We came here to learn some very important lessons

The 4 habits of ambitious people

The 8 qualities of successful people

The 25 things to do before 7am if you want to have a perfect productive day


How about the 100 reasons why you’re not supposed to live your life according to bullet points?

Let me let you in on a little sump’n’ sump’n’.

This here is some free ass advice and wisdom, if you’re willing to receive it.

You didn’t come here to be successful.

You didn’t come here to accomplish things.

You didn’t come here to make an impact.

You didn’t come here to change the world.


Not sorry.

And you’re welcome.

The real reason you are here – damn, I don’t even tease you, just give it to you BAM –

the REAL reason you are here, in your body, with your personality, in this time,

is to live your soul.

Unfortunately or fortunately, that is it.

Too simple, almost.

What even in the hell does that mean??

And am I allowed to use the word hell to talk about living into your soul?

Lolll. Idk.


We came here to learn some very important lessons.

Lessons about who and what we are.

Lessons about our truth.

Lessons about freedom.


Unconditional peace.

Overflowing joy.

Lessons about radical self-responsibility.

Lessons about BEING ALL OF YOU.

THIS is what you really came for.

The world, the physical world is all in service to EXACTLY this.

All the relationships,

all the “failures”,

all the detours,

all the successes,

all the pain,

all the glory.

All in service to the full blown experience of YOU by YOU.

Everything else falls away.

All that’s left is the actual being-ness of YOU.

The part of you that is irreplicable, induplicable, uncopyable.

The part of you that, when you encounter it, you KNOW it’s THE SHIT,

you KNOW this is IT.


When you encounter yourself, you are experiencing your true nature, 

you are coming home to you,

diving into depths where God meets you,

where the world shifts,

and mountains move,

where the energy of the universe is concentrated in your single awareness of the realness that is you,

know that it is happening only in one place:

inside you.

Know that you are the SOURCE *AND* the RECEIVER.

It is all happening inside you.

And it is really ONLY happening inside you, because you ARE the universe.

You ARE the grandness of humanity merged seamlessly with divinity.

This experience, your being-ness is not and cannot be contained in words, meanings, concepts, religion.

It is the purest form of life.


All of you.

It explains why you are GREATER than even your dreams, your hopes, your vision.

You ARE the dream, you ARE the fulfillment of your hope, you ARE the vision.

You are the creator of your world.

There is no amount of following rules and standards and bullet points you can possibly follow to do what you came here to do.

You came here to unleash the absolute rawness of you.

And when we back that up, when we decide we are worthy of our own beingness, our godness, we begin to LIVE.

We begin to CREATE,


BE inspired,


go WITH the flow of life,


ATTRACT the experiences we deeply desire,

COMMUNE with people that feed our souls,

that love us,

that receive our love.

THIS is who we are.

THIS is why we are here.

When we drop into that place of absolute freedom of who we are,

letting go of our ideas of ‘supposed to’,

chasing dreams dreamed by others,

ideas that we were taught to desire and work hard for,

we release LIFE FLOW, and our lives begin to LIVE out its inherent MEANING.

Not the meaning that was learned.

Not the meaning that could be imparted.

Not the meaning that shifts with time.

The actual real true meaning of your soul presence on this earth in this time.

That meaning that feeds into your very life, your body, your path, your physical journey.

That meaning that FILLS you out from the inside, that explains nothing, needs no explanation, and yet, IS the WHOLE THING OF LIFE.

From that place, it doesn’t matter what kind of success or how big or how productive or useful you are to humanity or the level of impact or how much money.

None of that matters.

And YET, ALL those things will FLOW.

From freedom.

In freedom.

Into freedom.

All those things are MEANT to flow.

You, in your true nature, aren’t meant to strive and struggle.

We do that when we’re so disconnected with the actual US-ness, our truth, that it’s more comfortable and familiar to live in an “off” paradigm, than to drop in and seek the connection that is already there.

There’s nothing wrong with it, ever.

So no need to get into the struggle of trying to get out of the struggle hahah.

You’re just perpetuating the same shit.

But do you see then, that everything in our lives that invoke experiences, emotions, people that don’t feed our soul and flow with our lives, is leading us home?

We experience the same shit, the same striving, the same desiring and non- creating into our lives,

until we’re so tired of how freaking CONSISTENT and HEART-HITTING and EXHAUSTING the whole thing is,

that we realize, it was never the shit outside of us in the first place.

Either that, or we die stale and dry and resentful and bitter that life didn’t go the way we wanted,

we die with our dreams just chilling inside of us.

Though they were always meant to come through, we forgot to go to the source.

And we never chose to learn that nothing else actually matters,

the impact, the destiny, the ‘calling’ (I put that in quotes because it sounds cheessyyyy lol), the moneys, our productive citizenhood, our contribution to the world…

Ironically, none of that shit actually matters,

and when you get down to the deepest core of who you are,

ALL those gatdamn things manifest themselves,

they can’t NOT create themselves into your reality when you are absolutely in alignment with your freaking god-ness.

It’s how it be.

You are one of the few that knows deep inside you’re meant to live beyond the tools and productivity and accomplishments and doing-ness that others tout as their strength and platform.

You KNOW you are here to do the damn thing of being all of you, EXACTLY as you are created to.

Enough of the surface-living, the half-living, the getting-by.

It’s time.

I have spots available to work with me to tap into, embrace, honor, and live into the Realm of You.

You are worthy of you.

We go for 6 weeks.

You get weekly private calls with me to get clear on where you are, where you’re not and want to be.

You get unlimited chat access to me throughout because you deserve to be fully supported IN your journey.

This is not a one-size-fits-all program.

It flows exactly the way YOU need it to.

Because there is no greater wisdom or truth or knowing than that one that is ready to unfold within you.

Comment or email me – grace@gracejyk.com

I wouldn’t wait.



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