It takes a lot of energy to be anything other than what we truly are

It takes a lot of energy to be a shitty person.

I know, it doesn’t always seem like it.

Sometimes the shittiness some people spew into the world, towards other people seems to just flowwwww like a mf raging river, so easily, so freely, so naturally.

But really, it takes so much energy to be hateful,






and so on.

It takes a lot of energy to be anything other than what we truly are.

Truly are, from before we were born,

before we learned what we learned about the world,

before we took on personality traits based on our experiences,

before we shaped ourselves in order to fit in our environment.

The nature of this part of us, the absolute true part of us, FLOWS.

It is pure positive energy.

It knows no boundaries.

It knows no rules.

It knows no standards, requirements, expectations.

It just is.

It is absolute freedom of being.

It is god-ness.

It is the you-ness of you, the me-ness of me.

It is Life itself.

Living into this true part of ourselves ALWAYS yields love, generosity, peace, joy, compassion, good vibes.

Because it is what we are truly made for.

We often assign and attribute these things to God or a higher power because we feel, when we look in the mirror, we are not worthy of these traits.

The mirror clearly tells us that we are less than this pure perfect love.

But we still know that it exists, because we recognize that it is good, when we get glimpses of it.

I used to think that.

Until I realized how preposterous and nonsensical – the idea of a God creating beings in her likeness without the qualities of her very being-ness.

That’s basically impossible.

Anything created resembles its maker.

That is what we are, created beings of the energy and love of God, of the universe.

This is our true nature.

So, what happens to those who really don’t seem to resemble that?

What’s going on with ourselves when we struggle with our own shit?

Simply, we are blocking the flow.

The flow is always there – that is grace.

The flow is always available to you, to us.

The flow wants to flow with you.

However, as creatures of free will, we can choose out of it.

Without free will, we would not have the ability to know the depth and actuality of God, of our god-ness.

It’s our consciousness.

In order to perceive God, it’s our prerogative to open ourselves to her, to within.

Obviously, it’s not like people out there saying and doing and being shitty things are actively thinking: ‘I choose not to flow with the life force energy that created everything and loves me’.

It’s more insidious than that.

People opt out by opting into inaccurate default beliefs, things they’d learned and never really questioned whether they are really true,

by opting into their victimhood, wearing it as their badge of honor,

by buying into their justifcation for why this over here sucks and why that over there is just not fair,

by telling a story about themselves they don’t actually want to happen or believe.

And honestly, I don’t blame them.

Because when you’re in the sauce, it’s not always easy to see beyond the sauce pot.

Or whatever you put sauce in lol.

The ability to SEEK truth is grace.

The ability to SEE truth is grace.

The ability to KNOW truth is grace.

The ability to EMBODY truth is grace.

Those who don’t, simply put, are living a different life, one of inner warfare, struggle, conflict, pain, hurt, endless sadness, etc.

THAT takes a lot of energy.

Then they take that inner world and express it into the world, creating even more shit in their relationships, in their workplaces, in their bodies, within themselves.

From which, inevitably, rises more shit.

Where’s the grace in that?

The grace in that, is the grace that those who ARE able to SEEK, SEE, KNOW, EMBODY truth, that pure perfect love and energy that enlightens anything it touches, heals, embraces, honors, empowers, holds space for… the grace is that we can witness them and not make them wrong.

The grace is that we can be with them and see them.

That we can hear them and love them.

If we need to do it from afar to maintain our integrity, then so be it.

The grace is that we can see their true nature for them.

They need not be told that they are in opposition to who they are meant to be.

No one likes to be taught by someone who does not know honor enough to sense and ask whether the potential learner is open to receiving.

The grace is that we can allow them to be where they’re at and we can allow 

The grace is that we can observe, feel the triggers, the bile that may rise in our throats,

allow ourselves the dignity and love to feel what we feel,

remember who we are, come home to our souls,

and allow them the dignity of the same, in their own time.

Until we do, we are playing the exact same game.

WE are the ones blocked, because when we are angry, triggered, enraged, frustrated, etc. by others’ shittiness, we have opted into a story, a belief that stands outside of our true us-ness.

Doesn’t matter a damn how ‘justified’ we feel or how ‘ridiculous, impossible, unforgivable’ the other has been.

None of that shit stands in the face of our souls.

The truth of who we are, is not defined.

It knows no rules, no standards.

There’s no scorekeeper.

There is only what is and only that.

To subscribe to that, to opt into that is an invitation to a deeper way of living and awareness, one that supersedes reactivity, logic, the things that ‘fit’ in our worldview.

It would be, essentially, to let go of all the things we’ve used as OUR reasons for not flowing with the Grand Flow of it all.


Are you ready to get into Your Grand Flow?

To experience freedom from other people’s bullshit? (Really a reflection of something going on inside of you)

You are held accountable to only one standard – your soul’s.

Your birthright is to live into that til kingdom come.

I have spots available to work with me 1:1.

When you know enough is enough, you know.

During the 6 weeks of the program, you will be supported with weekly private calls where we uncover your truth AND unlimited chat access to me throughout the time because integration and embodiment, of course.

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Let me know what you are most looking forward to transforming in your life.



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