Magic is Real; It Happens Inside of Us

Yesterday, I went out to throw away the trash and there were a few kids hanging out with the two stray cats that hang out in the apartment parking lot.

I asked them all their names and at first they were shy, but in no time, they got to telling me about the cats very excitedly, especially after seeing how I thought the cats were cute and I was open to conversation with them.

One of the girls, Annabelle – probably about 6??? Idk, I’m pretty bad with gauging kids’ ages – told me there was another cat that hung out in the lot that was mean to the other cats.

Oh? I asked, what do you mean?

She said, the other cat bites the two cats and they fight.

I asked, how do you know that they’re fighting?

Annabelle: because I heard them once and the other cat was mean to our cat, and then the cat said, ‘ouch’

I just about died right there from the cuteness.

‘the cat said, ouch’

My heart.

I mean, I don’t like kids that much, but damn that innocence caught my heart.

Because I know the cat didn’t say ouch.

You know this.

The cat said nothing like that at all and will never say anything like that.

But it didn’t matter to Annabelle.

She knew what she heard.

She knew what the cat was saying.

She didn’t conform the telling of her experience to be factually true.

She heard it, she felt it, and she shared it as such.

She didn’t question what she had heard, and I’m about 99% sure if I had challenged her, her sweet brown eyes would have hardened in stubbornness that yes, the cat said, ouch.

She had her story straight as far as she was concerned.

She didn’t care about the actual sound.

She didn’t care about what I thought.

She didn’t give a thought to whether it made sense in a logical world where cats don’t audibly say, ouch.

None of that mattered to her.

She was very confident in her knowing, in her Annabelle-ness.

And that was quite enough for her.

My wish and hope for this beautiful little person is for her to continue to align with, back her truth, trust and express herself fully.

Whatever happens, will happen, in Annabelle’s life.

And I’m glad I got the chance to have a little chat about the felines.

That little phrase reminded me of our true innocence.

It reminded me of our purity.

Of mine, of yours.

It reminded me of our intuition.

It reminded me of the truest part of us that rests solidly in our core,

the part of us that chooses what to believe regardless of how preposterous or outrageous something may be,

the part of us that sees the world through OUR eyes, and not the filter of our parents, teachers, others,

the part of us that experiences the world from within us, and not by the ‘teachings’ of others.

It reminded me of the part that believes in magic.

Granted, Annabelle’s saying that the cat said ‘ouch’ is not super magical in itself,

but there’s a part within her that was detached from the physical world, enough to interpret it her way, regardless of what the ‘actual’ physical experience was.

There’s just a part that subscribed only to her experience.

That part also lives in us.

It lives in me as a 31-year-old.

It is always available.

It is true.

It is good to unleash that part.

As I walk my journey, I realize more and more how crucial this is, not just the magic itself, but my ALLOWING the magic, the curiosity, the wonder of life.

It’s the stuff of life.

I realize, it’s when I see through these eyes, I open myself to another world,

a world that is limitless, stretching as far as my imagination goes,

a life that is filled with energy and love and connectedness to the universe, to God, to the Being-ness that brought forth everything, including me.

I can see that connecting to this part of me happens when I choose to let go of my interpretation of the world through the filters of others,

through others’ ideas of success,

through my learned ways of being.

When I choose ALL OF ME and become okay with the irrationality, the craziness, the inexplicable, the absolutely magical part of me, I can see clearly.

I can see clearly who I am,

what I am,

how I came here to live,

what I came here to create.

But that detaching took me some time.

After all, I was unlearning things that I had learned early on and had reinforced all my life.

But I couldn’t not.

Because I felt the magic, even if I didn’t know it was magic.

I knew there was more.

I knew the physical world couldn’t be everything.

If it was, I would have continued down my depressed as path.

I chose to let the magic through, one moment at a time.

When given the option to align to what currently IS in the world, what I see and feel,

I began to choose what actually IS inside of me, the dreams, the possibility for more, for more beyond my current vision.

I chose to stop explaining myself, explaining the things inside that I knew were true, but didn’t always make sense in the ‘real world’.

I chose to stop justifying the world I sensed through my physical eyes using the stories I bought into about who I am and how the world works.

I chose because it was life or death to me.

I knew somewhere, somehow, that continuing to live the way I was living, was a certain recurring death every day I had air in my lungs, blood in my veins.

I chose to live.

And by live, I mean more than the physical functioning of my body.

By live, I mean actual living of Life,

where the question of the meaning of life doesn’t even exist,

because I’m in the thick of it,

in the fullness of the life force that resides within,

the depth of my soul,

the power of my presence and the presence of God, universe, Source in my life.

This, to me, is everything.

It informs how I live, how I be, how I choose.

And this, I predict, resonates with you because this is also how you choose to be, who you choose to be.

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