National Coming Out DAy, Eh?

I heard it’s National Coming Out Day.

For me, it’s less about my sexuality,

more about how and who I am as a whole Person and Soul.

And part of that comes out as a female in a romantic relationship with a non-binary person.

To me, Coming Out is a daily thing, expanding beyond sexuality.

It’s about our decision to choose into who we truly are, what’s real to us, how we choose to live our lives.

This is what the experience of coming out has been for me.

The hardest people to come out to were my parents.

And honestly, it’s not too different, every time I come out to them about a tattoo or a life decision they disagree with.

The fear is there.

The anxiety is there.

The rejection and anger and frustration and disappointment is there – on their end.

And I choose it anyway.

I choose me anyway.

I choose what’s true to me.

I choose how I stand.

I choose who I am.

This has been the most important part of my life – coming out every day, proclaiming, reclaiming all parts of me, whatever that happens to be that day.

I raise a virtual glass to you, who is choosing yourself daily.

Not always knowing what that actually even looks like, but stumbling around anyway, seeking YOUR grounding, YOUR voice, YOUR genuine presence.

Because, the world needs it.

They need and want the REAL YOU.

Here’s to coming out, every day.

Here’s to integrity.

Here’s to honor.

Here’s to freedom.

Here’s to your, our unique self-expression.

Here’s to our preferences.

Here’s to Life itself, encompassed by our lives.

I love you.




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