I had a random journaling sesh that felt really good to me. And I want to share with you. It’s a stream of consciousness, a choosing into the life I know I’m meant to be, into the person I’ve always been meant to be.


I’m so proud of me.

I’ve done so well.

Everyone that knows me, GETS ME.

I’ve done the work, and I see how easy it is.

I see how much easier I’ve been making it throughout the journey.

I’m so proud of me.

I’m so proud of how I do life, of my faith, my commitment, my dedication.

I’m so proud of how easily I go deep, tap into truth.

I’m so proud of the life I’ve created.

I’m so excited for the more, for everything I’m allowing through me, to come to fruition.

I’m so happy to have chosen and learned the lessons I did.

I’m so grateful to have embodied the fruit of my lessons.

I am so rich and full of live and love and joy.

I live a rich rich life.

I receive myself into me.

I embody myself completely.

I embody myself deeply.

I express godness in my very being, everything I do, everywhere I go, whatever I do, whoever I’m with.

I trust myself.

I love myself.

I go all in on myself.

I am the way, the truth, and the life for myself, and I teach how others can lead their lives from their way, truth, life.

I am doing the damn thing.

I take massive action.

I feel the fear and I do it anyway.

I feel the doubt and I do it anyway.

I feel blah and I do it anyway because THIS IS WHO I AM.


There is no other way for me to live.

No other way for me to breathe.

I’ve always been on my way.

I have always been becoming me, THIS.

I have always been headed this way, there is just no other way.

I have arrived and I have always been arriving.

I love backing myself, I love trusting myself, I love going all in on me.

I feel the call to, I know something is coming thru, something is being birthed, a new way of being, a new way of life, a new old truth.

I’m so good at backing myself, I’m so good at trusting myself.

It’s all I’ve been doing in my journey to get to this place, this moment, this snapshot.



If this speaks to you, it’s FOR YOU.

Take it, read it again, write it out yourself, see what else flows.

I would love to know if this did speak to you because I’m CURIOUSSSS!!

Soul flow is the best flow.

And if you desire to tap into this energy – your version of it – let’s talk.

I have spots available to work with me 1:1 to get you tapped in and living from that soul place of yours.

In this program, you get clear on where you are, transform yourself, and thereby transform your life which is constantly responding to you.

You are supported with weekly private calls and unlimited chat access throughout.

You know this is yours if you have been craving a deeper level of living, a truer presence with yourself and with those you love.

Reach me via comment or emailing me – and tell me what you’re most looking forward to transforming and stepping into.

I wouldn’t wait.







I wanna know what you think

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