is here.

Everything is for me.

And I’m available to it.

I slip into the flow of it all and feel the incredible joy of being me as I am right here right now.

And so, Soul and woke up this morning around 6 and bounced.

We came home and did a kickasssss workout.

All fun, all games, all freedom, pure presence.

I am so happy to live my life and to do me the way I do.

You get me?

If you want to discover your flow and let it take over you so you live in the freedom of you CONsistently, I have 2 spots available to work with me 1:1.

You know this is your birthright.

You know a deeper experience of YOU resides within, beckoning you to unleash her.

Do it.

Dive in, with or without me.

And if with me, PM me.

This program is 6 weeks.

You are supported with weekly private calls and unlimited chat access to me throughout for deeper integration.

I wouldn’t wait.

Love yaz.



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